Asus Chromebook C202SA Laptop Review

Asus Chromebook C202SA Review Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals
Written by zeeshan

Hello and thank joining me for another review today we have their sous Chromebook the model number is C – zero – si – y50 – I picked this up about a week ago and I’ve had a little time to look it over and give you a complete review of it normally I don’t review Chromebooks I’m more of a PC person and gives you something a little bit more to work with but if you’re limited on cash then I would definitely suggest that you pick this one up as far as the specs this has a LCD 11.6 high-definition screen it has a Intel CPU in 3:06 0 it has a hard drive of 16 gigabytes has 4 gigabytes of ddr3 and has 802 11 AC Wi-Fi and it will operate on 2.4 gigahertz or 5 gigahertz it also has 2 USB ports 3.0 and you can charge from either one of them but the reason I really want to get into this is the toughness of this it has a rubber texture that goes all the way around it so if you drop it they say from 3 foot then you’re going to be pretty good you may get a crack or something but the internals are still going to work the logic board that’s on this is pretty small so there’s no upgrading the RAM or the CPU or the memory or anything like that let’s look on one side you have your HDMI port it’s a full sized port so you can go out from to a monitor or your television you have a USB 3.0 headphone jack and then the SD card slot I like that they put a SD card slot and not a micro it gives you a little bit more to work with most computers desktop computers they have the SD card.


Asus Chromebook C202SA

So it’s just so you know swap it out this is not able to be encrypted so if you while your information that’s on the internal hard drive is safe anything that you put on this card is not so I would suggest you keep only you know stuff like music and maybe videos or something like that you have a speaker right here let’s go around to the other side here is an another USB 3.0 and like I said you’re able to charge on that here’s the charging port here’s the harddrive indication light and here’s the power indication light you have a Kensington lock and I have never actually used that before but if you’re out in public or something like that and you don’t want to lose it then probably be a good thing to pick up one now I hear they’re fairly cheap on the back you have a lot of screws I don’t think I’ve ever seen that many screws inside on them back in the laptop so that must add to the stability of it you have a rubberized bar that goes across the top so it doesn’t skid on slick surfaces you have a pad on the bottom that’s rubberized so it helped me out a little bit more there this laptop is modular so it’s very easy to replace parts like the screen the trackpad the keyboard the logic board and stuff like that it’s very easy to get into you just take all these screws out then you open it up and then you prolonged the edges until you’re able to pop open the top of the keyboard and you just pop it right off it is instant on soon as you open up the the Chromebook it automatically comes on I thought this was a lighted keyboard but it’s not it’s just the color that they use is this very easy to see and even at nighttime you can still see it but it is not backlit but it looks yeah and it’s not a full-size keyboard so you don’t have the number pads but everything has really good travel so it’s easy to find and you won’t have to worry about hunting and pecking and stuff like that because the keys are you know very visible let me go ahead and sign into this and I’ll show you what it looks like on the inside okay like I said this does have four gigabytes of RAM so it’s pretty quick it’s you know there’s not much lag on it at all I was very impressed with it because it does have you know a fairly quick Intel CPU inside so it’s one of those that’s gonna last you for quite a while I would say you probably get at least three more years out of this before it has to be replaced and even then like I said with Chromebooks they rarely do anything but maybe speed up the CPU they try to keep it around the RAM at two gigabytes or four gigabytes I can’t see them going much higher because the Chrome OS is not really a ram hog but I think this would be very good if you had a student that has to have one for the beginning of the year I think this was last time all year if they’re rough with it it doesn’t really matter you can pick these up anywhere for under $200 now I actually got a super deal on this one I was so surprised I went on let go and I was able to pick this up for $60 and I was just a static I thought you know that’s a super deal for a little Chromebook and the screens got really nice colors and I put it up to a larger monitor and while the screen is only 768 when I hooked it up to a 1080p monitor they had no problems you know going up that high resolution the YouTube and stuff like that looked awesome but let me go ahead and open up a web page I’ll show you how fast it is see it’s almost instantaneous but yeah you won’t have any problems with this little laptop I suggest if you’re looking for something for your kids or even for yourself I mean if you have a job that’s you know a little bit more travel intense or something like that then you’ll want something that’s a little bit more sturdy the battery life on this is about eight hours something I wanted to add to this I didn’t go over it earlier but the speakers on this are very impressive you have stereo so you have a speaker on the left and you have another one that’s on the right they’re not offset or anything like that and the volume on this is very nice if you’re in even if you’re in a crowded room and you still want to listen it through the speakers it has enough that you can hear over top I think it’s a very nice laptop it’s worth checking out even though it is a 2016 model they still do sell it and like.

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