Canon EOS 6D Mark II Camera Review

Canon EOS 6D Mark II Camera Review Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deal
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What’s up guys it’s River and today we’re looking at the canon 60 mark 2 this is an interesting camera because when it first came out it had a lot of hype around it and a lot of famous content creators just fully switched over this guy but it’s been a few years did it live up to the hype and can he compete on today’s modern market with cameras like the Canon RP and the a7 3 so let’s do a deep dive figure out exactly what this camera does exactly who it’s for and most importantly is it right for you let’s get into it [Music] also just to let you guys know there’s a link in the description down below for the absolute best pricing on this camera and right before we get into the specs of this camera I just wanna give a quick shout out to you guys I really appreciate it everybody who left a positive comment and said something nice on the Canon or RP video it absolutely made my day I simply can’t tell you guys how much that meant to me thank you and now let’s get into the video so let’s get right into the specs this camera has a 26 megapixel full-frame sensor that does 6 frames per second and continuous autofocus which by itself is pretty impressive that in itself is really solid and will absolutely hold up for things like fashion lifestyle portraits or any kind of corporate work like weddings real estate headshots pretty much anything you can throw at it that just doesn’t need a lot of motion so no sports photography or wildlife photography but for everything else you are good to go and naturally this camera shoots both raw and JPEGs like every other camera on the market.


Canon EOS 6D Mark II Camera

But something that has to be said Canon does a great job with their raw codec it gives you plenty of room to really push in pull your colors there’s a ton of dynamic range you will not be disappointed by the raw codec in this camera as for video it does full HD up to 60 frames per second with a data rate of 60 megabytes canada HD is absolutely gorgeous it is very sharp and holds detail extremely well so for 90% of vloggers and content creators out there this camera will not let you down something important to note this camera shoots in for my call I PB now that’s the prosumer codec for video that canon supplies however most Canon cameras actually shoot in a codec call all I which is a pro level codec now in terms of image quality you won’t really notice much of a difference where you will notice a bit of a difference is a render times and how efficiently your computer handles this footage now this maybe was something to worry about a few years ago but today’s modern MacBooks and modern laptops are super intense they have great graphics cards and I don’t think this codec thing is really anything to worry about and to be honest unless your professional that’s exporting multiple edits a day that are all over 30 minutes long you really won’t see the difference sadly this camera has no 4k and even for the time when it came out a lot of people were kind of a rage that it had no 4k but has yet to really nail 4k in any of their cameras except for their cinema cameras so to be honest except for maybe the 1dx mark 2 which is an $8,000 camera.

I wouldn’t really look to Canon for 4k and built the photos and video in this camera are greatly enhanced by canons color science if you’ve been on this channel for a minute you know that I actually love canons color science they legitimately have the second best color science in the entire industry the way Canon colors whole reds and blues and saturate the greens is just magnificent and best of all the way Canon cameras handle skin tones pretty much everybody looks attractive on these cameras so if you have an ugly friend use this camera I’m just kidding but honestly the colors in this camera make a world of difference and it kind of feels like 70% of the color correction and the color grading is done in camera for you and you kinda just have to tweak and fine-tune your colors in post which makes your life a lot easier now auto focusing with this camera is kind of an interesting story it has canons dual pixel autofocus that is amazing that auto focusing system will not let you down and the autofocus in this camera works great there’s one huge problem that I have with the autofocus system modern cameras like the Canon RP or the a7 3 have hundreds if not thousands of auto focusing points this camera has 45 and they’re all right there in the center of your frame so if something’s right here or right here or right here or right here and like just up the edges of your frame the camera just won’t see it for autofocus so basically anything you want to get it in focus you have to make sure it’s in the middle of your frame and then if you want to like push it to the side.

You just lock your autofocus but it’s super slow super cumbersome and considering the price point of this camera it’s just a really crappy autofocus but if you’re someone that’s doing portraits or a lifestyle or fashion where your subject matter is typically in the middle and you’re not rushing to make sure you get that right shot it probably won’t make a difference to you and that’s kind of one of the reasons I want the best in my camera the Canon RP is 999 and it has a better auto focusing system whereas this camera is $1,300 and it has the dinosaur of an autofocus system and if I’m gonna pay $1,300 I want $1,300 worth of value I do like the body cell on this camera and we’ll get into that later but the auto focusing system in this camera I’m so not having it but if you do decide to use this camera the autofocus system when you’re using it in the center is phenomenal it is super accurate also another thing to mention this camera does have touch autofocus and it’s super accurate just I wish it covered the entire frame are you someone that wants to keep their cameras safe while traveling if so this bag could be perfect for you today’s sponsor the everyday camera bag the camera bag that’s designed for everyday life while also keeping your camera safe and secure they sent me some of their bags and I’ve personally loved having something I could carry my everyday things in while also having a safe and secure compartment just for my camera this way I don’t need to bother with buying two separate bags the best part is it combines secured compartment with a water resistant design to make sure that my camera gear is always safe and secure while also being stylish enough for everyday use I mean it looks pretty awesome and I love having you with me it’s affordable quality that will last and it’s something that a photographer a youtuber or any kind of content creator would love to have it’s the camera bag it’s more than just the camera bag for a limited time if you use the codeword river you’ll get 10% off your purchase but only for a limited time check out the link in the description down below for more information as for stabilization this camera does not have any in body stabilization on the actual sensor but it does have digital image stabilization however it’s kind of dated and I found I got this weird floaty effect that I just did not like Canon does their stabilization in the lens and I found when I use it in the lens it looked a lot better if you do need a camera with really good in body stabilisation definitely check out the Sony a 65 hundred or the a 73 as for low-light this is not a low-light camera.

