Acer Aspire 1 A114-32-C1YA Laptop Review

Acer Aspire 1 A114-32-C1YA Laptop Review Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals
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Hey everybody its LAN Simon and we’ve got another low-cost laptop to take a look at today we got in the Acer Aspire one this is their 2018 version and I’ll put the model number in the video description so you can get the exact match here to what we’re looking at two hundred and forty nine dollars for this one very similar actually to the HP stream 14 we looked at last week that costs the same and also has very similar system specifications so you might hear me talk about that computer a little bit in the course of this review but we’ll focus on what this machine is all about in a minute or two but I do want to let you know in the interest of full disclosure that this came in free of charge through the Amazon vine program however nobody is paying for this review all the opinions are about two here are my own and nobody has approved or reviewed what you’re about to see before I uploaded it so let’s get to it now and see what this laptop is all about so let’s take a closer look now at the hardware the big difference between this one and the HP is the display they have the same size display but this one is running at a higher resolution this is a 1080p display versus what is effectively a 720p on the HP device you’ll have more resolution things will look a little bit nicer the display isn’t all that great it is what they call a TN display.


Acer Aspire 1 A114-32-C1YA Laptop

So your viewing angles might drop off a bit when you’re looking at it from the side but I’m actually quite pleased overall with how this display looks for something in a low cost computer it is a little on the dim side but again you’re getting the full 1080p here and I think it will look a little nicer when you are tapping away on your new laptop what’s also interesting about this one is that although it’s not a two-in-one the display has a big range of motion here as you can see you can’t quite put it into tent mode but it certainly will lay flat and go down a little further than that so it’s definitely a little more kid-proof perhaps than some of the other laptops out there that might risk having their display snapped off there is some range to the hinge on this one it is a fan las’ device powered by an Intel n 4000 processor that’s a Celeron chip from their Gemini Lake family of processors same chip that’s in the HP stream 14 and like the 14 from HP also has four gigs of RAM and 64 gigabytes of emmc storage however nothing is upgradeable on this one we did find with the HP it was probably possible to swap out the RAM on that one maybe go to eight gigs this one is just locked down the motherboard has all the stuff soldered on and you’re not going to be doing any upgrades to it it does have 802 11 AC wireless and Bluetooth 4.1 built-in so you can connect up to your networks obviously and also attach up game controllers mice and other Bluetooth devices it weighs 3.6 4 pounds or 1.6 kilograms so the weight is about the same as what we saw on the HP I do like the keyboard on this Acer a bit more than prior acer’s I’ve looked at the keys feel a little bit larger to me which is good but they added this row of keys here that was messing me up a bit I am a typing traditionalist and I hook from my backspace in a certain spot on the edge of the keyboard and I kept hitting the HOME key by accident so there might be some relearning of the keyboard here if you are not used to having keys next to your enter backspace column here so just bear that in mind I’m not as crazy about the trackpad on this one as I was about the HP trackpad it is a little spongy err but it does get the job done but not as good as the HP so the keyboards okay trackpad yeah they could have done a little better on the trackpad but at this price there are things that are sacrificed now there are some things here that surprised me though one is that 1080p display which again is good to see at this price point the other is that you have a Gigabit Ethernet jack right here you can actually plug in hardwired networking to this device if you wish so that was a nice little surprise to have on there next to it right here is a Kensington lock so you can lock it down on a desk you have an HDMI output here this will do 4k at 30 frames per second so you can get out to larger displays if you want this blue port here is a USB 3.0 slot there so you can plug in high-speed devices like a hard drive or something like that next to it is an SD card slot but as you can see here the card sticks out quite a bit so you’re not going to be augmenting that 64 gigabytes of storage often with a card in there just be it sticks out so far so just bear that in mind if you are curious about that on the other side you’ve got a combo headphone microphone jack and two more USB ports but these are slower USB 2.0 ports so this is where I would connect up keyboards and mice and devices that don’t have as much throughput needs as a hard drive might so your hard drives will run slower on this side versus the other USB port on the other side I would have liked to have seen maybe one more USB 3 slot but on this side just USB 2 and right here is where you plug in your power adapter not much else on here you got downward firing speakers that you know sound about what you would expect out of a two hundred and forty nine dollar computer not all that great the battery life on here is also not as good as the HP was so we’re looking at about five hours for regular usage on this which is a bit lower than the seven or eight or so that we expect to get out of the HP stream 14 so if battery life is important the HP might be better but if you want a nicer higher resolution display this one might be a little bit better for that so it’s interesting to see how different manufacturers make different choices to hit a price point so you have some differences here to consider when you’re out shopping so again higher resolution here better battery life on the HP now don’t expect crazy build quality on one of these inexpensive laptops it is all plastic but it does feel pretty well put together here it’s not flopping around all that much you’ve got a good amount of stability to the hinge system here and by and large for a 250 dollar machine it is not that bad so now that we’ve seen the hardware let’s see how it performs so let’s begin things with web browsing we’ll start off with my YouTube channel with a video running at 1080p at 60 frames per second we didn’t experience any real issues playing back that video with the edge browser we have found that edge does higher-end video on YouTube better then Chrome does and I’ve got a video down below that explains why so