Acer Chromebook 14 Laptop Review

Acer Chromebook 14 Review Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals
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What’s up everybody today I’m going to be talking about this Easter Chromebook 14 so it is 2018 and this is a 2016 product so you might be wondering why is this guy talking about a 2016 product in 2018 well part of the reason why is because I had accidentally purchased it I kind of felt like you might show catfish you know you get excited about something you think it’s what it is and then boom it’s not what the heck so I saw this Chromebook listed on Amazon and it was probably in the early hours of the morning probably with one eye open and I saw it for $200 now the listing said 2018 a a cert prohm book 14 and I bought it I bought it thinking that it was a 2018 Chromebook so I have it in my hands let’s talk about it it weighs in at three point four pounds this Chromebook comes with a 100% aluminum body at that time when it was released which is 2016 it was a big deal because there weren’t that many Easter Chromebooks with aluminum bodies Stahl the ones from before were plastic the aluminum body feels nice it’s like a smooth finish what I like about it is that it doesn’t seem to attract like fingerprints and it’s also not raw or doesn’t have like heavy textures on it it’s a beautiful aluminum body this one call you you can hear it this one has a little bit more texture on the bottom that’s top part whoo that’s a beautiful smooth aluminum finish oh look at that USB 3.0 and an HDMI port and of course a lock port.


Acer Chromebook 14 Laptop

So these are the ports on the other side you have a charging port you have a headphone jack and then you have the light indicator what’s interesting is that there is no memory card reader on this computer so with the storage that you’re gonna get and you cannot be able to expand it for whatever crazy reason acer decides to put the speakers facing down so they’re underneath the laptop and they’re facing down which is okay if the laptop is on a flat surface the sound waves oh you know they’ll bounce out so you’ll be able to hear it unfortunately when you have it on your lap well this is what happens in music it gets muffled so you have like this okay soon as you start typing the keyboard is very comfortable to type on the trackpad is huge I like it it’s smooth let me have you listen to the clicks on it the trackpad feels like it’s firmly held in place it doesn’t move around remember when I had the Acer c720 s man those track pads were horrible the screen is a 14-inch full high-definition 1080p IPS screen resolution is 1920 by 1080 that 1080p screen is beautiful it has a matte finish the colors are slightly warmer than other Chromebooks and that I’ve used but it’s nice I like it it’s suck about performance so this is running a Intel and 3160 processor and there you have the octane scores seven thousand seven hundred and eighty six which is on the low end here’s an example this is Facebook I just loaded up the page so as you scroll down you’re gonna you know be able to see these pauses where it’s take loading loading loading and then as you scroll down you hit the next one loading loading loading so let’s say you’re on Amazon and you’re you know you want to take a look at this Acer Chromebook 14 so here we are so as it loads on the left side what you’ll notice is that the photos you can’t see them yet they’re not loading just yet the little hand is on the images but they’re not showing up just okay now they’re starting to show up let’s try a Home Depot calm alright did pretty decent here we are scrolling up and down alright so let’s go ahead and go to all departments there we are okay it’s not bad so now it’s going to let’s pick something kitchen faucets okay so right now we have one two three four tabs open let’s open up on a fifth one and let’s go to and let’s see how it does and took a few seconds to load the icons not a big deal for a lot of people let’s see what’s trending let’s pick a video so even though that processor is on the low end of power it still does okay it’s the power users or the people that expected like a really strong processor the ones that are gonna be bothered by it but there is a trade-off to that the expected battery life on this computer is rated at up to twelve twelve hours right there twelve hours so the battery is a 3900 milliamp lithium polymer battery and you definitely feel like a lasts a long time of all the Chromebooks that I have owned in my life this one takes the cake for battery life let’s test to see how this does with 1080p video [Music] I thought I could [Music] so we’re at two minutes into this video or two minutes and 6/8 and it’ll show you right here how many frames is drop it’s very little amount so it runs 1080p video decently it’s nice beautiful screen aluminum body great battery life but it is definitely not worth $300 today my recommendation is this one if you can get it I you know like 200 or less which right now for whatever reason I see a huge influx in refurbished of these and they’re all over Amazon and they’re showing up as well as eBay and you can find up for 179 180 180 200 I bought this one for 200 and then I slightly lower on eBay happens whatever you.

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