Canon EOS 6D In-Depth Camera Review

Canon EOS 6D In-Depth Review Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals
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So last week I was in Amsterdam filming a conference and I was shooting mostly on the Canon 5d Mark for for video but I also paired up my 60 with a 70 to 200 millimeter f-stop 2.8 Canon L lens to shoot photos inside I also used the 60 with a 24 to 70 millimeter lens as a safety shot for some of the video interviews now after revisiting the 60 with a brand new fresh perspective I’m breaking down my six reasons why you should absolutely still consider getting a Canon 6d mark one today [Music] so the first reason has to be that the canon 60 has a twenty point two megapixel full-frame sensor which means it performs well in low lights and at high ISO s the ISO on the sixty ranges from 100 to twenty five thousand six hundred natively and extends to the ranges of between fifty and a hundred and two thousand four hundred and of course this means a lot less grain when compared to your crop frame cameras which makes them great for photos especially when you’re shooting inside poorly lit hotel conference rooms with very dim yellowish lighting so here are some examples of photos that I took during the conference on the Canon 60 and with the 70 to 200 millimeter f-stop 2.8 Canon L lens with no flash and they’re not too bad considering the poorly lit conditions as you may or may not know I’m more of a videographer than a photographer.


Canon EOS 6D In-Depth Camera

But with clients requesting both video and photos I find myself doing more and more phrotography for these kinds of events now in line with photography we come to another great piece of functionality and point two on our list are the autofocus points the Canon 6d only has 11 autofocus points and one cross-type which is the center point now compared to modern cameras these numbers seem to pale into insignificance however the autofocus points actually work extremely well and almost guarantee that you get sharp images now I’ve seen a lot of similar comments like this on the Canon forums as well as comments on my own videos and other 60 review videos and they’re all about how good the autofocus works on the 6d especially how fast and reliable the center autofocus point is so I’m definitely counting that as a plus our third point is that you can purchase a Canon 6d mark one for a really reasonable price down to the fact that most people looking to upgrade to the next best camera sites like ebay are flooded with unwanted older camera bodies such as the Canon 6d and with the possibility of purchasing one for 400 pounds in the UK or under $500 in the US for a for frame canon camera that is still an extremely good price the fourth point on our list is the proven robustness of the 60 it’s been around since 2012 and I’ve had mine for about five years and I’ve never had a single issue with it and I’ve read similar comments like this in my previous kind of 60 videos for example one youtuber pizza how commented on my first 60 video and said that he had used his for over a hundred thousand actuations since 2014 and it’s still going strong and there are many similar comments of that nature around the robustness and longevity of this canon camera it’s kind of like buying a second-hand Toyota or Honda where the engine has cropped up over a hundred thousand miles but still won’t die yes the 60 has definitely proven itself in the test of time making it a reliable piece of camera equipment now in addition to this it’s also quite lights for a full frame coming in at 770 grams much lighter than both the 5d Mark 3 and 4 making it ideal for avid travel photographers and this brings us nicely onto another benefit and point 5 on our list and that has to do with the Wi-Fi functionality this camera is ideal for social influences and travel photographers who live on Instagram because you can get those high quality full frame pics out of your camera directly onto your phone via the Canon up and straight up onto your social media accounts now a lot of modern cameras have Wi-Fi functionality as standard but back in 2012 that simply wasn’t the case so for this camera to have that type of functionality is actually a massive plus now as a videographer I have to mention the video capabilities of the 60 which is our sixth point it’s a great starter video DSLR camera I’ve used it in the past to film some of my earlier wedding work as well as a few corporate pieces although I don’t really use it for video much at all these days and that’s simply because the newer cameras such as the 5d mar 4 and the eos are offer a lot more in terms of DP AF 4k filming C log high frame rates cetera but as a first-time filmmaker an indie filmmaker or possibly a become for a videographer there are adequate options to play with on the Canon 16 in the camera community we tend to talk a lot about the latest and greatest newest cameras and available functionality but cameras like the 6d are still really good for what they were made for in terms of creating beautiful photos and also the video capabilities and cameras like the 6d have a proven track record of their reliability over several years the 6d was my first full-frame DSLR and I have personally learned a lot from using it so those are my six reasons why you should absolutely consider getting yourself a Canon 6d.

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