Canon EOS 5D Mark IV Camera Review

Canon EOS 5D Mark IV Review Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals
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What’s up guys it’s River and today we’re looking at the 5d mark 4 this is a camera that when it first came out in 2016 it got terrible reviews but since then it’s become widely adopted by both photographers and filmmakers so what changed it’s actually a very very interesting camera but you have to get your hands on it to understand why it doesn’t exactly lead in specs but what it’s good at is it really in the spec so let’s do a deep dive see exactly what this camera does exactly what’s for and if it’s right for you let’s get into it just to let you guys know there’s a link in the description down below for the best deal on this very interesting camera so be sure to check that out so let’s just get into the specs cuz I know you guys want to know but the specs really are not what make this camera special so this has a 13 megapixel sensor it’s full-frame it’s got a digit 6 plus processor not a 6 but a 6 plus processor which does give you a very solid image processing very good low-light performance it’s clean up to 6400 eyes so in 30 megapixels it’s plenty for billboard work print work like if this is a very very good studio camera what makes this camera special is not in the specs it’s really in the design so let’s talk about why this camera is so fun to use.


Canon EOS 5D Mark IV Camera

So let’s talk about design because design is what really makes this camera special it’s super well built it’s nice and robust I love the grip on it it has kind of like a leather coating all over the camera so it really feels like you can really grip it in your hands I love this LCD screen right at the top I can see all my settings at a glance that’s super easy to do I really really appreciate that like on a high stress set or like in a high-stress work environment this is really really easy and it’s just you look down or your settings are right there the buttons are really well laid out I feel like at all times I can easily access any of the buttons just everything is just so ergonomically well built it just feels so smooth like butter I never feel like I’m at a disadvantage with this camera which is why I think photographers have really fall in love with this camera because if you don’t need a super high like 45 or 50 megapixel sensor 30s plenty and with this kind of a user experience of course I would go with this I would rather go with someone like this over a Sony that has a way better megapixel account and it’s about the same price because this is just a better experience and you might be thinking yours wait so that’s it like it’s a widely accepted camera because it’s fun to use that’s not all like again user experience goes a long way but the other thing that makes this camera really awesome is the Canon colorscience at this price point with everything that this camera offers that color science really takes this whole package home with Canon you just get these amazing colors very specific hues of blue these rich oranges and reds just like great skin tones like everybody just looks super attractive everybody’s skin looks good Canon has like this very classic filmic look which is why you’ll often see people wanting to shoot Canon for that Canon look Canon colors just look amazing and I think that’s one of the reasons that photographers like this like I love Sony cameras but the colorscience leaves a lot to be desired you can’t just shoot something on a Sony but like say that looks good like you really got to tweak the color same thing with Nikon Nikon colors are generally very cool and Nikon cameras I’ve said this in previous videos are really made to be like thoroughly thoroughly edited but Canon cameras even if you shoot JPEG stuff just looks good and it’s super easy to just shoot something in JPEG quickly editor on your phone and throw it up on social media and I think that’s the big thing that people like about Canon it’s everything just looks good right out of the box it’s easy to use you don’t really have to do a lot of work with it and yeah I can see myself being a photography like I’m gonna go with the camera that just looks better I think a good analogy is something like the re Alexa it’s a $60,000 to $100,000 camera that only has a 2k sensor where most of its competitors have 4k 6k and 8k sensors for cinematography who shoot like top-end movies along the Marvel movies are shot on the re-election because re just has better colors and I think that’s a pretty good analogy for these cameras these cameras are some absolutely fantastic colors and the place that they benefit the most with that color size is the video so let’s talk about video so the two things that make the video in this camera really special are super sampling and the color side when you super sample something you take a large 4k file squeeze it down to 1080 and you get a few benefits from that you get better color performance better noise performance better detail and a sharper image that just looks a richer so because of that the 1080p image out of this camera is very rich it’s a very very good-looking image and it actually looks better than most 1080p images from competing cameras and the second thing this camera does really well is the colorscience as I mentioned before you get these rich of vibrant colors everybody looks attractive skin tones are just great and when you add that color science so that really robust 1080p image you just get an image that you can really really tweak really really do things with now it’s not a lot but it’s a way more than other cameras on the market without a cinematic profile you can take that standard 1080p image that already looks fantastic and just tweak it a little