AcuRite ATLAS Weather Station Review

AcuRite ATLAS Weather Station Review Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals
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Greetings to everyone out there this will be my first video of 2020 and unfortunately it’s not a good one we’re looking at the a key right Atlas weather station HD display now I initially took pictures of it so I can show people on my Facebook page again how retarded I’m using that word not as a to a person but how this thing works as it handles rainfall you see it was shows 4.0 9 the last 48 hours and it starts counting backwards which they claim is some sort of a feature a 48-hour rolling period which I’ve already griped about that because oh that’s just stupid so he just keeps counting down as we go through it but then I noticed something odd see a temperature at the time I took this picture is 55 point two degrees Fahrenheit and it was studying relative humidity is 100% and was steady at that level dew point 53 degrees that’s not possible dew point it would be out to be 55 to have a 100% relative humidity.

AcuRite ATLAS Weather Station

So yet again they rush this product to market they had to it because this thing just doesn’t make any sense another oddball thing that I found on this thing again is this SD card will go over to the machine here in a second okay looking at the actual display in the directions it’s if you place an SD card and it’ll record data beyond the 48 hours of this thing keeps up with okay well I thought that was pretty cool I mean I don’t really go back to check records or anything but logic would dictate it if you could do this and see today’s yesterday’s information go up here go to records calendar to the unit some sort of logic in my head would suggest if this thing’s recording to an SD card that if you clicked on the actual individual day since there’s a picture of a calendar there it should go to those unable to days and show you the information that was on the other screen it don’t do that that makes no sense there you go thank you December will do in December maybe ok why even have a calendar on it if it doesn’t do anything hey maybe I did it wrong I don’t know like I said it’s not a feature that I really would use but just logic would have dictated didn’t you have a calendar under then you’ve got an SD card into record data that that data could be readable on the calendar yes you can take the chip out and put in your PC and pull the data from that and use it like a spreadsheet format or how we want to manipulate it which I guess that’s fine for people that want that but you can’t do it on this thing looking back over here at the relative humidity and dew point that a picture is taken at 144 a.m. to go to Weather Underground and look at the graph there it shows it accurately so the problem is not necessarily with the outside equipment it’s with the display would just been the whole problem I don’t know if I worked for a key right and I did this and I think I’d be polishing up my resume right about now I actually if I work for accurate this wouldn’t have happened because obviously whoever designed it display is not anyone knows anything about weather but just found that interesting it doesn’t display the dew point correctly hmm things you learn oh well enjoy the new year see ya.

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