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I was going to try to make a video here some of the items that are I know of that are required for a passive Coast Guard safety inspection we’re just bored and lastly routine safety check and fortunately we had everything that we required have different requirements and I’m you know just kind of saying this by memory and I know I’m gonna go edit in the video so I’m just going to kind of show you some of the items that I know of that boat off of the vessel over 16 feet is required to have some have some different items laid out here on the left side is what’s required on the right these items that I find helpful I think you should have so first of all of course lifejackets and I only bought out one size here this is a child’s medium and they have to be size appropriate if I were just get the adult out you notices that larger also you have to have either a throw ring or a they call it a throwable device and it has to be in good condition these cushions count as a throwable device and replacer program and also fire extinguishers that have to be mounted and they also have to be as seen there Coast Guard approved it but if you notice it says valid only with bracket so that meaning that band and the mounting bracket there this is the spare we have another one any day um is mounted you also need flares I believe three day and three night or combo leave the small files and the expiration dates usually they’re good for about three years it’s actually written on the grounds themselves can receive them so and you also have a kit the actual launcher device here which is similar to a pistol just loads in like a shotgun shell now these are last these these expire last year and you don’t have to take them it’s good to have extras which you can’t store them if I remember correctly in the same container legally because the potential to grab the outdated ones in a you know in a distressful situation so plot that you should have extras but you just can’t store them in with the validated ones now also there’s a some noise you know whistles for signaling devices but also should have a foghorn or a horn on the bow but you have to have a sound you know making device you have to have your valid registration registration numbers on the vessel you also have to have your ID driver’s license not particularly your boaters they’re you know different states have different requirements but you have to have a photo ID so then there’s some items I consider pretty much essential you have we have a spotlight on the boat itself that’s remote control about having this LED which is inexpensive and extremely bright handheld it’s just very agile to bill the point at different channel markers and stuff much faster than messing with a joystick for the control and then these emergency blankets I carry everywhere that those big foil blankets and they hold in body heat and they’re good for you know signaling because they’re bright piece of mylar they’re large – I mean you can pretty much wrap one or two people in them and they’re trying to cross the bar over there and I like having you know multiple sources of light that glow sticks here but I definitely advocate for some sharp knives aboard you never know what you need it for this here is I consider it actually better than a life vest because it gets worn more often this is a Coast Guard approved float coat it’s a type 3 PFD this is a and on it here is a water activated strobe which was relatively inexpensive this is made by mustang survival this is a catalyst coat much more agile than the older models warm breathable dry that was a good buy and so also I would say you really should have one of these Pelican or some type of dry case for your phone because if you were to have you know getting rough weather or get upset or something have the boat get tossed unexpectedly you know loose items fly and that would need a cell phone so and so this is also our boarding report which was if you see there fortunately no violation issued and they indicated that it should we be boarded again to present that paperwork immediately because I imagine it will save them time of having to go over things since we’ve already been good on going over and that’s good for six months to a year to be presented as evidence of meaning safety requirements so that’s just a quick video that I want to make and I’m not you know this is for recreational boating the requirements are different for boats of smaller and larger sizes depending on where you’re boating the requirements are different pretty rough outside the point right the hair the tide is really ripping so I would definitely recommend going through all your safety equipment knowing where it is I’m reading up and asking you know there’s a lot of information online to find out what you’re required to have and if you’re in doubt call call the Coast Guard and speak with them but make boarding much more pleasant experience if you know where all your equipment is and it’s all current so all right guys let you go and I’ll stop be bobbing around here alright be safe out there and get out and enjoy some of this beautiful scenery huh like

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