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Apple Watch Series 3 38mm Space Gray Review

Apple Watch Series 3 38mm Space Gray Review Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals
Written by zeeshan

Welcome to my channel gadgets for gentlemen today I want to do a very quick unboxing of the Apple watch series 3 which I bought in Europe this is the version that comes without the cellular option so this is the only the GPS function first let’s do a quick wristwatch check today I’m wearing the Seiko SNK 809 so let’s unbox this one it comes in a nice rectangular box a bit shiny just to clarify this is the Apple Watch Series 3 38 millimeters case Space Gray aluminum with a black sport band so let’s open up this one so I remove the plastic and now we can have a look at what’s inside let’s see what’s inside there’s this booklet with some instructions I guess again some instructions and very important what we have here that looks like a watch trap so definitely you got to keep this one ah see in the box is also a watch shop so this must be a spare one correct me if I’m wrong but that’s what it looks now that’s my initial thoughts.


Apple Watch Series 3 38mm Space Gray

So here we have the Apple watch a very pretty box sir pretty easy to take it out with these things and in this box we can see a charging cable and the adapter so let’s have a look here we can see it’s beautiful wrapped in plastic I chose the 38 version 38 millimeter version because I have quite small wrists as you can tell and I like my watches to be to have a modest size not too big and I’ve been doubting to buy this watch for a long time because I’m really into traditional watches mechanical watches but then seeing the benefits of using the what the watch this Apple watch really convinced me to buy it and as funny as it sounds I will probably wear both the Apple watch and a traditional watch so here it is I’m going to play with it and I will come back with my comments from what I can tell you now this camera will focus this is such a beautiful detailed thing here we have the case back as you can see this is the Space Gray version these are some sensors that can measure heart beat things like that 38 millimeters beautiful crown the GPS version comes with a plain crumb the cellular version comes with a red tip and this is much more subtle I think this is the screen or the crystal let’s see if we can focus that looks very pretty and also I’m quite impressed by the thickness it’s it’s not dead thick we compare it for example to this watch yeah it’s it’s not bad this is the strap that goes into one of these holes like that and then we can put it in like this so then you have your watch like this let’s throw it on the wrist quickly and yeah I’ll definitely upload a video later with my thoughts on this watch this is just a quick unboxing here I just threw it on the wrist and this is what it looks like I think very very pretty I have it in the second hole on the strap it’s very comfortable let’s see if we can do a side by side as you can see this is a 38 millimeter watch case 38 or 37 and this is 38 you can see both they’re very very modest size if you have bigger wrists then I would advocate to buy a 42 millimeter version which would be easier to operate.

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