Best Laptop Backpack Review

Best laptop backpack Review Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals
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What’s going on guys travel consumer and today we are finally talking about backpacks again this time we’ve got about six of them it’s supposed to be a top five but these are six awesome backpacks under a hundred bucks that’ll be great whether you want to make a gadget backpack or you’re looking for something a bit more low-key but first let’s get rid of them and give you a huge shout out to today’s sponsor LastPass now I don’t know if you guys have ever heard of LastPass but they’re one of my favorite companies to work with because I’ve been using them for years before I even made the channel but for those of you who have never heard of LastPass it’s a password manager that allows you to securely store your passwords and credentials so you don’t have to go writing them down have a hard time remembering them you’re not to do any of that just let LastPass do it and what’s awesome about LastPass is once you’ve created an account it’ll pretty much work on any platform you sign into so your desktop Android iOS doesn’t matter you have access to all of your passwords and all of your credentials in one place now for me this thing is an absolute must on any device I use I go to a website or I try to use a certain app and it auto fills everything that I need to and what’s great about that is because now I don’t need to have the same password for each and every account that I use.


Best Laptop Backpack Review

Just so I can remember them it makes it a lot more secure so you’re not using the same password over and over and over I know a ton of you out there doing it I’m putting everybody I know everybody’s doing it and what’s awesome is that last pass gives you unlimited password storage as well as password breach alert so if someone tries to get your password and hack in they’re gonna let you know so of course if you guys want to learn more about LastPass and I definitely think you should check it out hit the links down below in the description it is absolutely worth having on the computer poor fellows but all right guys now it is time for us to talk about these backpacks malcom hit me with the first one alright so this guy right here is from eBags now i’ve heard of this backpack before seeing a couple of videos on them but I never really got my hands on it and I will say guys this one I think it might be the next gadget backpack I know you guys are waiting for that video but wow I was really floored when I got my hands on it it goes for a hundred bucks but I think it is well worth it now it’s got a pretty uncommon internal design it has a zipper up front that gives you access to all of these pouches now this guys is all a lot so you have all these different pouches and zippers and you can just throw a ton of stuff inside of here this right here is what got me so this is awesome you also have a zipper down here where you can put things like glasses or anything that you think is important that you don’t want to get damaged because this is a hard shell so it’ll protect whatever it is inside of it and you of course also get a little pouch over here so if you have to have your water bottle or anything you of course have that covered but now it doesn’t stop there you also have way way more so you have access to this side right here so you can throw something in like a laptop or rather a tablet and anything else you can fit inside of here and you guys can see right here that you have a little border to kind of separate that hardshell compartment and if you want to have something that stays right here you can do that as well and not only that you also got a spot right here where you can throw in your clothing books whatever it may be and even your laptop now you might have noticed that the straps are not how and that’s because you can actually use this as a briefcase I like this kind of flexibility it’s one of those things you didn’t know you needed until you got it so I think that’s really cool and you can also just take out the straps and use it like a normal backpack so you don’t have to worry about that listen guys this backpack right here I am loving and it is worth the hunted but I’m all for this I don’t know if you guys can tell but there’s a lot of snow falling behind me right now and it is kind of crazy next here we have the ghost tech NRG bag too now let’s get right to it this thing doesn’t have a ton of compartments it’s got one big pouch up front you also get a little area to store a drink or something and you also have the big pouch where you have a couple of dividers in as well now I will say this this isn’t a backpack that has a ton of space so if you don’t walk around with a lot this will probably be just fine but if you do happen to have a ton of things that you need to carry with you every day this isn’t ideal for that purpose but what’s nice is that underneath all of this you have another slot for your laptop but the way it’s designed its anti-theft so if someone tries to get your laptop they just have no way it has these flaps that kind of hide the zipper so there is no way for anyone to get access to your laptop but let’s talk about the tech features inside of this guy so first and foremost this thing has a built-in portable charger if I remember correctly it’s sixteen thousand milliamp hours so that is going to charge plenty of smart phones and even tablets so it’s built in – here you can feel it right here and it’s removable so if you need to take it out maybe you’re getting on a plane or something and they’ve got strict rules about