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Archery Equipment Review Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals
Written by zeeshan

Hello I’m Madeline Archery’s grizzly gym and today we’re going to have a little look at this this is the Olympic premium kit so without further ado let’s pop this open and have a look at what’s inside ok so that’s all this all the stuff out of the box so let’s take a look exactly what you get in the box when you’ve when you’ve unpacked it first thing to look at is probably this now this is the this is the riser section or the handle section is it sometimes known it’s an ILF riser which means the limbs just clip in really nice talking more about the limps in just a second but that’s your riser there you get a nice little accessory pack and you get your arm guard you get your allen key and very spanners and bits and bobs you have a really nice fast flight string you have your arrow rests you have your stringer these are the limbs now this you get a really nice pair of quite like these limbs these a kinetic bam-boom limbs which which do have bamboo in which I really like bamboo nice sir gives a nice speed to a limb but again these are the ILF limp so it’s a universal limb fitting and they just clip in but we’ll look at putting the bow together in just a second but yeah you get a lot enough pair of limbs there you get a solid carbon long rod which which goes in the front of the boat giving you a little bit more stability you have a quiver just to put your arrows in you have a target style sight really nice confit finger tab and five eastern aluminium arrows plus the bag so that’s pretty much everything you need to get started you can also add a target pack to to this kit should you want to and on the website there’s a little drop-down that you can add a target pack to but that is pretty much absolutely everything you get in the box so let’s look at putting this boat together I guess probably the first thing we’re going to do is pop the arrow rest on the boat okay so we’ve got the arrow rest here just a very simple plastic arrow rest comes with one of these adhesive pads so the first thing you want to do is peel off one side of the adhesive pad and attach it to that one there you can pop this little bit of foam out if you want now there’s a hole in that sewer to put a pressure button through but try not to worry about a pressure button just yet this is you know you if you get one of these it’s probably your first war a into archery so don’t overcomplicate things straight away keep it nice and simple so this this has got an extra bit of plastic which works on your Center shot so don’t don’t worry about a pressure button just yet so you’ve got your your adhesive pad on there you just want to line that hole up with the back hole on your riser and just press that down nice and solid and that is your arrow rest fitted okay so that is the arrow rest all put on so let’s let’s look at putting these ILF limbs in now they marked up with an upper and a lower on the label upper obviously always goes on the top of the boat lower almost goes on the bottom now you’ve got a little a little shoe there and a housing you want to make sure that slots into there nicely and then clips into the limb pocket now you will notice even though that’s in there nice and secure you have movement don’t worry about that that is that is how they work once the string is on the bow and it’s under tension that’s not going anywhere I know I know that that little bit of movement does unnerve people when they’re first sort of getting into it but it’s completely normal so don’t worry that you’ve clipped your top limb into the top and we’re going to clip our bottom limb or the lower limb into the bottom just like that and that is how to secure your your limbs in the bow now it’s just a case of popping the string on one of these now this is just a very simple tip to tip bow stringer it’s very similar to something of those but stringers that we’ve looked at in the past I quite like these because they put an even bend in the bow unlike the budget ranges with the saddle they tend to put more more pressure on one limb than the other so he’s just give you a nice even even bend in the bow so without further ado let’s look at how to put your string on your bow with one of these first thing you’re going to need is the string now all by strings generally come with one big string loop and one little string loop the big string loop always goes up the top of the boat the little string leave always goes at the bottom now I’m using a traditional bow here just a flat bow but the principle is exactly the same whatever bow you use so you put the big string loop over the top and you get your little string loop and hook that over the bottom and that is as simple as it gets that’s the first step done now we need to pick up stringer again in order to put the string on the boat now you get one of your little pockets here and attach that just onto the bottom link tip that should fit on there nice and securely and then you feed that through and pop that onto the top string loop like that now if you hold the string with your finger there just keep that out the way you all you need to do is step on to that bit of the stringer there if you’re having trouble lifting up if the poundage is too much or if you find it’s coming up too high I feel free to just use another foot that just takes the pressure off a bit makes it a little bit easier to pull up and it’s just simply case of pulling steadily and evenly up from the middle of the boat whilst pushing your string into the string roof like that and then coming down also just make sure just before you go out shooting that your string is situated fully in the string roof so it’s not going anywhere it’s just to be here just to be safe simple as that that is your your boats trunk using a tip to tip Bob stringer it’s exactly the same principle but reversed to take your string off again so you pop one pocket on the top another one on the bottom and it’s just a case of standing on that string again lifting evenly and lifting that string off the roof and coming back down again and away you go so that is how to string about using a tip to tip booger okay so that is your bow pretty much all put together you’ve got your string on there now it’s important when you’re putting the string on just to inspect those limp grooves just to make sure that the string is situated in them securely pulling the boat back without them being secured it can end quite badly but the good thing about ILF limbs is you can’t really put them in backwards you can only really put them in upside down but but as long as you look at the top in the bottom of the limb it will say upper and lower obviously upper in the top lower in the bottom but that is essentially all the bits put on apart from the site on the long road so we’re just going to have a little look at the site now so this is the cross and scorpion recurve site now first thing you’ll need to do to put it on is to pop on the site block now there’s two holes in there that correspond to two holes on the riser so we’re just to offer that up and then drop those screws in there using just a standard allen key just screw those into the riser now when with any sort of screw on an archer equipment you don’t want to over tighten it too much you want it to be tight enough that it’s not going to come loose but not too tight as to to thread it or anything now the thing is with sites or any sort of archery anything that’s screwed in there’s a lot of energy going through the bow so periodically you will need to go through and tighten up every little screw on the bow it’s it’s that’s not uncommon at all then you just get your t-bar with your own your sight block on it and just slide that in to the bracket there screw that in and that is your sight put on the boat so when using a sight generally all you need to do is pop that pin in the center of what it is you’re trying to shoot and hopefully your arrows are going to go there if it does then your sight is in the right place if your arrows are dropping low then you need to bring the sight down if the arrows are going high then you need to move the sight up a general rule of thumb is follow the arrows with the sight so that’s pretty much all setup all that’s left to do is pop in your long rod now if you look on the front of the boat there is a nice little bushing here all you need to do is screw that long rod into that bushing there careful to try and keep the long road nice and straight you don’t want to thread the the thread off here on the long road but yet once that’s screwed in that is your bow all set up and you are ready to go and have some fun always remember when using a bowed to use a common sense standpoint when it comes to safety don’t don’t shoot if there’s anyone standing behind a target don’t shoot at anything living because you can cause a lot of damage but anyway I hope that’s useful if you’re thinking about picking up one of these very nearly Christmas time so it’s a really good time for people to sort of pick up their first bows and whatnot but I hope you found that useful you take care shoot straight and we’ll see you on the Internet bye bye

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