Asus VivoBook S15 (S533) Laptop Review

Asus VivoBook S15 (S533) Review Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals
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Hey I’m Matthew buzzy here with the Asuza vive book s15 a 15 inch all around sort of everyday use laptop and at the price of $6.99 it’s a really good value for you get there’s only one configuration you get a core i5 10th gen Intel processor 8 gigabytes of RAM and a 512 gigabyte SSD but that’s pretty comparable with systems that cost hundreds of dollars more it also has a sturdy nice metal build aluminum alloy which feels pretty high-quality the keyboards comfortable and as you’ll see here the biggest feature of all is yellow Enter key which the suit says is aimed at a more fun sort of Gen Z younger crowd I guess between that and the lid you’ll notice the green color right away it’s called Gaia green officially but there’s actually a red or white and a black so there are plenty of options available despite the all-metal build and its 15 inch size it weighs just under 4 pounds which is pretty good for a 15-inch laptop again it feels quality which is nice and not something you usually get at this low of a price point rounding up the physical bill there are two USB ports on this side a micro SD card slot another USB a port on this side and a USB C port as well as an HDMI connection than this flank so you’re pretty covered for ports the screen as you can see is a very thin bezel display which looks really nice and modern it keeps the footprint small which allows them to keep this relatively compact despite.


Asus VivoBook S15 (S533) Laptop

The 15-inch size so that’s a good bonus the screen itself is fairly standard it’s 1080p full-hd there is no touch option available and again this is the only SKU for this laptop those are the only component options available it’s that same screen the same build other than the colors you get the same components and the stores that I mentioned that processor does get pretty good performance again kind of stacking up roughly comparable to machines that were more expensive these are insulated attention processors so they’re pretty efficient even though it’s au Series chip which is lower on the power end of the family the lower power draw chip and the full HD display add up to a pretty good battery life it lasted for 15 hours and 45 minutes on a rundown test which was ahead of most of the competition we tested it against and a little bit more comparable to some of the smaller thin Ultra portables that last a really long time so props to this once again last but not least there are a lot of good extras on this build which make it especially nice given the price like you get a fingerprint scanner that’s poked into the touchpad webcam of course USB C as I mentioned which is not a given at this price point by any means even you may have noticed a full-size number pad which again not that common so ultimately the sleek and stylish viva book is kind of for anybody who wants to replace a desktop or just have a general u s– laptop for everyday and doesn’t want to break the bank at seven hundred dollars it’s a really good value and there are a few real complaints i have the only real thing is that it’s only the one configuration so you’re locked in there’s no configuration options when ordering but I mean it’s a good SKU there’s plenty of storage it’s got a lot of ports the processors fast eight gigs of ram does the job and really if you’re a media professional or someone like that looking for a professional-grade laptop this isn’t quite it but it’s a really good value for everyone else who just wants to do everyday tasks browse the web word process and it has long enough battery life that taking it on a trip and you see it’s pretty light importable is easy to do so fully recommend four and a half stars editor’s choice for the isuzu evil book s 15

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