Amazon Fire HD 10 Tab Review

Amazon Fire HD 10 Tab Review Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals
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What’s going on guys the CTA Prime back here again today we’re gonna be taking a look at the 2019 Amazon Fire HD 10 this is the newest offering from Amazon and their tablet lineup and they promised 30% performance improvements over the last Fire HD 10 which I personally kind of liked on paper they have made some really nice improvements like adding an 8 quart 2 gigahertz CPU and upgrading fire OS to 7.3 which is based on Android 9.0 now as a lot of you might know these are android tablets but they don’t come pre-loaded with the Google Play Store but it’s very easy to add it and it does work on the 2019 Fire HD 10 I have made a couple tutorials on installing Google Play on the Fire HD 7 and the HD 8 it’ll also work with this but if you’re really interested I can do a dedicated video on the new tablet so inside of the box you’re obviously gonna receive the tablet itself your wall charger and our USB type-c cable that’s right they have added USB type-c to this unit here it’s only for charging it will not work with HDMI out but they have included a 9 watt wall charger.


Amazon Fire HD 10 Tab

So taking a look around the tablet on the very top we have our power button our USB type-c for charging in sync a pinhole microphone our headphone jack and our volume rocker over on the right hand side we do have an SD card slot and this is good up to a 512 gigabyte card this tablet also contains dual stereo speakers and it also does Dolby Atmos right out of the box and it sounds really good when comparing this to the 2017 version of the HD fire 10 it’s the exact same size it’s the exact same thickness we just have more powerful internals aspects go it’s pretty good for a hundred and fifty dollar tablet for the CPU we have the media tech 81-83 this is an octa-core CPU for a fifty three cores at two gigahertz and for a seventy three cores at two gigahertz the GPU is the Mallee g72 mp3 this is a trike or GPU up to 850 megahertz and it does support vulcan and luckily it is baked into the operating system unfortunately they haven’t added any more ram in this variant we still get two gigs and I believe it’s running lpddr4 but don’t quote me on that it looks like it is from the benchmarks I’ve ran and things like that for the display we have a 10.1 inch 1920 by 1200 the display looks great the DPI isn’t the highest at 2:24 but the price really reflects that there are two storage variants of the HD 10 32 and 64 gigabyte but they both have a micro SD card slot and that’s good up to 512 gigabytes 802 11 dual band AC Wi-Fi bluetooth 4.2 a 4,700 milliamp hour battery and they claimed up to 12 hours of battery life and finally the operating system it’s running fire OS 7.3 and this is based on Android 9.0 so the first thing I always like to do with these new devices is run some benchmarks and I really want to compare this to the older 2017 version of the HD 10 to see if we’re really getting that 30% increase in performance so the first benchmark Iran was Geekbench for on the left-hand side we have the new model on the right-hand side we had the older 2017 model a single core score on the 2019 was 13 83 multi-core 51:37 if we compare this with the old 2017 model we got a 17% increase in single core performance but a 133 percent increase in multi-core moving over to the GPU side of things using 3d mark slingshot extreme now like I mentioned the new model does support Vulcan so I was able to run the Vulcan test here OpenGL 3.1 1151 on the old model 478 so we also have a really nice GPU performance bomb and finally antutu now I had to run an older and two to seven benchmark because that was the only one that would work on both of these but we’ll get a good idea here on the new model total score one hundred twenty one thousand five hundred and sixteen on the older 2017 model sixty nine thousand eighty three and the new 2019 model did come ahead of the 2017 model and all of the tests run inside of an to two so the overall user experience on this tablet isn’t bad at all it’s pretty quick to process everything that you want to do Amazon definitely touts this as a media device for YouTube Netflix Hulu and their Amazon Prime and it does that quite well it’s got those dual stereo speakers sounds pretty good and this big bright 10.1 inch screen so if you’re looking to buy one of these to watch movies and videos on the go it’s a really great option and it’s very inexpensive for what it is just keep in mind without installing Google Play you will be limited to the apps that are on the Amazon App Store or apps that you sideloading some of those won’t work because when we install Google Play we’ll have to install Google services which will allow us to access google apps so as a media consumption device is actually a pretty decent tablet we have Hulu Netflix Amazon video HBO all those apps can be installed from the Amazon App Store or side-loaded but what about gaming now I did install Google Play on here but I want to test a couple games that are available on the Amazon App Store so first up we have minecraft and it definitely works great on this tablet now this is a very well optimized game it works on a lot of lower end Android devices this is the Pocket Edition from the Amazon App Store I also test it out roll block because I know a lot of people will be buying these for their kids and roblox also works great moving over to a more graphically intense game this is asphalt 9 and I do notice some stutters when the effects come in on screen you’ll see it’s stutter there and sometimes it’s kind of bad especially you hit that nitrous so there will be issues with a few higher end games since I have Google Play installed on this I figured I’d go ahead and install call a duty mobile and pop G I really wanted to see if we could run these on here into my surprise on the lowest graphic setting with call of duty mobile and the highest framerate it actually runs quite well now I definitely need to get used to using this bigger screen up and playing this on my phone with a much smaller screen got to reach those fingers out but it does work and performance is much better than I thought it would be can’t believe I just did that so naturally since Call of Duty Mobile’s working I figured I’d go ahead and test out pop G I have it set to the lowest graphical setting but the highest framerate I know we’re not getting 60 here but I wanted to see how far we could push it it’s definitely not as smooth as Call of Duty mobile but it is playable well time for my favorite part emulation we’re gonna be testing out some Dreamcast and PSP for dreamcast we’re using the redream emulator IM upscale to 1280 by 960 unfortunately this GPU does not support OpenGL ES 3.0 but that’s totally fine a lot of these emulators don’t use it anyway I’ll also be using the Xbox one controller connected over bluetooth so I know for a fact that the 2017 version of the HD fire 10 would not run this emulator at all I mean it was SuperDuper slow here we’re getting full speed emulation with up skills which is pretty awesome this is the original Soul Calibur and happens to be the best version for Dreamcast one more for dreamcast upscale this is Canon spike and the s Marvel vs. Capcom 2 will run at full speed on this device [Music] [Applause] PSP also works great with a lot of different games on that 2x resolution this is Tekken 6 unfortunately higher end games for PSP or harder to emulate games won’t run well on this like battle or Chains of Olympus Killzone or midnight club edition and just to show you what is talking about God for Chains of Olympus and using debulking back in they also tested the OpenGL back in 1x resolution it’s really trying hard here it is at 60 but there’s a lot of frames especially when there’s lots of effects on-screen but overall it actually handles PSP quite well it also the n64 upscale and ps1 so there’s lots of retro games that are gonna be playable on this but just don’t expect to run the dolphin emulator on 150 dollar tablet but in the end it’s a welcome upgrade from the 2017 version I really wish they would have added an extra Giga RAM or even a half gig bringing it up to 2.5 or 3 but unfortunately they left it at 2 and even if you purchase the more expensive 64 gigabyte model you’re only gonna get two gigs of RAM and for anybody interested yes they do come in different color variants so that’s pretty much it for this video guys I really appreciate you watching it’s a decent tablet for the price but keep in mind you’re still pretty much buying a low-end tablet unless you want to spend a lot of money on an iPad or a samsung tablet.

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