ASUS ROG Strix Scar Edition GL703GE 17.3 Laptop Review

ASUS ROG Strix Scar Edition GL703GE 17.3″ Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals
Written by zeeshan

Christmas it’s almost here and this is the best present for everyone I have here one of the best gaming laptops is the asus rog republic of gamers gl7 0-3 GE a super powerful laptop for gaming multitasking video editing for everything it’s amazing okay let’s see the box what do we have inside well I really like how everything it’s put here it feels premium and sophisticated so we have here the laptop inside you will get the charger some some books with specifications info warranty some stickers you will have a beautiful keychain and that’s it why this laptop it’s so amazing well first of all you have a huge screen 70.3 inches display one of the best you can find those on asus that calm information about this this screen and you will you’ll find there that it’s one of the best screens for gaming with huge specifications and a very impressive one I will not lose in technical details and I’ll go on you have also the best processor intel core i7 8080 750 H model with nine megabytes cache and running up to four point one gigahertz this this model has 88 gigabytes of RAM ddr4 the internal storage get one terabyte hard drive but it’s not a classic hard drive it’s an SSD hard drive that means you have eight gigabytes of SSD combined with a classic hard drive what that means well a super fast hard drive even faster than then 7,200 rotations classic hard drive anyway inside of this laptop I’ll boot as you will see the best Intel storage SSD and point to the latest generations with superfast speeds and you will see it in a separate video.


ASUS ROG Strix Scar Edition GL703GE 17.3 Laptop

How to upgrade your memory to an endpoint to SSD what else do we have here well we have the nvidia geforce gtx 1050 TI with 4 gigabytes of internal storage so a super-powerful video graphic card this laptop it’s powerful enough to run any Triple A games from today with high or ultra specifications so this is one of the best and the most powerful laptops you will have very good specifications you have a lot of ports you have 4 USB ports you have an HDMI display port a jack an USB type-c this desired event the SS rogue has a proprietary venting and cooling system so you will have the possibility to adjust that I really like the keyboard I love the volume buttons and also don’t forget this keyboard it’s it’s illuminated you have the full Spector of RGB colors and you can edit these colors on your on your King keyboard on the back you have that beautiful logo from the Republic of gamers when you boot up your laptop you will get a beautiful red color also on the back you have that beautiful metallic look and filling inside here you have you have these carbon fiber looks you have all these great buttons and above all you have this beautiful energy be light you have a special software you can edit them you can customize them you have four areas and also the WASD buttons are having a special design and color as you can see here anyway what else can I say about this amazing laptop one of the best it has an super affordable price if you want a gaming laptop this is the beautiful logo on the back so anyone will recognize this monster when you when you are using it so I will make more videos and post gameplays with this with this laptop and you will see it in action anyway it’s a great experience I love the design the screen the keyboard the sound it’s amazing super super powerful and clear anyway this is the SSD from Intel the end point to memory it’s amazing super fast speed one of the best on the market 500 gigabytes it’s super small and I will post a video and I will show how to install that in your laptop again the best CPU on a laptop I seven from from Intel a great video card and Vidya GT GT x 1050 ti with 4 gigabytes and what can what can I say more I’m super impressed I’m excited about this laptop it feels great it runs great I can do video editing and eat doesn’t feel anything it’s a master it’s super powerful I can do video editing I can do gameplay in the same time eat super super strong and this keyboard and this trackpad this mouse trackpad it’s amazing it’s um it’s super responsive and anyway I believe I said amazing too much times I have to end it here I’ll post another videos with a not I’ll post more videos with gameplays with tests with tutorials and with my experience after a while anyway after two days I can say that it’s the best laptop that I’ve tested until now and the experience it’s fantastic the screen the best super super good and this gaming center it’s very useful you have a lot of shortcuts here you have information about your CPU about your cooling system also you can adjust the cooling system.

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