Asus ROG Zephyrus S GX502 Laptop Review

Asus ROG Zephyrus S GX502 Review Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals
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A couple of weeks ago we posts and gave us first impressions of the all-new asus rog surfers ass GX v 0 2 which comes with a 9 Gen Intel Core i7 9750 H processor along with a RT x 2070 max P GPU so a lot of you have been asking in my unboxing video about its performance turbos and everything but you know in this review we’re just gonna focus on whether is it really a worthy upgrade over an o8 gen i7 laptop because the RT X 2070 has been available on a gen I 7 gaming laptops in the last round so in this review I’ve been testing for about two weeks I’ve caused some within these two weeks it has received like a couple BIOS upgrades to increase system stability we’re gonna find out if the Zephyrs GX 5:02 is a birdie purchase over an 8 gen i7 gaming laptop so asus actually got us a little confused when they call this laptop the rog Zephyrs ass because you know the original zephyrus had the model number GX 5 0 1 and this is the GX 5 0 2 so it sounds like it should technically be the upgrade of the original surface right but that’s not the case because asus actually has two Zephyrs as models in its portfolio so if you are looking at the one that has the similar form factor as the origin of the Zephyrs then you should be looking at the GX 531 instead of this so throughout this entire review.


Asus ROG Zephyrus S GX502

We’re just gonna call this the GX 5 0 to my impressions from the unboxing hasn’t changed at all the GX 5 0 2 has a pretty robust build that you will be expecting from an rog laptop there is no flex on the keyboard area and the typing experience is one of the best I have experienced Asus has made use of the workspace to divide the function keys into three groups the media keys are in the first row fan control and screen brightness on the second row and others on the third row the directional keys are a little small but I haven’t had any trouble with devil for those who loves to play around with RGB lighting the keyboard unfortunately doesn’t support perky configuration and there’s no way to change the lighting color of the ROG branding the trackpad isn’t widest but its tracking performance is excellent for productivity work the lack of a webcam might not seem like a deal-breaker for streamers but given the fact this is a premium gaming laptop it doesn’t justify why asus couldn’t just include one since the screen panel isn’t obstructed by some hot rail our GX 5:02 comes with a 15.6 inch 144 s refresh rate panel with g-sync support which you probably should go straight for 240 your screen that’s only an extra 200 ringgit on the price tag colors look good and accurate as you would expect from a Pantone value data display it covers a hundred percent of the s RGB color space which is sufficient for basic creative work the GX y02 has got one of the best loudspeakers i’ve heard on a gaming laptop though they fire sound through the bottom it is loud enough to feel room with powerful bass and white soundstage [Applause] [Music] although the GX 5:02 has a decent amount of pores there’s no ten about three support for the USBC port which is a letdown since most gaming laptops on his price range already have it as standard there also is an SD card or micro SD card reader which shouldn’t be an issue for most gamers as well the GX 5:02 employs a five trochaic intel SSD 600 P 3d TLC named for its storage which delivers extended tooling PCIe sequential read and write speeds at sixteen eighty four megabytes per second and nine hundred and seventy three megabytes per second respectively like the other Zephyrs models the GX 5 0 2 tilts a little when a screen is lifted to allow more airflow through the bottom of the chassis the cooling fans are really loud when running on full load but it dissipates heat efficiently true for vents assessing the Zephyrs as internals is pretty straightforward and I think it is one of the easiest gaming laptops to upgrade that I’ve ever experienced so first of all there’s actually a topper part off the back case over here that you need to unscrew four little screws right here and it first this panel will come off and it reveals two of its cooling fans right here I’m not sure why asus has done this which I assume is probably to allow bigger airflow if you want more airflow into the system you just got to remove this casing so yes these are the two cooling fans right here so after removing the the upper part of the chassis you got to remove three more screws which is one two three over here and of course this two as well which holds on to the chassis and remove the remaining screws on the base of this laptop and just one screw over here the idea to take out because technically there is something here there is a small little metal piece here that gets the screw stuck so that you don’t lose it a very good security feature so let’s put the case away and this is what we see on there Zephyrs ass internals it’s a very straightforward layout that I like it a lot upgradability is extremely simple so you got the SSD over here a PCIe SSD with a aluminium foil here which helps to disappear heat off the SSD controller you get a second m2 SSD slot over here so you can add a more storage if you can there’s no such a storage bay and basically the 16 gigabyte ram is already built in in building onto the motherboard either it is soldered or it’s on the other side of the motherboard but all you need to do if you want do channel you just need to add on an extra Ram here and you know it could just go for drill Channel the two cooling fans here are very big which is good that which is why you’re going to hear a really loud fan sound where you’re gaming because these are very strong sense that dissipate heat out of the processor and the GPU so I’m doing my usage on on the surfers as I do of course find the fan is a little annoying because of this really big big and strong fans but the good thing about this is that they dissipate heat really well and there’s no system throttle on this machine so if you look at the entire chassis most of the space has been given to the battery the lot of speakers and the fans over here which explains why Asus couldn’t even include a extra port or a SD card slot reader onto the motherboard itself because this motherboard is really so compact they’ve really tried to cram every port onto the side itself and it’s really compact that you can’t really add on anything anymore but the good part of this motherboard is that you do need to flip over to upgrade the parts and so on which is unlike MSI’s GS series knobos so I will consider this designed to be very simple and decent gaming performance on the GX 5:02 isn’t too different from gaming laptops with an 8th gen i7 processor we ran our usual gaming benchmarks like we did back on the rog strict start to review on the battle scene of the final fantasy 15 benchmark the GX 5:02 scores and averaged 54 frames per second on 1080p and high graphics setting turning on 4k DSS results in an average 41 frames per second over 33 frames per second with 4k DSS turn off this round we finally get the test shadow of the Tomb Raider with high quality rayray shadows though the average frame rate isn’t too different from the results of ray tracing disabled I noticed a significant frame drop in some parts of the game so it’s best to lower rate shadow quality if you want a smoother gameplay on battlefield 5 the laptop maintains above 60 frames per second an average with ray tracing navel the GX 5:02 may not perform significantly better in games over an 8 gen i7 gaming laptop but it is an extremely fast machine for creative work running scene in bench r20 above the GX 5:02 and an 8th gen i7 msi GS 65 the cpu score of the GX 5 0 2 is 30 percent higher than the latter when exporting a nine-minute 4k video on premiere pro the GX 5 0 to outperform the 8th gen i7 about 8 minutes faster in my test with GPU rendering in terms of thermals the GX 5 0 2 s powerful cooling vents are able to keep the CPU temperature well below 95 degrees Celsius and the GPU temperature under 90 degrees Celsius during gaming battery life is decent for its class as I managed to record around 4 hours of productive views when running on power saving mode and 70% brightness level with a starting price of 84 99 wrenegade or 2050 u.s. dollars the GX 5 0 2 is a well-built laptop with great performance I have no problems recommending this purchase if you don’t need Thunderbolt 3 and a built-in webcam but that’s just the thing this laptop could be way cheaper without these 2 things and there’s nothing complicated about the design of the laptop that requires these compromises and it doesn’t justify the premium at all you could also probably get more attractive features with other brands out there seriously the decision behind these compromises just doesn’t make sense to me at all and I hope Asus would stop doing this on the successor model and newer gaming laptops.

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