Anker Nebula Capsule II mini TV Projector Review

Anker Nebula Capsule II mini TV Projector Review Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals
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Have you ever wished you had a 100 inch Smart TV in your pocket well if so then the nebula capsule – from anchor might be a great choice to consider measuring a bit bigger than a standard 12 ounce can the capsule – creates at 720p image up to 100 inches and will play video for almost 2 hours and 45 minutes before needing to recharge and with its large variety of input options the capsule 2 can play media from most any device let’s check it out thanks for watching 9 to 5 toys be sure to LIKE subscribe and hit that Bell icon so you don’t miss any upcoming videos hi this is Jordyn with 9 to 5 toys all of those features sound pretty incredible right well it does come at a cost of course the nebula capsule 2 is priced at 580 dollars making it almost twice the price of its older version the original nebula capsule but you’re getting a lot more capability out of the capsule – in almost the same form factor let’s start off with design and portability compared to a standard 12 ounce can the capsule 2 is just a bit larger both wider and taller its cylindrical shape lets it pack easily into a bag though and with the built in battery and eight watt speaker it’s an all-in-one solution that doesn’t require anything extra to play media on the top we see arrow buttons a centered selection button back button and volume up and down controls on the back we have the IR receiver mode switch and power button still on the back at the bottom.

Anker Nebula Capsule II mini TV Projector

We have a variety of inputs starting with a 3.5 millimeter jack for audio out a full size HDMI jack for input a USB a port and the USB type-c port for fast charging on the front we have the projector lens and a separate autofocus lens there are a few different ways to control the capsule – since it runs on Android TV software buttons on top of the unit the included remote and nebula connect app all enable control the capsule – to fit most situations while the projector can be placed a minimum of 23 inches or a maximum of 121 inches to get a projected image from 20 to 100 inches the suggested range for best results is placing the projector between 40 and 80 inches away from a surface obviously the further the nebula is from the surface the fuzzier and darker will appear but this allows for a nice range of sizes depending on where you are projecting the image besides its impressive size and portability the capsule too has some great features as a projector resolution is 720p to give you an HD image and it still feels sharp even when projecting up to 100 inches I think part of the sharpness is thanks to the one-second automatic auto focus when the capsule too is moved it senses the movement and refocus as the image to the correct distance this makes setup incredibly simple and mostly accurate there were a few times that I thought it was a bit soft and prompted the projector to try readjusting by holding down the HDMI slash a TV button for a few seconds capsule 2 also has Auto Keystone correction to adjust itself to the angle of the projector which I found to be very useful it only works vertically so the projector will still need to be squared up horizontally to the surface the capsule to pax 200 and saloons double what the previous generation capsule had this bulb makes viewing in dark rooms or outside at night very easy as soon as some ambient light starts to be introduced though the image will start to look a little washed out for the capsule to the darker the room the better built into the capsule too is an 8 watt speaker that delivers pretty decent sound good enough for most casual listening in a small area it can also double as a Bluetooth speaker if you just want to listen to audio but if you want to beef up the sound a little bit more the projector has a 3.5 millimeter output to connect it to a larger stereo the Smart TV in your pocket feature really comes from the capsule to’s use of Android TV this lets you download thousands of apps including many common ones like Hulu HBO and Twitch for viewing media using the buttons or remote to navigate logins can be annoying but when you use the nebula connect app you can use your phone as a mouse and also the keyboard to make inputs easier one real bummer though there’s a lack of netflix support like the other applications there is a way to work around this but the fact that it isn’t a native application like the others is definitely a drawback in addition to streaming apps Android TV on the capsule 2 also enables the use of Google assistant there’s a button on the remote that you can hold to speak into the remote your quests like played classical music show me the latest season of Game of Thrones and even control your smart home enabled devices like dimming the Philips hue lights so you can watch a movie on the capsule too of course there are other ways to play video on the capsule – the HDMI port allows you to connect computers media players or even gaming consoles and additionally the USB port supports playback from USB thumb sticks after downloading the EES files Explorer app from the Google Play Store as mentioned earlier another way to control the capsule – is the nebula Connect app in here dragging the thumb around the center of the screen will act like a trackpad making navigation a little bit easier there are also buttons to go home pull up the keyboard and adjust volume while playing music videos on YouTube the capsule – lasted for about two hours and 45 minutes before needing a recharge that makes it pretty capable for viewing most movies without needing an extra boost and battery but binging a series will definitely need some extra power to get back up to a full charge took me a little over 2 hours overall the nebula capsule – from anchor is an extremely impressive little projector the variety of inputs cater to many different locations and uses the auto focusing 720p image was plenty sharp and bright in my opinion sound quality is OK but if you find it lacking there is the ability to output to a 3.5 millimeter connection the only real bummer is a lack of Netflix video without some weird workarounds what do you think of the nebula capsule – where would you use it.

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