Brentwood Home Cypress Cooling Gel Memory Foam Mattress Review

hey how’s it going this is Owen with my summary yard comm and today we’re doing a mega review of the beds from Brentwood home so Brentwood home is based out of Los Angeles California they make four different beds all of which we’re gonna cover in today’s video and as a brand they’re more about health and having beds made with more natural and organic materials we’re just gonna go over all the big things you need to know about these beds and as usual there’s going to be full written reviews for these beds linked for you down below in the description if you find you need any more information at the end of the video and we should hopefully have some discount codes linked for you for these beds as well we’re usually really good at helping people save money on their next mattress if this video helps you out today give it a thumbs up and subscribe to the channel that really helps us out anyway let’s talk about these beds from Brentwood home [Music] [Music] save you time making that choice can be so hard why you go to the smallbury okay so let’s go over all the shipping returns warranties and trial periods for these beds and sensor from the same brain it’s gonna be the same across the board also we got these beds sent to us for free to review if you want to learn more about them be sure to check down below in the description so you’re gonna get totally free bed in a box shipping even though some of these are thicker burlier mattresses they still managed to ship them inside of a box which is pretty remarkable Brentwood home goes above and beyond the usual mattress trial period they actually give you an entire year to test out their beds in your home to decide if it’s really the mattress for you if for whatever reason it’s not you can get totally free returns but if it is they back their beds with the 25-year warranty which is also pretty beyond the usual standard so all the Brentwood home mattresses have that in common one other main thing that they share is that they’re all GREENGUARD gold certified which is one of the hardest certifications for it matches to get the long story short is is that all these beds are pretty darn eco-friendly they have a lot of other certifications related to the materials inside the mattresses be sure to check out the full reviews for more information about that it’s a lot to go over but just keep in mind very eco friendly beds okay so let’s start getting into these beds now starting with the Oceano mattress which is their most popular option it’s a really plush luxurious pillowtop mattress and theron on our team actually sleeps on this bed it uses two different layers of coils as a thick base of pocketed coils and then even has a layer of micro coils that add a bit more support comfort and airflow this is gonna be a very supportive mattress even for heavier individuals but the big defining feature of the Oceano mattress is its big fluffy pillow top it uses a layer of gel memory foam and organic New Zealand wool inside that pillow top and it’s gonna be really nice and plush even though it has a layer of memory foam inside you’re not gonna get that dense sink in feeling that memory foam is known for you’re gonna nestle into it nicely because it’s so fluffy but it’s really light airy and comfortable I can’t imagine many people thinking this is an uncomfortable bed it’s about a medium to a medium soft on our firmness scale which makes it a great option for side sleepers I think whether you sleep on your back your stomach or a combination of all three you’ll be fine on the Oceano but I think side sleepers will enjoy it the most and it’s surprisingly affordable for just how high quality of bed this is as of right now it’s about 1,500 bucks for a queen size based on MSRP and usually goes on discount so check in the description for that but speaking of price if you want the most affordable option from Brentwood home and I want to check out the Cypress mattress they actually recently updated it in 2020 and it’s a really nice memory foam option so the Cypress comes in a few different options first off it has two different height profiles on 11 inch and a 13 inch the 11 inch is called their classic and the 13 inch is called their luxe and you can get either the classic or the luxe in an all foam or a hybrid option so you have a lot of choices with the Cypress the big difference between the classic and the luxe is their firmness level we have the classic it right around the medium so it’s gonna be very accommodating for pretty much all sleeper types the luxe is about a medium soft so if you want a really plush bed that’s a good choice but no matter which option you choose you’re gonna be getting more of that prototypical memory foam feel you’re gonna lay down on it and you’re slowly gonna start to sink into those top layers and it’s gonna conform to your body nicely but it’s not quite as dense as like a tempurpedic bed it’s a little lighter and airier like I said before this is a pretty darn affordable option the all foam classic version is only six hundred bucks for a queen size the lux hybrid which is the most expensive is still only about a thousand we’re actually kind of shocked at how affordable these beds are let’s move on to the Crystal Cove mattress and the neat thing about this bed is that it’s actually flippable so you get 2 different firmness options inside of one mattress but unlike a lot of other flippable mattresses we’ve tested not only do you get two different firmness levels you get two completely different feels inside the same mattress so let’s look at each side of the mattress individually starting with the luxury plush side this side is around a medium soft on our firmness scale which makes it very plush and the main comfort layer is gonna be a charcoal infused memory foam you’re gonna get a lot of pressure relief and it will conform to the shape of your body nicely the charcoal infusion is supposed to help cool it down we’re not really sure how much this actually affects the temperature regulation but we don’t think it’s gonna sleep hot more temperature neutral when you flip it over to the gentle firm side you’re actually gonna get more of a latex foam feel I like to think of latex foam feels is almost having the opposite feeling of memory foam it’s really bouncy its responsive and you’re gonna get plenty of cushioning but you’re not going to sink into it and it’s not gonna conform to the shape of your body natural besides going to be a bit firmer and we have it right between a medium and a medium firm on our scale which means back and stomach sleepers will probably prefer this side but it’s not too firm for side sleepers either overall we really like this bed the support base uses pocketed coil so it’s gonna be quite supportive has a really cool cover with a nice pattern on it and it’s not crazy expensive either be sure to check in the description for any current offers and deals and the last bed from Brentwood home is the cedar natural lux and as you probably guessed from the name this bed is all about being natural and organic they use natural latex foam organic wool organic cotton and the ena went so far as to use coconut husks to make the buttons they really went all out with this bed like the gentle firm side of the Crystal Cove the Cedar Lux uses latex foam as his main comfort layer but they did something kind of interesting with it most latex foam beds we see or just flat slabs of latex foam but they actually cut it into little triangle shapes to make it a bit softer a lot of beds in the natural and organic category are a bit firmer but this one is actually between a medium and a medium firm which makes it pretty accommodating for most sleepers but they also include an optional pillow top that’ll soften up quite a bit right between a medium soft and a medium if you’re a primary side sleeper you might want to get that optional topper but it’s not totally necessary as long as you’re okay with a bit of a firmer feel it has pretty much every certification you could ever think of related to the materials used in the mattress we’ll try and have more information about it linked down below in the description it’s way too much to go over in a single video and it’s surprisingly affordable for a mattress in this category without that topper it’s about 1,500 bucks for a queen-size and considering all the work that they put in to source all these materials used in the mattress it’s not a bad price and that’s gonna wrap this video up about the Brentwood home mattresses overall we don’t have a lot of bad things to say about them they offer a few different options at a couple different price points and you can tell just by looking at them that they’re built to a pretty high standard if you’re interested in having a mattress made with more natural inorganic materials and even if you’re not I think Brentwood home should have a good option for you and as always if you enjoyed this video give it a thumbs up we really appreciate that subscribe to the channel if you want to keep up to date on all these online beds be sure to check in the description for all that good content I mentioned earlier and as always sleep right sleep tight we’ll see you next [Music] [Applause] [Music]

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