Acer Predator Helios 300 Laptop Review

Acer Predator Helios 300 Laptop Review Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals
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So today’s a pretty big day in the mid-range gaming laptop market because Acer has just announced a Helios 300 2020 and this has been a very popular laptop because of the specs you get for its price point now I do have the 2020 model it’s here in the studio I’m gonna talk about it I’m gonna show you exactly what you’re getting compared to the previous one but I cannot talk about performance because the unit I have here is an engineering sample also I purposely wore this blue shirt to match the RGB on the Helios 300 so if that’s not dedication but I don’t know what is now this is the 2019 model which you’ve guys have seen before and this is the brand new 2020 Helios 300 and yes they look exactly alike but there are small improvements to make it a bit different to the previous one for one cosmetically they got rid of the predator wording it’s no longer on the 2020 model but instead what you get is a bigger predator logo yes the the lines and the logo itself still light up in blue the lid and the deck are also still made out of metal with the bottom being plastic port set up the same like you get the same exact ports however they changed one of the things I’ve been asking them to change for a long time and that’s taking the power connector from the left hand side of the 2019 model and placing it on the back with the 2020 version.


Acer Predator Helios 300 Laptop

This is so much better because if you’re a left-handed gamer you usually have the power cord hanging out on the side and sometimes your mouse can get in the way the next thing they changed is the lights if you want it to see like your battery light you had to look on the left hand side of the laptop which is kind of annoying with the 2020 model all you have to do is open it up and it’s placed right below the monitor on the bottom of the laptop they also change some of the coloring on the new version you get these silver fins and on the previous one you had black ones instead so it just adds another accent color to the laptop now it’s hard to tell on camera but the 2020 model is bigger than the 2019 version the base is longer and you can tell this in two ways by obviously putting them beside each other but if you look at the bottom bezel of the monitor you can tell it’s thicker on the 2020 version because they had to extend it in order to match the base they also added an intake grill on the top to allow cool air to come in touch pad safe feels same accuracy but the big thing this year is cosmetics they got rid of that tacky blue border and just left the chrome rim keyboard is exactly the same from its travel distance to the way it feels there’s no difference whatsoever but this here you get four zones of RGB lighting on the 2019 model you were just stuck with blue but this year you can change any of those four zones to any color you want the other big update is the ability to buy the 2020 model with a 240 Hertz and display you couldn’t do this on the 2019 model but max you can get it at 144 now obviously this is going to cost more but with that you get a slightly brighter display with better color gamut unfortunately the speakers are still on the bottom but they did switch their equalization partner from wavez max audio to DTS so you guys let me know which one sounds better [Music] [Music] so internally they’re quite similar but there have been some changes on the 2020 model for example both fans are exactly the same on the 2020 model probably using their new fourth-generation arrow blade technology whereas this one you can tell here these are two different types of fans they also move the placement of the Wi-Fi card and nvme Drive they stacked it more neatly this of course is Wi-Fi six it’s it’s a killer card and below it you have your main nvme Drive you still have an extra one over here that you can place a second Drive and a third spot for a 2.5 inch hard drive battery is the exact same size so I’m expecting very similar battery life compared to the 2019 model and of course ram is upgradable now the model ace are sent out is the most expensive one it comes with 32 gigabytes of RAM the 240 Hertz display the i7 10th Gen Intel processor it’s 6 cores paired with a 1 terabyte nvme SSD this is the first time you could buy an r/t X 2070 on the 15 inch version of the Helios 300 you can do it on the 17 inch version but never on the 15 inch version if you want a super card you got to move up to the Acer Triton 500 I’d love to show you guys performance I’d love to show you benchmarks but I’m not allowed but what I can do is show you a little bit of gameplay with frames per second off to show you how smooth everything is running if you’re interested in thermals and battery light and heat management that will be out in my full review.

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