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Bissell ProHeat 2X Revolution Pet Pro Carpet Cleaner

Bissell ProHeat 2X Revolution Pet Pro Carpet Cleaner Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals
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Today we’re gonna make a video of how to use this pearl heat 2 times revolution pet Pro carpet cleaner alright let’s go ahead and remove the tank let’s go ahead and fill it up with some water alright I have some hot water going in we’re just leaving go ahead and open this up and fill it up alright in the back it has the levels for the water and for formula so we’re gonna go ahead and open this one here and this one as well it came with the machine for free what I like to do is make my own little cocktail of the oxy clean that works very good so we’re just gonna add a little bit of this and some of that alright we’re just gonna add it in here the fill line is up to there so I added about half ways we’ll add the other one here if it’s for the carpet cleaner i we’re gonna go ahead and throw this in here you can see it mixing in and now we’re gonna grab some of this and throw it in here I’m gonna grab some of this here maybe you belt to the first line and we’re just gonna pour it in here all right perfect now we’re going to go ahead and close it up and we’ll give it a nice good shaking mix everything up already and there it is one of these smells really really good I think it’s this one it smells really really fresh so let’s go ahead and take this to our machine and plug it in this has a little hooks right there and goes in right there just like so perfect.


Bissell ProHeat 2X Revolution Pet Pro Carpet Cleaner Review

Now I’m gonna go ahead and plug it in all right and there it is this one I guess it’s for the clean shot rare that’s what’s up what you do know press the power button got scared let’s go ahead and start off with the house real quick all right we’re gonna go ahead and open this up right there we’re gonna plug in or plug right here our hosts and we’re gonna plug this side to our brush let’s go ahead and turn it on [Music] when her [Music] [Music] trading my way [Music] from that’s it turn this off that is a big difference this was the worst one look at that makes those look how look very sweet so I like how this works so far then we unplug it and you also have this bigger upholstery tool this one I’m cohere close this down and let’s go ahead and give it on the carpet you have your trigger here put in the liquid let’s go ahead and go ahead and give it a couple of try whoa right there it’s full it automatically turns itself off it’s doing a great great job it’s really really good all right you can tell the difference so I’m gonna go ahead and dump this water make another little cocktail and we’ll get started with this side the way you remove this tank is you simply just scrub it and pull it out and there’s the drain plug let’s go ahead and drain it and then just put it back in just like so you can fill this one back up with hot water and then we just repeat this process and then we repeat the process once again all right in there it is looks like a brand new carpet and now what we could do is since this edge still pretty dirty we hook up this hose spray it clean it off go ahead and open this up plug it in start it up [Music] sprayed as you’re scrubbing  like this from here close this flap and there it is sweet and that is how you use this Bissell Proheat to revolution pit.

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