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Bissell Big Green Machine Professional 86T3 Carpet Cleaner Review

Bissell Big Green Machine Professional 86T3 Carpet Cleaner Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals
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Kirra do you miss me huh the girl happy you are I’m so proud of you Tara you didn’t make too much of a mess Kiera [Music] hey guys went back to my channel welcome back to Jay reproductions today I am going to review the bissell big green professional carpet cleaner model 86 73 now for those of you who are new to the channel you’re not familiar I used to have a boxer dog named Akira Roos yes she has her own YouTube channel unfortunately she passed away at the age of 11 last year October 19 still remember it is like it was yesterday on a Friday so rest in peace baby girl you know I love you so during her last year she’d give out the degenerative myelopathy it’s kind of like a spinal cord disease with this Able’s the use of her hind legs kind of Lou Gehrig’s disease in humans that’s why my carpet is in such a mess I didn’t have the hard to put her away as you can see there’s a lot of stains poop and pee stains so I’m trying to clean it with this carpet cleaner it’s got a lot of great reviews I highly recommend it on Amazon it’s got over 4000 reviews with four and a half stars it’s a little expensive coming running at just under $400 one cents under $400 but it’s got a lot of reviews and I actually test it in a spore ssin which my friend let me borrow before I decided to go ahead and are from him all right this is the Bissell brand this features a special powerful motor which includes a power of 12 amps if you just heavy duty suction power that in the drying time so what’s so special about this carpet cleaner.


Bissell Big Green Machine Professional 86T3 Carpet Cleaner

Is that you can clean the forward and reverse path as opposed to a lot of them cheaper ones whereas only cleans in the forward pass so that definitely cuts down on the time and what so special about this unit is that it features an extra-large dirt lifter power brush for deep scrubbing action so I’m not gonna describe it too much I’m just gonna show it and we see if it’s effective so there you see the handles right there it’s got a little rubberized handle it is not liked by any means guys it’s over 50 pounds just here over 50 pounds got a Bissell logo right here that’s a spray action that you engage whenever you have deep cleaning stains that you need to clean so you don’t hold down the button you know just suck so what when you engage that button is where it sprays the chemicals this is where you connect the hose this is a deep clean hose for attachment for ups host:we clusters cleaning the carpet like steps our furniture is where you connect it and here is the remove tank let’s go ahead and show that large suction hose it’s real easy assembly so this is the top unit right there’s where suction goes through here this is where you throw the unit with water and also the carpet cleaner simply lift it up like that it’s very easy to line up because it has a pre-installed hose so it’s pretty much basic and and if there are any debris you would clean it in here so that’s the unit in the sub right there I’m gonna flip it over it’s got a little oversized wheels so it’s that easy motion it’s pretty much three four here’s on/off switch on the back you can rotate the handle in but not there’s a cool feature about this hando design if you lift up on this lever right here pull it up you can fold it for easy storage and it will become a compact unit and we’ll flip it over and that’s the extra powerful mode that I was talking about will be grimy on the bottom please expect it alright let’s go ahead and put this in action you have to remove this coffee table you guys will see the difference between the carpets things so why are you aiming for is for the carpet stains should be removed and to be as clean as that alright let’s go ahead and get started what I do is release the handle on the dirty water tank reservoir and then pull out the clean tank reservoir by the way this hose 1.75 gallons almost two gallons without my definitely some serious help with the carpet stains so today I’ll be reviewing this Bissell Pro max clean and protect cleans four times the cleanest level compared to the other leading brands alright so since my carpet is pretty much filthy I am gonna use a little bit more than I recommended for extreme soil which they recommend is a filter line one might a little bit more of that and by the way the big green clean water reservoir holds 1.75 gallons almost like a clear yellowish liquor right there I’m gonna mix that in and then I use hot water from this half so make sure you’re filling with clean hot tap water and formula only once is to a level that you want by the way the fill lines right there I’m just putting a little bit gap this time tiny cap and this a little bit below the fill line line up accordingly like that the cap is to the upper left-hand lined up lock into place snap into place [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Applause] the skin too is let me do it one of those already once you stop the machine what you want to do is lash the lever on the handle and then bring it to the place where you want to drain this I’m going to add the toilet p30 stinks look how dirty that is guys I wouldn’t touch that with my life dancing like art that’s it so here’s the area of the deepest thing where I spray most of the stain eliminator [Applause] [Applause] [Music] if you know is this flow indicator stubbing that means it’s out of the detergent so stop it because nothing’s flowing through it and you’re using it just simply as a vacuum to dry it fortunately the big green came with a hose attachment that’s perfect for cleaning of stairs it’s gonna see there’s quite a bit of stain right here I think that’s from you carry and I care about when she was this a boot through the restroom so those are the piece things so it’s going to hold this up and see if this effective so fortunately the hose attachment has these bristles that you can scrub the carpet from all cleanliness they’ve passed this bond that you really see actively detergent green out which sprays up here so here’s how you gonna hook it up guys what you want to do is insert this nozzle right here into the connect part credit data clockwise lock it they get it on the open this flap right here there’s a large suction cup and we will insert line that up pretty much straight forward lock into place before and after and here’s the entryway the stairs which I cleaned I didn’t spend too much time on because I was getting a little bit tired but she can tell it’s definitely a big improvement than before there was some hard-to-reach places such corners this is hard to reach with the bristles not bad not bad alright guys so the final verdict is in is the big green from Bissell worth the money of 3 9999 for carpet cleaner I would say yes if you have pets things such as – before you know that it would do the job unfortunately I spend over two and a half hours cleaning and I just found that if it was you know if I get a quote for like $300 for labor room a couple of rooms where they could put fresh and clean it I’ll probably spend an amount instead of trying to you know use my own time my own energy and strength how could be outside having fun I will have rather paid $300 for professional come in and clean it but you guys can’t get that lets save you got a CO for like five hundred dollars for an old living room and a couple of rooms then yeah at least you know that this will be grooming I’d do the job you definitely need the heavy duty cleaning solution also such as this Bissell Pro max clean and protect with Scotchgard it’s a combination that worked wonders now carrying the unit was a little bit heavy sometimes you just have carryout you know where there be a on the stairs on top or on the bottom because you cannot carry it you every step but the hose is long enough attachment where you can clean a halfway at least from my house so I’m quite impressed with this but like I said if you guys still have the time span but you have the money go ahead and get a professional clean by stanley carpet clean or such similar US companies but if not you could probably read something like this probably not as effective such as the bissell steam remover but that’s gonna cost you about you know 40 $50 and run the day so sometimes why not just buy it you can use it always use it especially you have carpet and then you can let your friends or family borrow it so what you see on the right is the Hoover steam vac that I purchased from nuoc back in 2010 that was for $140 that did an average to okay job but definitely not as powerful as a big greenie because you can’t clean and go forward and reverse motion which the Bissell camp definitely provides a lot more power the big dream you have like.

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