Acer ChromeBook 15 CB3-532 Laptop Review

Acer ChromeBook 15 CB3-532 Review Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals
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Guys we gotta here welcome to another blog tech tip sort of course today guys as you can see I’ll be looking at the S or Chromebook 50 which is the c b3 v v 3 to love curses about overview for those who are thinking of purchasing this device you can see from the front an elevated a buck the design you can see the events on the back here as well as the serial information and product information now this Chromebook is produced as you can see here by by the company asa and of course if it’s chrome you’re actually trying to purchase it can be a great device once you know the functions and the features of the Chromebook as a online device that is unlike Windows although it can be used for processing word processing using on Google Docs and so on and saving your files online except that it’s overly reliant on online services as you can see here this is the keyword section and you can see the screen right here you can see the chrome booting up along with the webcam you see the Asolo at the bottom of the history and the Chrome OS is quite fast and there’s the touchpad it looks like a traditional laptop but it’s not since it’s not running Windows I think this version as 16 gigabytes you can see the login screen right here and from here you can just go ahead and login artists use the browser’s guess this is the features such as Bluetooth Wi-Fi accessibility a little bit different but if you have ever used anything like Windows you should be familiar.


Acer Chrome Book 15 CB3-532

You can see the model number here because 100 gigabytes online storage HDMI port it has HDR webcam they very fast Wi-Fi and up to 12 hours battery life and only you see that the storage is with Google Drive so this actually integrates with Google’s online services to give you a laptop and of course there are two ways people with this as I’ve always followed either they thought was a Windows laptop and body to the Eric since the price was so good or of course you intentionally bought it because you know exactly what it is you are intent on using the features and as you can see it’s quite nice design looks just like a traditional laptop and the only way to know is actually use it or look out for the chrome little and information are not stored on it and of course the only thing I don’t like about these guys is that I would have liked if they actually wrote Android apps straight off the butt but of course it has of to use what’s there or find a way to modify it further up such as Android apps and so on this is it once it has login inside as an Intel processors well you can see right away it goes to the Chrome browser and you can actually watch videos only choose streaming so there is nothing like a mist where locally as it’s not a very large hard drive you can go to Chrome you can go to your files settings and so on which is just a typical you can see the traditional list of look when a chrome base wall people you can connect to Wi-Fi as you can see your battery over here you can adjust volume you can go to settings you have the keyboard settings you can go to night mode our light mode our modem and of course notifications bluetooth and of course correctly Internet as I said this is meant to be an online connected device you can either offline mode where you have to actually not to do that and go online and change the settings in order to go offline you have to actually do that away and of course only other way to get features such as word processors or so on for is to go offline mode or of course you could try cross loading ups from places such as apk files which go along with the Android operating system but of course that’s not a direct use of this but that’s the only way I get certain level of functionality or thérèse so of course as I said the only way to use this is if you just need something to browse the internet and stream and of course use Google services so it’s not really full features or full read you can see the settings here and of course it’s about your settings around you as you can see it uncontrolled Wi-Fi can control butl change a font size and see of various devices such as a touch but also on Bluetooth appearance device search engines and so on and of course this is just the settings section of the Chrome browser itself I hope in the future the guys over Google will hide more functionality but for now it’s a sub airborne system it’s better than few years ago basically it’s still very very limited and of course if you’re not the type of person on knowing so we are all now certain things our laptops and so on you might have issues because most instances wanted us get on and like put produced documents or basically save files or watch a movie or play their favorite music or songs or so on so that’s why I’m saying if you do not know what this is if you know what it is and know what is limitation you’ll be fine if you don’t it’s not as nice as a regular Apple laptop or of course a Windows laptop as most people are used to so make sure that if you’re gonna get this you know exactly what you’re in for it’s very limited at 16 kilobytes is used up very very fast you can see the inputs over here there’s HDMI there’s a power outlet next to it you have this blue USB 3.0 and of course the headphone jack which is typical of a laptop your two USB 3.0 ports one is on this side other is on the other side I’ll show that in a minute and of course the HDMI to connect to something such as material external monitor so as I said as these things are very limited they’re not house full-featured as a full laptop although they do cause a decent amount they’re cheaper than a traditional laptop but of course in most cases you might just want to get a laptop as these are very hard to use as iPhone most people do not actually like this but just in case you’re in for one to show you what you’re informed on this side you can see over here guys the USB 3.0 ports on the side a SD card slot and of course Nick is enough section right there and of course that wraps up our video guys prisoner color gardener from block tactician overview of the SR Chromebook 15 cigars invite an external bar.

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