Blackstone Professional Grade Grill Griddle Bbq Review

hey what is up YouTube nation welcome back to Brian’s badass reviews I’m gonna throw you guys just a little bit of a curveball today usually I do the bearded reviews on the beard products and stuff like that if you’re here for that you can catch up on my beard series on my playlist there give them a like appreciate it don’t forget to subscribe to the channel today I am going to teach you how to be the king or the queen of your castle just go out and purchase the blackstone griddle which is what we’re gonna be reviewing today and you will be the hero in your home so what do you know beards bears and black stone griddle let’s get into it kick the intro [Music] so I got to tell you guys out of all the things I’ve purchased though over the last year so this black stone griddle has got to be probably my favorite thing that I have bought for by far for sure it’s been just awesome we use it all the time I happen to get the 28 inch version I think you can get a 17 which is just you can kind of set it on a table somewhere and cook off of that you can get the 28 inch which is what I have and you can get the 36 inch now the 28 inch I think is if you can get it on Amazon right now I’ll go ahead and I’ll put a link for it I’ll put the link for all this stuff I’m gonna talk about for Amazon they got all kinds of cool stuff on there but the 28 inch is gonna be I think it’s gonna run you around 180 the 36 is going to run you around 280 dollars and I think you can get the little 17-inch tabletop one for like 80 bucks and guys it’s awesome it’s so much fun to cook on it’s so easy to use you can wheel it around you can take a camping with you you can do all kinds of different stuff on it so today I’m gonna take you outside to my outside oasis last week I decided to cook up some hibachi and I was like why not do a YouTube review on this thing it’s one of my favorite things so here it is so let’s step outside of the outside oasis and let’s cook up some hibachi so the black stone that’s filled off of a propane tank you just hook it up just like you would any gas grill or anything like that and you go ahead you got an electronic ignition start you just press that and the thing fires up now on my 28-inch it’s got four burners and it’s got two kind of controls that come that control two of the burners at a time I think the 36 inch I think it has four knobs on it and each one controls a separate a separate burner so that’s pretty cool but guys this thing is good for everything like I’m gonna do some hibachi in this video but I’ve cooked everything from taquitos freakin burgers I’ve cooked breakfast I’ve cooked everything I mean pancakes bacon is awesome to cook on this thing onions they cook up super fast we’ll just slice them up and get some nice caramelized onions Philly cheesesteaks and I’ll be honest with you I’ve done the Philly cheesesteaks I’ve seen other people do kind of my next thing but it’s so fun it’s so easy it’s very cool Blackstone also has a kind of a griddle toolkit that you can get and I think it’s got a couple of the squeeze bottles for the oil a couple of the spatulas if you get the bigger set it’s got some stuff for crepes it’s got stuff for if you crack an egg you can put it in there and it’ll just stay in the little circle if you don’t want them scrambled so pretty cool stuff I’ll link that as well down in Amazon of course you gotta have a beer right you can’t be outside cooking if you ain’t gonna be drinking beers that’s what I say anyways so as you can see on this one like like I’ve had this one for a year and I keep it outside and it stands up outside I actually use a the cover that comes that you can buy separately for it it holds up real well to the weather and all the elements and stuff like that this one is a little bit dirty but come on guys I use it all the freaking time so here’s kind of a nice sweeping view of it this one the 28 inch is kind of the perfect size for me 36 might be a little too bit large from my area but for you it might work out perfect as you can see I got my hibachi all set up here I got all my ingredients set out on the table that I kind of prepped before that and there’s my little tool kits back there that I use I’m gonna go ahead I’m just gonna oil up the blackstone get a nice layer of oil on there and what I’ll do is I’ll usually get it like that and then I’ll take the spatulas like you’re gonna see right here and so here I just take the spatula to kind of spread it around get a nice layer of oil on there and let that let that oil heat up you always want to make sure you have oil down before you start throwing any other of your food and stuff on there and then I already had the the rice precooked and everything so here I’m just putting the rice on getting it it’s kind of clumpy at first when you put on there so you got to break it apart and then I will you’ll see here in a little bit I’m gonna be adding some peas and stuff I guess this is a hibachi instruction video too so that’s just some frozen peas and carrots that I put in there I also put some some chopped up onions and stuff and you guys can’t hear it but it’s sizzling already you can hear those I got the carrots off on the side over there and then the rice you can hear it all kind of sizzling and cooking and it’s going real nice and then of course for my fried rice I got a crack an egg I like to use three eggs it makes them what I have there’s probably I think it’s 2 cups of rice and then I used like three eggs with that get it nice and scrambled up and you can see it’s already cooking already you got to be real quick with the eggs on this thing because they will scramble up real fast so you kind of just scramble them up and then you just dump them right in the rice they’re here I’ve added my vegetables I use different kinds of zucchini some onion carrots what else I think that’s all I have in this one and then I’m using sesame seed oil that kind of gives it a nice taste to season everything with so I put the regular vegetable oil down first for the onion or for the griddle just to cook on and then as I’m cooking with the food