bit here tweak it a little bit there and really come up with some interesting cinematic looks and at the end of the day just the quality of video that comes out of this camera is super duper impressive but sadly it’s not all rainbows and Sun shines I want to be as honest with you guys as possible so this camera does 1080p up to 60 so you don’t get a whole lot of slow-motion like you get a little bit but there’s other cameras on the market competing with this camera that will actually give you 120 frames per second at 1080 so it’s kind of a letdown it’s 2016 camera so it’s not really competing with more modern specs but I wish it was and as for the 4k it is very very very good 4k but it records in a codec called motion JPEG now that codec itself isn’t that or anything but it takes up a lot of room it’s a hundred and eighty megabits per second codec which is actually more than what the Sony cameras do so that codec takes up a lot of space on a 64 or even like 128 gig card you’re maybe gonna get an hour to an hour and a half of 4k footage that’s not really ideal like you’re gonna be filling up cards fast and you have to shoot on the compact flash cards which are not cheap so unfortunately unless you’re a professional I would say this is not Lily a 4k camera if you’re getting this as a hobbyist you probably don’t care about 4k anyways but if you’re professional then you don’t really mind the space I wish there was a better way to do 4k in this I think Canon could easily update this camera with a firmware give you better codec but whatever I love the 1080p image out of this camera and really I think I’m only ever gonna use this camera in 1080 the 1080p is super sharp super robust and honestly it comes pretty close to my red camera and that’s someone who dropped 40k on my red camera and I I don’t wish I bought this camera and said but I’m definitely getting this as my backup camera quick side note the 4k in this camera does have a 2 x crop which means it doubles your focal length from whatever you’re shooting if you’re shooting an a-team you’ll get a thirty two millimeter shooting on 24 you’ll get 48 it’s not the end of the world it’s easily navigatable if you just pick the right lenses but highly disappointing and guys please don’t kill me in the comments for saying this even comes close to a right I get that they’re totally different cameras it’s day and night I mean again I have a red but I’m just saying that the 1080p image out of this versus the 1080p image out of that at the lowest quality is pretty close and comparable so if I just look at in terms of file sizes because I often shoot at the lowest file size in that camera it’s pretty comparable I would say this is like a 7.5 in that cameras like an 8.5 it’s really not that much of a difference if you just look at the 1080p image also something of note to my fellow cinematographers filmmakers color enthusiasts this camera now has the option of canon C log which is a color profile only offered in canons higher-end 10,000 15,000 20,000 dollar camera so yeah for a hundred bucks you can actually get Canon C log in here you have to send for camera and it takes about a week and you’ll get a way way better image more dynamic range more color options and all that good stuff but here’s the thing if you’re gonna start editing in log and really grating on that level I think at that point I rather get a Sony because Sony has all those color profiles built-in if I’m already gonna be starting from a log color point I rather just start with the Sony where I wish honestly Sony S lock is way better than Canon C log I rather just go with the with Sony s log and just start that heavy grading process what I like about this camera is the fact that just the standard image that comes out of this camera looks really good has really great colors and I don’t have to get into that deeper level of color with this camera so I don’t know I think if I started doing C log or a log profile I’d rather do Sony than the Canon camera next let’s talk about autofocus cool intro you guys like that good cuz this cameras autofocus is absolutely bomb this has canons dual pixel autofocus and at first I was a little skeptical because it’s a feature that it was originally introduced in Canon EOS II cinema line which is like the c100 c300 at the time and the c500 if I remember correctly I didn’t really pay a lot of attention in Canon cameras when they first came out but dual pixel definitely caught a few people’s eye and people were saying like oh my god dual pixel is like amazing it’s super good it’s like you don’t need a focus puller anymore and when it came to the Canon DSLR cameras I was like there’s no way this is going to be as good as it was in like a ten thousand twelve thousand dollar camera and I was super wrong it is just as good when it comes to like photo autofocus it is tack sharp super reliable super fast and I’m super super impressed with it it’s genuinely awesome but it started off in video camera so how does it do for video cameras and I have to say it’s just as good I don’t think you should ever rely completely on autofocus if your cinematic shooter cuz it’s it’s just not as smart as a person but if you just want to put this camera on a gimbal use it to track somebody Chad this will do a great job plus part of dual pixel autofocus is enhance face tracking this camera does a fantastic job with face trying so if you put it on the gimbal or run around with a model as long as that has a face to catch on to it does a really really really good job and that includes sports even when faces are whizzing by face tracking is SuperDuper OnPoint I wish I had more to say about it because the video would be longer and I would get more YouTube views but honestly it’s a 10 out of 10 autofocus I would really say it’s only second