Baseball Gloves Reviews

Baseball Gloves Reviews Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals
Written by zeeshan

Hey guys in these are gloves here coming back at you the another video today’s video is on the J 27 11 and a half inch 8 mm go it’s a really beautiful site boys oh my God look at this blonde bro likes a little stain in the palm so he’s gonna try and get that going one thing about this glove is he doesn’t like the way it closes at the moment he wants it more of a like he said the pockets too deep so yeah in the middle infield you want a shallow her pocket but yeah he’s working on it we got the white stitching’s 8 mm wheels in the W I’m gonna be logo got the Navy super skin with the orange uh orange I can’t think of the word boys orange things yeah the one finding orange laces right here it’s the web again bro yeah it got the cross web super nice at the navy stitching on the inside it’s a beautiful glove yeah pray for me you guys I got a little injury on my UCL spot not a tear but I’m getting a second here and then like a week probably first doctor told me sit out for about two months so yeah yeah give us some praying emojis and comments please yeah thanks guys all lights would be appreciated let’s try and get at least 20 s kiss die bro coming out slanging boys super nice feel it’s like a thin glove so you really feel the ball when you catch it I know bros probably cringe right now with me squeezing his glove the sir keep slinging them John’s whoo ball puck you see how the closes like thumb to pinky he doesn’t really like that he wants it more of like a thunder to ring finger yeah middle and ring like right in this area super nice guys oh I love ball as you can see he’s precise whoo slinging I’m gone slay it I won here to pop Danny no pop boys slingshot whoo 84 have my mitt boys just know he’s throwing 90 pretty soon bear down baby pics that’s one who hey guys it’s me now uh this is the glove right here it’s my new pickup I got about maybe like the fourth of July so maybe like two weeks ago as you can see beautiful mitt right here boys let’s get down and personal with this bad boy fingers stain coming in as you can see you guys want some are some ahead of the content news for any zero gloves follow any zero gloves on instagram at indies or gloves we post this glove you know all other gloves on that a page so yeah follow us yeah this to break it on this mitt come along pretty well super skin is very sexy this reminds me of the Auburn Tigers so uh yeah Jose Altuve beautiful Glover here boys I just love it only the thing is the pocket is kind of deep but I can wear with it haha alright pics now boys I scat right in the palm boys only thing like look how deep the pocket is just a little bit shallower pocket was very very well suit me if you back hands for the boys a boys whoo all right last one coming up whoo drop a comment boys you guys like this video make sure to comment below and also leave a like thank you guys for 5k subs we appreciate every single person who’s ever liked or commented on or even why or even watch any of our videos boys we love our fans let’s try to get this video to 20 likes that’s our goal we’re here at the beautiful facility as you can see boys it’s gorgeous gorgeous day hurricane berry aftermath as you can see sir catastrophic whatever so yeah damage 360 on this John stop a comment if you love it way too many steps to sedan squad man

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