for this I use some sesame seed oil because it just complements the it complements the food so well and then of course I’m going to use a little bit of soy sauce I think there’s some I don’t know some stir-fry freakin so I use all kinds of different stuff mmm delicious yeah yeah but as you can see look at I just threw the chicken down there and look at it sizzling it up right away the chicken does not take too long to cook get it all spread out get it kind of flat and then you just don’t touch it you let it sit and pretty soon I’m gonna be um sitting or hitting this with some of the steak I also cook shrimp on this as well so the chicken will kind of sit there and then I have a bag of steak that I’ve already pre-cut and I already have it marinated I do the same thing with the chicken and I don’t do it overnight or anything I do it a couple hours before just throw it out on the grill just like that a little bit of salt for the steaks and then I end up using teriyaki for both the chicken and the and the steaks and those things will sizzle up real nice the chicken I also I also do a little bit of marinade with it I just use a little bit of the teriyaki sauce and I also use a little bit of lime in there and just kind of let it sit for a couple hours before I throw it on there I got my vegetables off to the side just getting them nice and tender I kind of like them al dente I don’t want to cook them so they’re soft but you got to get them so they’re not too tough right just super easy you prep everything and that’s it like you just just let it cook it’s just so much fun I love turning that I love turning on the the blackstone and I’ve got where you can’t really see it in the shot there but above there I’ve got a I usually got my Roku attached so I’ve got NFL on or SportsCenter is something watching SportsCenter I’m you know have enjoying a couple beers it’s a nice sunny day out so it’s just a lot of fun guys it’s so easy to cook on here I’m putting just a little bit of garlic minced garlic on there which adds a nice flavor to everything and so yeah just spicing everything up real nice getting everything cooked to the right temperature to be knocking on your door want to come over for supper that little picture right there is just about these bout ready to come off the grill and then it’s a super easy cleanup that’s the other nice thing about this you don’t have to there’s not a ton of cleanup I got myself one of these scrapers I’ll link that as well down in Amazon you can pick that up one-stop shop guys I’m hooking y’all up Christmas is coming right holiday seasons get this in your home super easy cleanup you can see I just kind of scrape it off and then getting all the oil now the new black stones when I bought this they hit this was kind of the the version one but the new ones they have a grease drain right in the back which is very convenient I kind of wish I had that one if you guys order them those are the ones that you’ll get where you’ll push the grease to the back and there’s a kind of a trough back there that it goes into mine it goes off into the side and it’s a it’s a little bit of a pain but they don’t really make them like that anymore you can see I’m kind of taking the the little trench there and it’s filled with oil so I’m just kind of getting it into my little oil ketch over there but it’s super easy and then once I’m done doing that I will put oil on it again and that will and I’ll just let it sit and that will kind of burn it off and that also seasons the griddle when you first get it it’s going to be more of a light gray color and it’s gonna take a few times of using it but before it turns into this black color that you see here once you’ve got that then you know it’s nice and seasoned but you want to do this at the end take some paper towel spread it around and then you just let it burn off it’s awesome super easy cleanup and here’s the finished product guys here it is sitting in the kitchen getting ready to serve it up you got my rice there you got my chicken you can see the shrimp in the background there I didn’t I didn’t you didn’t see me cooking that up but I got my check I got everything you need right there for you about your hibachi and then my wife she makes some awesome yum-yum sauce she typically does that the night before because it needs about 24 hours or so forth to set up right and I’m telling you what you can you’d put the rice in the in the yum-yum sauce you can put the stake in the yum-yum sauce you can use everything that you got there the vegetables the chicken the steak the shrimp the rice and there’s a bunch of recipes online and stuff that you can kind of go check out to make your own yum yum sauce I think you can even just buy it at the grocery store my wife makes her own she’s an amazing cook and so I’m telling you guys you gotta go out and get yourself one of these they’re they’re so nice they’re so convenient it’s quick cleanup the food is amazing on there we’ve done we’ve done all kinds of different food if you want a really nice burger like a diner type burger that gets that nice sear on it get yourself one of these black stones guys I hope you liked the video today I know it’s a little bit different than some of my other videos but I love this thing so much I thought hey why not do a review it’s something that I really like it doesn’t break the bank for the firt I mean for less than 200 bucks for the 28 inch guys that’s a great Buy and you’re gonna use this thing for a long time and you’re gonna use it often your family’s gonna love it your friends are gonna love it if you’re having parties over at the house if you’re watching game days Sunday and you’re you’re cooking up some burgers outside there’s just so many different things you can use it for so anyways I hope you like the channel I hope you hit the subscribe button hit the little bells so you get the notifications when my new videos come out and I’d appreciate it if you gave the video like that’s all I got for the review today remember to do what makes you happy remember to be kind to each other that’s it I’m out who’s

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