to Sony’s AI based autofocus which is just coming out in 2019 but honestly 10 out of 10 autofocus it’s good for photos good for video and it’s even good in live view most cameras their autofocus just like falls apart once you go to live view and let me see if I can get this to work but you can really just touch on the screen and it’ll just snap to it right I forgot to mention that it has to touch autofocus not only is it good in live view it’s also good in touch autofocus um honestly I could talk about this autofocus forever 10 out of 10 out of if you want a camera that has autofocus that will not let you down this is your guy and on top of that two things that I really appreciated about the autofocus in this camera is the fact that it’s still good in live view most DSLRs have really really shitty autofocus in live view because it’s a different focusing mechanism in the camera but this camera still maintains really really good autofocus it’s honestly as good as if you were looking through the piece it’s really great in live view and that’s really not true for most DSLRs Nikon’s are pretty much unusable in my view so Nizar me in love you but this camera fantastic in live view and on top of that it has a touch screen on the back where you just touch it and you can focus and it will also take a photo but you can also set it to just focus but touch autofocus is great especially for video if I’ve got this camera on a gimbal and I just want to touch something lightly and get it to focus on that it’s available to me and it makes my job so much easier autofocus honestly 10 on 10 could not say enough I could probably do an entire video just about autofocus one of the things that has to be mentioned but it’s kind of hard to explain over video is the fact that Canon makes amazing and very affordable glass I’ve seen people shoot TV commercials feature films with Canon glass like they’ll use a red camera or an RV Alexa but they’ll shoot with Canon glass because it’s super affordable it’s super sharp it’s easy to get like Canon glass just seems to be most of the industry’s bread-and-butter to be honest and I realized that I’m shooting with a sigma lens right now but I think that kind of adds to it it’s the fact that canons EF mount is really easy to develop for and you have a lot of third-party manufacturers even like a random brands for like Rokinon and samyang just developing for the Canon EF now because it’s easy to develop for and you can honestly get any kind of lens you want for this camera and I think that’s probably one of the reasons a lot of people have chosen to stay with good 5d Mark four is because it has such an awesome lens collection you can adapt vintage lenses to it get random Chinese lenses to it add Sigma which I by the way very affordable or get like this very affordable high quality canon glass honestly I can see people just sticking with Ken and in general for their glass now I’ve said a lot of good things about this camera but let’s not pretend there’s not they’re cameras out there like there’s plenty other fish in the sea and there’s a few cameras that I really do recommend you consider if this camera isn’t perfect for you the nikon d80 has I believe a 46 megapixel sensor it think it’s 45.7 but let’s call it 46 has a 46 megapixel sensor it’s about it’s kind of like the same body size the specs in terms of shooting speed video it’s pretty similar and that just has a better sensor the price is about the same but it does not have the same color science and while it still does 1080p and 4k it does not have the same quality of video like this video is night and day that video is like a 6 this video is like a 12th in comparison this does video way way way better than that camera I think if you’re a photo shooter yeah you should really look into the Nikon camera but if you want something that’s a hybrid that does both things well stick with this guy and you should look into the Sony a7 line they’re all full-frame cameras that do photo and video very very well but again they lack the ergonomic design of a Canon body those things I’ve heard other photographers say kind of feel like toys and they definitely definitely do not have the weather sealing the robustness and the feel of a DSLR body but they do have really impressive specs they’re really good in low-light they do video really well and they do photos really well but they definitely don’t have the colorscience this camera just in standard mode has beautiful colors those cameras definitely do not have very good colors they really don’t and the only way to really shoot in those cameras is in a log profile and do heavy heavy color grading if that’s something you think you want to do really do cinematic work I really recommend those cameras if you want to get to really heavy color grading but other than that I would stick with this camera in terms of video if you just want to get the image straight out of the camera do a little bit of tweaking and throw it out there so at the end of the day who’s this camera really for it’s for somebody that wants to do both photos and video at a high level in a pro styled body if you just want to do photos and you don’t really care about video get a Nikon high resolution sensors if you just care about videos don’t really care about photos Sony cameras they have built in tons of cinematic profiles and those cameras are great in low light but if you want that perfect mix of both Canon 5d Mark for high resolution sensor this photos really well high resolution videos 1080p and the colorscience on this video is just unbeatable at the price point that this camera comes in at and what it offers this camera is honestly a must buy for any hybrid shooter and that’s it for the Canon 5d Mark 4 review.

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