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Acurite Weather Station Review

Acurite Weather Station Review Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals
Written by zeeshan

Hey everyone welcome back to is your six cover Nats promise I told you I do a full review on the hackey weather station after I had a chance to check it out make sure it works and I’ll be giving false advertising to people that don’t build good stuff so for now it’s been a month and a half we’ve got a ton of rain around here which is pretty impressive from coming from California having a weather station is a lot more of a prepper thing than you may think of and the reason why is when I’m driving the kids to school in the morning before it’s still dark it’s great to walk in the kitchen and find out if it’s below freezing or not whether I’m gonna be dealing with ice on the roads or that kind of stuff it’s nice knowing that a storms coming in it’s nice knowing that you know you’ve had gusts of wind at certain amount of things or whatever the case is there’s a lot that goes into these it’s a wireless thing I don’t know if you’ve seen my video prior to when I purchased it but it is a great unit so let’s get into it and maybe this will be something that you guys might be interested in so let’s start alright so here’s the unit we keep it in the kitchen as you can see it’s plugged in right here not to this plug with the one around keep it over in the corner and has a lot of cool features basically like kind of what went over previously in the first video but now really had a chance to check it out and some of this impressed impressive stuff is just the rain for us out here in North Carolina we do get a lot of rain right now it’s raining a matter of fact and we just wear it over an inch so we’re at one inch point zero six as as the rain goes up it’ll fill up to one inch and then empty basically just go back to the bottom and show two inches so this will go up but it tells you your total tells you the total for the year or since you plugged it in you got the one day which is up there two day three day four November we’ve gotten five point nine zero inches of rain so far total in October was 10.35 so that’s a lot of rain so kind of neat it’s got a lot of stuff here you can tell the clouds it’s raining if it’s sunny outside the clouds will be gone it’s got lightning and all sorts of stuff you know when that kind of stuffs going on relative humidities as it goes up and down it’ll give you different things but inside of the house is 73 degrees right now the the moisture inside are the RH relative humidity is 42 percent over outside the temperature is 55 degrees with a 99% chance basically it’s just it’s basically raining so it’s a 99 percent chance it’s gonna rain today or the RH is 99% cuz it is raining so it’s pretty neat got the date on here the time it has a lot of stuff that I’ll show up here on the bottom like the data logger is full so you can download that to your PC if you want to keep that information or not you can transfer it over I could care less I just know that what I like about it is it gives me the annual rainfall for the year it does have battery backup so if you lose power at home or whatever the case is you won’t lose all your information like you know total rainfall and that kind of stuff today is high humidity you know outdoors ninety nine indoors forty five so it kind of just talks about all this stuff this is the wind I’m at one mile per hour coming out of the east east to Southeast it showed your averages and your peak wind but it is it’s definitely a cool unit I haven’t even permanently mounted it yet it’s been sitting outside basically it’s a cut-up bush a fairly large one that has it has all the mounting brackets and all the stuff that comes with it I just basically put it on this stick and it’s been working perfect and I’ll show you you guys what that looks like here so let me get over there so there it is it’s a wireless unit you can see the prop spinning on the top for your wind basically your wind speed down below you’ll see your direction of your wind and just there’s this there’s a just to the right and this thing right here that bucket looking thing is where the rain gets captured it doesn’t get captured it just follows through but it registers it so the unit’s pretty awesome but I’d say for prepping you know something this simple that you can use everyday you know your bug out bag you can’t use everyday for the most part I mean you could carry it with you and have it in your bag and stuff but like to utilize a piece of equipment this thing is a spot-on works all the time you know in it it’s just nice known especially for the cold weather knowing if you’re gonna be driving an ice or snow ahead of time so you can give yourself a little more time to get to wherever you need to go stay safe that way or you may say you know what I’m not even getting down and I’m not driving in that crappy weather I’ll just wait till tomorrow maybe or the next day go pick up my supplies or whatever I need so this is a this is my review on the Accu weather station there’s quite a few different models if you didn’t see the first video I purchased this at Costco for a fairly decent price I can’t remember how much it was now but it’s definitely something you guys may enjoy having now are just you know it’s you know you can look on your phone and find out what the weather is but when you have it at your house you’re actually getting detailed information of your location especially if you live out skirts of a city where the weather you know usually it’s a few hours behind I know when I lived in California it was always like an hour and a half behind the weather they’d say it rain you would get it couple hours later you can download an app to your phone and I’ve had a little bit of trouble with this trying to link lock my unit to my phone and so when I’m in California I can see what the weather’s like here but it is possible I did call them and left a message and I actually gave my wife’s number so they called her so they did call but then it’s been it’s been a while I kind of forgot all about it so I just left it but it’s pretty neat unit so telling you guys comments tell me if you guys have something like this or whatever the case is definitely like to hear from you so with that said you guys have a great day remember is your six covered please share like and subscribe if you’re not a subscriber bye for now you

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