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Heyyo done sandy here soul brothers are you guys doing we’re getting some product we are the big boys again some product we’re moving up in the world shout out to 0.34 sending us a package yes and they gave us some basketball attire so this was specifically all this gear was specifically made for basketball even says made for basketball so if you’re a basketball player you would probably enjoy this these clothes alright so um alright so they shout out two point three obviously forced send these out and no I was wearing this we were wearing these for basketball playing basketball and then yeah they gave us what they give us a couple tops story says sleeveless shirts we was sleeveless hoodie sleeveless hoodie we don’t really mess with sleeveless hoodie game too too heavy but they gave us a tank each and and they gave us some shorts a long sleeve this is dope I see a long sleeve shirt and then the shorts which I love the shorts the best yeah that’s probably their best product at the sentence yes all this stuff is like a very very light [Music] sweat wicking material yes I’m trying not to say dry fit okay that’s not good as an ID but it’s very similar yes right which is like what is a heavy polyester base probably haha okay so it’s a you have that down the middle right here because that’s where you sweat a lot and operate it it’s very perforated and I was out sweating a lot you know and then if I’m wearing cotton a cotton shirt which I don’t really do anymore but if I do it stays wet right but then all of you these materials it’s wet for like a few minutes and it dries off and that’s the good thing about the moisture wicking with your I’ll do they have like a it’s called dry the fabric dry v yeah they’re they’re naming all this this check and we’re not you what the hell the games are like yeah drive-e yeah and then you have the venue later mesh and another cool thing about the sleeveless shirt is that there’s a oh wow yeah would you call it lettuce Nikki it’s their patented technology I’m not sure if it’s patented but I’m pretty sure they own it and what you do is if you’re sweating or you just wipe your face like this with this fabric it’s like kind of like a towel yeah I mean you just wipe it off and then you get to go and it’s right here it’s like a kind of like a love triangle upside down just cool you can just pull up your tank like this exactly which I do it anyways which you do anyways right okay and moving on to the sleeveless hoodie you know for a lot of you a lot of people like wearing sleeveless hoodies so I mean I’m trying to find out what’s the what’s the sleeveless hoodie what what’s the purpose there why do you need a hurry but is sleeveless I don’t know but all right so um for the sleeveless hoodie you have you have like inside pockets live inside pockets one and then you have two right here and then you have you know your regular pocket right here which is kind of dope and then the same thing you have your ventilated mesh in the back and it seemed kind of material it’s just a little thicker so it’s basically the same thing as a sleeveless shirt play it’s just a little thicker a little thicker and same same type of material sweat wicking they’re dry V technology which is which is cool okay and now moving on to the shooting shirt I like I really like this shirt it’s the same thing as the sleeveless t-shirt but it doesn’t have the towel which is kind of disappointing it’s kind of sad well order to pull that up because it’s like a crewneck yeah so be hard or pull it up to your forehead your shirt but um I usually hate wearing long-sleeve shirts especially playing basketball cuz it gets annoying on my arm and it just yeah yeah but on actually did not find this constrictive at all was not annoying and uh pristine and super thin and had that moisture-wicking technology or whatever so even if I did sweat a lot I’m really having problems I was on super hot in this shirt so if it’s like a little bit cooler or like colder and you’re gonna be a little warmer but then you don’t want to be too hot while you’re working out this is a really really good option for you guys you know it’s so much coming up so is that now moving on to the shorts these are dope these are super dope all right so you have ventilated mesh here in crotch area that’s where that’s where you disperse your heat exactly dogs you’re not saying and then um another really cool thing is that here in the waistband I love it yeah there’s a what is just like a this is like a rubber material almost it is very very grippy silicon I think yes silicon or some and yeah and so that’s lined in the waistband and obviously grips on to what are we wearing underneath what you’re wearing no underwear underneath they’re not aligned and it’ll grip tears your skin but you need help um but yeah I usually wear compression tights under and it grips it very well I like that touch the fit is very good it’s a nice basketball feet it’s not like an one long ball you know and it’s not too short too too short it’s like a good like length and it’s cut in a cool way you got a split right here that adds a little little more mobility but the main deal here is this this dry pad so it features their dry V technology and here it’s kind of like on the butt / side of the shorts and if you’re you know if your hands are wet you can’t shoot the ball because it’ll slip right so you just wipe it off with this towel kind of thing and it just dries off really really quickly and you’re good to go right so on I don’t really have that problem a lot because usually my hands are dry because we’re in Cali and super dry here but I have had a few times where that was a problem because my hands got wet from I don’t know why it was wet but ya know someone like sweaty you know talking so yes some sweaty ass what do you ask bull Robo begins to you like damn know but some sweaty fool hits the ball and then you grip the bar just like sweating your hands yeah but what I often do is just I’m off I’m usually grabbing sweat from my shirt to wet my hand yeah so I get more grip on the ball which actually sounds very disgusting now that I know that I’m talking about it but that’s what a lot of people do I mean Steve Nash is constantly looking at his hands same with MJ same with MJ and has to get a little wet tip on your on your fingers so you have a nice little touch but it’s very nice to have that too because sometimes when you’re super sweaty wet it’s too wet you got nowhere to why because you’re just pretty much sweaty everywhere exactly um so that’s cool that’s some point three gear it’s cool to see gear made specifically for basketball and I think the whole company is is geared towards basketball yeah which is cool you know like he’s doing so many different things they obviously make good gear too but it’s cool to see someone really focused on Eve all and thanks for the product and anybody else want to send us a product or address is down below that’s it so brother’s kitchen and that’s what later pick

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