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BISSELL CrossWave Pet Pro Vacuum Review

BISSELL CrossWave Pet Pro Vacuum Review Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals
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Hey guys this is Derek from modern castle comm today we’ll be doing our bissell cross wave review this is a versatile wet/dry vacuum mop that allows you to both vacuum and mop at the same time how well does it do that we’re gonna find out today we tested the cross up as a mop on tile floor spreading three different debris types across the floor and attempted to mop them up over the course of three passes we also tested the bissell cross wave as a vacuum on an engineered hardwood floor for this test we spread four different to breed types across our testing line and attempt to suck each them up our mop tests included three different debris types honey soda and mud mud pose no problem for the cross wave honey required several passes to make sure the floor was not sticky but the floor was virtually spotless after passing over it several times the only problem of cleaning soda was Ana drifted into the corners while there the cross have had trouble reaching it the Missal cross wave also has the ability to wash area rugs cleaning on area rugs was a bit of a mixed bag during our tests we discovered it’s important to use the vacuum mode either on the cross wave or another stand alone vacuum first to remove large chunks of debris dirt and other things on the surface of the carpet during our tests we failed to do so and as you can see on one side of our carpet the mud and dirt was further embedded into the carpet making a bigger mess on the second side we vacuumed first and then did the wet wash clean which was able to then remove the finer debris without further embedding the mud and dirt deeper into the carpets when used as a vacuum the Crossway performed flawlessly our tests included rice kitty litter sugar and cereal the cross sleeve is not designed to vacuum on carpets.


BISSELL CrossWave Pet Pro Review

So we only tested the vacuum functions on hardwood the design of the Bissell cross live is similar to other stick vacuums with some additions the Missal cross wave is 46 inches tall 12 inches wide and ten point six inches deep it weighs 11 pounds as a wet/dry vacuum the cleaning head of the student contains a multi surface brush roll that is able to help agitate dirt and debris in addition to mopping hard floors or washing area rugs there are two separate tanks on this Bissell one is used for clean water and cleaning solution and the other is used to store the dirty water and debris that is sucked up by the unit along the handle of this Bissell are two buttons that indicate the floor type rug or hard floor on the handle the Bissell also has a trigger that supplies the water and cleaning solution to the brush ball the Bissell cross wave operates as both a mop and a vacuum when used as a vacuum the brush roll spins sweeping dirt and debris into the suction path of the unit from there the suction power of the cross flip lifts the dirt and debris into the dustbin when uses a mop the brush roll spins then the user squeezes the trigger to dispense the cleaning solution onto the brush roll which mops the floor at the same time the cross who still applies suction like a vacuum which allows you to effectively clean messes to contain both wet and dry debris at the same time for example when cleaning cereal and milk the Crossway will suck up the dry debris like a vacuum while also mopping up the liquid the cross flavor also includes area rug mode which works in a similar fashion to hard floor mode except four times the amount of cleaning solution is dispensed allowing the brush roll to clean deeper all versus the cross lave include a multi surface brush roll used for all floor types all versions also include a cleaning tray washable filter and the cleaning solution that is mixed with water and the clean water tank some versions of the cross wave include additional brush rolls such as a hardwood floor brush roll and area rug brush roll and a pet brush roll Bissell also produces a version of the cross wave called the cross wave pet Pro specifically designed for pets and pet hair the two major differences are the tangle free pet brush roll and the specially designed pet cleaning solution when you first use the cross wave you’ll see there are two cleaning modes on the handle buttons hard floor and area rug these modes can be used to vacuum or mop your floors to use the cross as a vacuum just plug it in and choose the floor type to use it as a mop the only additional steps are to fill the tank with water and cleaning solution then powered on and hold the trigger to prime the solution as far as maneuverability the Bissell Crossway the swivel head is not as maneuverable as some other stick vacuums as it only is able to turn about 25 degrees this could be an issue depending on the layout of your home but if you’re mostly using it in open spaces the crossways maneuverability shouldn’t be an issue to maintain the missile cross wave you’ll need to wash and change the filter after every major cleaning session you will also need to empty the dirty water tank and rinse it out after every use the brush wall will need to be cleared of tangles and debris which can be done with the cleaning tray annual maintenance cost for the Bissell cross wave will likely land around $40 a year including filter and brush for replacements once a year and a 64 ounce bottle of multi surface cleaning solution however you should be able to save some money and make your own cleaning solution at home for about half the price so should you buy the Bissell cross wave the Bissell cross wave is a well rounded unit that has the ability to sweep vacuum and mop at the same time if you’re looking to knock out all of these plus wash your area rugs the Bissell cross wave could be a good addition to your home I would recommend the Bissell cross lift if you’re looking for a versatile wet/dry vacuum on hard floor surfaces the cross wave will vacuum up dry debris while also mopping the floors as he moves to area rugs the Crossley will work to deep clean your rug through its multi surface brush roll I also recommend the cross wave if he wants serious deep cleaning the cross wave dominated our cleaning test both wet and dry although it struggled to some degree on area rugs it did an excellent job on hard floors as a mop and vacuum finally I recommend the Crossland if you want the option to wash your rugs and set it needing multiple devices for different floor types the cross wave can mop your floors and wash the rugs all in one unit well guys that is it for this video I hope had it helpful if you have any comments questions please drop us a note down below we’re always available to help.

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