you can check that out but overall good video watching experience here from all of your favorite streaming sites which is a very multimedia rich website loaded up very nice on here pretty snappy and responsive so I think for basic web browsing you shouldn’t have any problems whatsoever we also ran the speedometer benchmark test and there we got a score on Google Chrome of sixty-eight point five one which puts it pretty much within the margin of error from what we saw on the HP stream that is the version 1.0 of that test on the 2.0 test we also got a similar score thirty-nine point one for this one and thirty-eight point one for the HP stream 14 and office tasks are very good on here too we ran some desktop publishing on Microsoft Word and you can see how everything responded pretty quickly there it’s really neat to see how just these basic tasks feel quicker now on some of these computers that we’ve seen over the last year or two there’s been some really nice improvement at this segment of the market this computer as well as the HP stream 14 both come with a one-year subscription to office 365 as well so that usually costs about 60 or 70 dollars for the year you get it as part of the package with these which I think enhances the value a bit on them but one thing to note on this machine as well as the HP stream 14 is that they come pre-loaded with Windows 10 s and what that means is that you can only install apps through the Windows app store you can’t bring in your own software out of the box but they do offer you a way to turn off that s mode and allow you to install regular software on it after you do that that’s free to do but just know it’s an extra step when you get the computer you have to disable s mode first now one thing these laptops are not great at is playing games so you’re not going to get fortnight or anything really all that new and popular to function well on this but there are some things that can kind of run so here’s a good idea as to what you might expect we started off with minecraft this is the Java version of minecraft that most people are still running because it’s moddable in everything and we didn’t get great performance here about 15 to 20 frames per second running at 1080p with the Optifine performance enhancing plug-in installed so I was expecting maybe a little bit better performance out of this and the HP on minecraft but it really isn’t quite there for that game the Windows 10 edition of minecraft might run a little better on these but you don’t get all the modifications and whatnot we also ran rocket Li which is a more modern game that when we ran at 720p with all of the settings turned down and there we were getting about 15 to 30 frames per second give or take so really isn’t all that playable for rocket League in those kinds of games either but older games like half-life 2 here did run very nice on this hard we are even at 1080p we were getting very close to 60 frames per second on this game very very playable and if you are looking through the steam or the GOG stores you’re gonna find a lot of great stuff that will run actually pretty nicely on here from about a decade ago or so so retro emulation old PC games ghost games all that stuff should work fine on here but the newer stuff I think you’re probably going to want to get a more powerful and more expensive PC and on the 3dmark Cloud Gate benchmark test we got a score of two thousand four hundred and twenty five that compares to about two thousand one hundred and fifty that we tested on the HP stream 14 but really these things are within the margin of error of each other not great gaming machines good for the older stuff as I mentioned and overall performing about where this hardware should perform and we also ran the 3d mark stress test on the laptop to see what happens while it’s under load typically with a low cost laptop like this one the hotter it gets the slower it runs so that it doesn’t overheat and this test measures what kind of slowdown to expect we got a score of 93.2% which is a failing grade but that’s to be expected on these types of computers so it’s going to slow down a little bit if it’s under load but I think generally the kinds of things you’re going to be running on this you really won’t notice all that much of the slowdown so from the thermal perspective I think it’s going to be fine it will get a little warm to the touch but it’s nothing to be concerned about and we also ran Kodi with a jellyfish test suite file this is 140 megabits per second for K 10 bit and it was running just fine on here with no dropped frames one of the nice things Intel has been doing is bringing on more advanced video decoding even into their lower end processors and here it was running just fine and if you are going to playback some high-end video no issues here at all and it certainly will play back a lot of your Netflix and other stuff just fine too and one last thing to take a look at and that is running alternative op raining systems we’ve gotten boon su 18.04 running on here right now and this one does a little better than the HP stream was doing because this one has Wi-Fi drivers that are compatible with Linux which the HP lacks when we booted up the HP we couldn’t get it on the Wi-Fi this one seems to be working fine with that the video drivers are working the audio drivers are working Bluetooth works even the ethernet was working here when we booted up umbuntu so this might be a fun little laptop to pick up if you do want to try experimenting with alternative operating systems in a portable form factor good stuff so altogether this is a very good value from a major manufacturer and it’s great that we are still seeing major manufacturers put out really usable computers at a low price and I think 249 dollars is very reasonable for what they’re providing here now the choice between this one and the HP stream 14 we looked at last week comes down to this if you need better battery life the HP is the right laptop for you if you want a nicer display then consider the Acer they’re going to perform the same but the big difference is battery life versus display resolution if you are someone who’s looking to install more than just Windows then this one is probably the better choice because it does have better out of the box and bhutesu support than what we saw on the HP but really it is a toss-up between the two and it’s really nice to have a very concrete difference between them battery life or display resolution and you can take your pick from there if I had to choose I’d probably go with this one just because I do prefer a 1080p display to a 720p display but again everyone’s needs are a little bit different so that’s going to do it for our look here at the new acer aspire.

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