that it is removable so you can do that and then you also have a USB port right here on the side so all you have to do is take out whatever device you need plug it into here and boom you are charging which is nice because you can just walk around charging your device without having a portable charger in your pocket or anything like that is just very convenient here now this thing has a built-in portable charger but what’s great is that right here under this little flap you have a micro USB port and this is where you charge the backpack but the cherry on top is this guy right here on the shoulder strap so with this you have a little cutout with an LED indicator to let you know just how much charge you’ve got left in that portable charger this is a backpack that I’ve talked about a couple of times on the channel already but it absolutely has to make lists especially if you’re a tech lover so this backpack right here is actually it’s one of those Amazon backpacks where you don’t really know the company behind it it’s got some it’s funny FAIL a never heard before but this is actually a pretty cool backpack it’s very very lightweight it’s not big at all I wouldn’t even try to put a 15-inch laptop into this guy but if you have a smaller laptop maybe like a MacBook Air or maybe a netbook that book last time someone uses a netbook this one’s very very inexpensive I think this one went for around 30-something bucks but what’s nice about this is that it also has a built-in USB port on the side as well as a headphone jack now like I said this is a pretty compact backpack you get a little slot up front you also have another compartment up front where you can store a few things and this guy will hold your smaller laptop as well as anything else you need and you also got some compartments over here as well and what’s cool about this is that it also has built-in security so you can actually just put in a passcode and get access to your backpack you can just have the zipper handles come right to the center open up the lock and boom you got a very secure backpack that nobody is gonna be able to open up until they mess around with this so I like this it’s smaller low key if you don’t want to walk around with a giant laptop bag this is a really nice inexpensive one with some cool security features now we’ve got another one of those backpacks right here but what I like about this one is that it’s basically a larger version of what we had before but with more compartments and as you can see a completely different design now this one also goes for around 30 bucks and I will say I think this one is an absolute steal you can also put a portable charger inside of this guy it doesn’t come with one built into it neither does the last one but what’s nice about this bag is that it’s inexpensive has a lot of space as you guys can see it is one of the taller backpacks and look at this you have a ton of compartments here as well yeah spots for a giant laptop a tablet and even some more things on the other side but what’s also great is that you get compartments up front as well so you can have pencils whatever you want notebooks all inside of here and I think it looks pretty good for the price 30 bucks or so I really like this one so this guy over here is from JanSport now I don’t know how popular JanSport is these days back when I was growing up JanSport was like the brand to have you had to have a chance for it now you’re not gonna see external USB ports or anything like that this is not that kind of backpack but it does have a few spots you have a little compartment up front to store whatever you want you have another one above that and what’s cool about this thing is that it also has these little labels so it’ll tell you what JanSport intended these pockets to be used for and above that you have even more compartments you see that’s how you win me over you give me a lot of compartments so I can choose how I use the backpack and this one does that but right here with the main compartment if you’re someone who likes to take gym clothes with them or maybe some sneakers that’ll definitely fit inside of here alongside a laptop or whatever other device you’re going to be bringing with you and this one actually has a label for a power cable so you can throw those in here as well you can do whatever you want but it’s always nice when backpacks come with labels in my opinion so you can have an idea of how you want to organize your backpack while you can store your laptop inside of that main compartment there’s a dedicated spot for it here so if you want to put your laptop or tablet there’s an actual dedicated spot for it and this thing only goes for about 80 bucks so this is a really good price for a very solid backpack I really like this one so right here we have a backpack from Tiger knew these are all brands from Amazon they’re the ones who really pushed the whole external USB port I’m completely okay with that I love this feature so the very front you have access to all the typical things that you’d see regular pockets but it’s got a pretty big space and over here you’ve got a ton more but this thing has pretty much like what looks like a grid of pockets so that you can organize this the way you want what’s also nice is that you have another compartment right here the side so if you want to use it from the side or access something from the side you can kind of just take it pull it over your shoulder zip down and dig inside and get what you need this one’s also about 30-something bucks so a lot of inexpensive options for you to choose from but that about wraps it up for this post.

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