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hello everyone welcome to review infinite the best product review channel on YouTube today today we’re here again with another list of 5 best products on the market these reviews are based on thousands of customer reviews and positive ratings so let’s make a list of best products in this video [Music] five best Harry Roger sets reviews number five ca va Hudson shag collection SGH 280 v grave [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] luxurious and plush rugs provide tender soft feelings underfoot it can be used in any room including living room dining room bedroom nursery or home office soft and thick fur die preparing fibers ensure durability the non-shedding rug doesn’t mess up the floor ran safe APA wait 37 pounds model SGH 280 v6 color gray and ivory dimension 118 272 in to 2 inches size 6 feet into 9 feet number 4 safe ABA California premium shag collection SG 151 8480 for [Music] [Music] best-selling shag rugs on Amazon that received 5,000 plus reviews two inches thick pile with plush texture provides it cozy feeling made of but I could heileen fibers that don’t shave available in modern casual contemporary styles to fit in any room [Music] bran safe ABA wait eleven point 99 pounds model at number three sweet home stores cozy shag collection solid shag rug contemporary living and bedroom soft shaggy area rug available in a variety of sizes to fit in any room plush pile creates a comfy place made from high-quality polite rope Eileen for longevity high pile offers a delicate touch and works like a noise damper Juke packing doesn’t damage flaws brand sweet home stores wait 16 point 55 pounds model CEOs NY 2769 5 + 2 7 color they dimension 60 and 284 into 1 point 2 inches size 5 feet 3 inches into 7 feet number 2 cozy shag collection solid design shag Arianna [Music] available in a variety of size to fit with any room or space enormously soft pile creates a comfy area made of high-quality polite rope hiding for longevity durable jute backing protects your floors [Music] brand sweet home stores wait thirty five point six pounds model CEOs NY 2763 baton to ten color gray dimension 118 and 294 and to two inches size 7 feet 10 inches in to nine feet ten number one [Music] ca va Hudson shag collection SGH 281 a ivory [Music] [Music] manufactured by safe ABA to his 100 years of experience in crafting the highest quality and unique style rugs 2 inches pile hide feels soft and supple on feet moroccan-inspired style gives an elegant and appealing look expertly constructed ensures durability [Music] brand safe APA wait 37 pounds model SGH 231 a six color ivory and gray dimension 108 into 72 and to two inches size six feet and to nine feet all the products are available in Amazon and we listed down there Amazon links in the description check them out to know which one is best suited to your needs that’s all for today guys thanks for watching it till the end hope you liked it and all your confusions have been cleared up if so then go and give a thumbs up if you are new consider subscribing to our channel for our future video notifications we review all sorts of products based on our audience demand to make your decision easier please let us know which product you owned from the list and Hawaii also let us know if we missed any of your favorite products which deserve to be here but the name of your products that you want to be reviewed by us in the comments section below as always we put the links of these mentioned products in the description below check them out for their best prices and details we are not permitted to mention the prices in this video so cheers with the best one [Music]

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