Canon cameras aren’t really known for low-light anyways but this camera has a max ISO range of sixteen hundred to two thousand you can go above that but after that I find the results get really noisy and it’s not like beautiful flow McGrane it just looks like static however there is one massive and I mean massive reason to get this camera the body style there’s cameras nice and robust it feels really nice in my hand I love this grip with a mirrorless camera you just don’t get this feel I love the side flippy screen although you can get this on a Canon mirrorless but not on a Sony mirrorless and I think the best part about this body cell is how rugged it is if you’re going anywhere with your camera where it’s a treacherous and environment you have to get a camera like this these things are absolutely bomb-proof they will survive snow hail rain even a bomb maybe but please don’t go where they’re bombs and the other thing that I absolutely love because it’s such a big body all the buttons are perfectly laid out I’ve pretty big hands I mean this camera just fits perfectly in my hands I feel like all the buttons are exactly where they need to be I can easily access everything with my fingers and that’s one of the things that I miss about having a big body like this everything is just perfect your economic Lee I feel like I work way faster with a bigger body like this even though most big dslr’s aren’t as high powered as mirrorless is anymore and the only reason I can really see somebody getting a camera like this instead of the Canon RP or the a7 3 which are way better values for your money is because they’re going somewhere that’s a treacherous environment and they need something that can really hold up or they need something with a super long battery because the Canon RPS may be good for a hundred and twenty to two hundred shots the sony batteries are infamous for being bad.

This camera will give you 1,200 shots on a single chart so if you’re like out in the jungle for like many months take a couple Canon batteries with you and that could potentially last you for weeks and weeks and to things that I have to mention about this camera because I knows matters to some of you the SD card is in the side I know this matters you guys hate having to take your camera off the tripod to get it from the side and second there is no headphone jack you do get a jack for external audio but you can’t monitor your audio that’s kind of a loss on canons part and one thing that I have to mention is how awesome the touch screen on the back of this camera is it’s super accurate super fast and to be honest I find myself using it more and more I do love the buttons because of the deal still large style body however I know a lot of you guys like touchscreens as I’m slowly falling in love with touchscreens definitely check out this camera if only for the touchscreen so how does this camera stack up to what else is on the market to be honest I kind of think this camera is outdated unless you specifically need this body style and a full frame in which case $13.99 in a DSLR body with this full-frame sensor this is probably the best deal you can get but if you just want a full frame because you want that full frame look the Canon RP is a really good deal it’s $9.99 you get a full frame twenty six megapixel sensor it’s the exact same internals as this however that camera just shoots a little bit slower it does five frames per second in a single frame and 2.5 in continuous and now that is slower but it’s only 999 and that camera also has 4k and way more auto focus points but if you’re willing to spend an extra four hundred dollars you should get the full Canon or that camera does eight frames per second in single and five frames per second and continuous which is faster than this camera but that camera does 4k 10 bit clean out for an external recorder if your video guy and you know what I’m talking about but also that camera shoots in C log which is a cinema profile so that camera way higher quality video first thing I think the Canon R and the Canon RP are the best full frame options from Canon on the market.

Right now or if you’re okay with losing those gorgeous Canon colors Sony makes an amazing camera called the a7 3 it does 10 frames per second continuous amazing raw photos it doesn’t have that amazing Canon colorscience but Sony cameras generally give you way more flexibility and color in post so you could really push and pull your colors in both photos and videos and of course that camera does full frame and is amazing in low-light the a7 3 is a hell of a camera you can pick up any of the cameras I mentioned you will not be disappointed I kind of think that the 60 mark 2 is an absolute dinosaur but the one person that I would probably recommend this to is somebody that wants that full frame in this body cell because maybe they’re in the jungle maybe they need something with a super long battery life maybe they’re going somewhere that’s a super harsh environment if you just need this body style I’d say go for it this is the most affordable deal in this body style that Canon offers and Sony cameras are not nearly as tough as the Canon DSLRs this thing will survive anything also guys if you’re looking to do just video and you have budget about 1700 to $2,000 I would look up the Canon c100 mark 1 or mark – it’s an amazing camera it’s um used to shoot feature film and TV shows and the technology in that camera has aged really really well you’ll get amazing video with Canon colors and it’s honestly one of those cameras that will not let you down if you’re specifically looking to do high-end post.

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