Asus Chromebook C523 Laptop Review

Asus Chromebook C523 Review Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals
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Hey buddy it’s right here from Android calls from here to do a review on the ACC 5 to 3 Chromebook now this is they’re sort of like my guess you can say economy model this one runs in both 350 I was checking Walmart right now but for 350 you get a very large device now this isn’t top-end spec this isn’t going to be you know very top end kind of a heavy super processing touchscreen but 350 you get a very large screen here I think this is I say what is this 1715 I don’t remember what I’m just gonna take my pass right here so you guys don’t see it so four gigs of RAM I do find being a little bit slower you can see how sometimes it’s a little bit laggy to go through but wow it’s a pretty big screen alright you want to watch some YouTube all right you can bring up YouTube alright ginger parent of this guy is Canadian ginger Bale Thanks all right so hey just cuz it’s loading anyway it’s kind of it’s it’s not fast but it’s big we have a large screen display we have large resting hand places for our hands here so the touchscreen works very well it works in all the three whitney all three three touch going up for for most Chromebooks have that it can also click as well I’m kind of wishing there is a touchscreen there is a model a desktop scream it that doesn’t have touchscreen you do have kind of a larger bezel this they will say manage on the side but the top and bottom do have a very bit larger because the whole thing is just large we have this as the model of 32 gigs of storage four gigs of RAM.


Asus Chromebook C523

We have USB C on both sides that you can use for charging maybe USB a on both sides headphone and microwave C card we don’t have is HDMI so you have to get an HDMI adapter for that if you want to plug this into another TV so yeah performance hasn’t been great I did run what do you call it pub G on it it did work but puggy doesn’t have MAOIs inputs keys on it so it didn’t really work so well but it was pretty choppy so this is definitely gonna be a work something for your kids you know let’s bring up you know feedly or something here’s my feedly they can read through that so again not super fast that could also be the website taking its time go back to Google so bring one of these things in st. Patrick’s Day you know so it’s not super fast but for most people just need to do some work get some homework done on it bring up Google Drive this is probably all they’re gonna need of whatsoever and for 350 it’s easy to walk around now the battery because it is bigger will have a large battery I can’t really the actual rating on it is but I could get down to I mean after about an hour of use that said it had about six hours left to go so if you’re gonna get seven hours out of normal use if you don’t watching some YouTube probably a bit less than that but it’s pretty good about it should last you for most of a quote-unquote workday yes let’s see right now we are at 44% so just under five and it still has three and a half hours left to go so that’s gonna can’t get us both you know seven eight hours there anyways I’ll have more review on the website if you have any questions you know where to reach us.

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