Canon EOS 7D Mark II Camera Review

Canon EOS 7D Mark II Review Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deal
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Welcome back to easiest viewers Chris Nichols here from the camera store and today it is our turn to look at the canon 7d mark 2 now just so you guys know at home we are actually filming the entire episode on a 7d mark – it’s going to give you a good idea of the video characteristics and quality which are going to come to later on in the episode you know one of the interesting things guys have to remember with a canon 7d in 70 mark – the heritage here the 7d was one of the most popular journalistic and wildlife cameras that canon ever made and it came out five years ago and the fact is canon has actually been very slow on releasing new SL ours so now five years later we’ve got a 7d mark – that means that this camera has a lot of promises to keep and we really want to see can this camera now deliver comparable results to a lot of the other competition on the market so we are going to test image quality video capabilities auto focusing handling ruggedness we’re going to take this camera through its paces and see if you can do what it needs to do alright so we’ve talked about you know five years since the 70 what’s really changed well when it comes to handling almost nothing now don’t get me wrong.


Canon EOS 7D Mark II Camera Review

I know I have a habit of sounding negative really the camera is incredibly familiar to anybody who’s picked up a Canon SLR and that can be a very good thing everything’s where you’d expect it to be the camera feels the same maybe slightly heavier but it’s a very comfortable very very rugged feeling body I do like a lot of things about Canon I love the exposure come on the back dial it’s so quick to change you know the button placement is logical and again I’ve used a lot of these cameras so everything is right my fingertips without having to relearn anything so it really comes down to do you love or hate the can and design I mean I do have a complaint I do find the grip too big I’ve always found that on most Canon cameras I can’t quite get my fingers in there to really feel secure but somebody with larger hands probably has no problem really really likes it overall the camera design is solid it hasn’t changed it hasn’t really innovated but if it ain’t broke don’t fix it you know it’s a beautiful viewfinder to use I mean overall its kind of interests I think the last time I shot a pro canon SLR was our 70d video and this is very reminiscent because I remember enjoying myself quite a bit when I was shooting that camera and I’m actually having a lot of fun shooting today we are getting beautiful light the shadows are really nice we’re getting good color but the camera itself is stable its handling well it’s easy to use so I’m actually really enjoying the experience you what I am actually enjoying today’s shooting long I almost never do so it’s actually a lot of fun here today getting these shots with a different perspective than I’m used to you know what I’m hating having to drag the stupid strap around got me frickin crazy so everything’s behaving the way I’d expected to the metering is pretty sound it’s very canon so you be used to that another thing I’m noticing and it’s a bit premature folks but the autofocus on this thing is incredible especially point-to-point it’s just hitting every time it’s going right to the target and it’s incredibly quiet so we’re gonna talk more about that but big big plus.

But here’s my favorite thing so far using the camera the shutter mechanism is incredibly stable it’s an aps-c sized mirror so that helps but with the weight of the camera the design that they’re using here the shutter is just so stable I’m getting sharp handheld pictures no problem walking around with a 300 mil equivalent and it’s working fantastic and I’m still at ISO 100 on most of these shots the other thing we’re gonna say about this camera quiet quiet quiet whether you’re auto focusing whether you’re shooting the shutter sound is negligible this camera is very silent very discreet and very stable alright so I’ve got a shot that I want to take here but I’ve got to be pretty low to the ground so rather than use the viewfinder get right on my belly I am going to shoot off the live view and again the 70 mark – should do a great job because we have this hybrid auto focusing and it is very snappy here guys I mean this live view picks up nice and quick it’s smooth it transitions very very nicely totally usable for shooting stills one of the things that I do find a little bit difficult is the continuous focusing in live view now this camera tracks amazing in video Jordan’s going to talk about that later when it comes to stills though I have to go into a menu and turn continuous AF on and off I wish I could just do that with the AF button the other thing is I have to let it track it’ll follow something when I hit the set button and tracking focus I can move towards it and away from it and it can do that for me as well and it’ll follow it but the minute I hit the button to take a shot it’s going to lock the shutter and it’s going to fire right at that distance it’s not going to keep tracking it’s a little bit inconvenient I guess it’s better than nothing when it comes to build construction I’ve got no complaints about this camera it is weather sealed and designed to the highest degree alright everybody so it’s time for our high ISO ramp up here on the 70 mark.

We’re going to start at ISO 800 and work our way up now can and do a very good job of keeping things nice and natural we get very good grain structure the softness doesn’t even start to happen until about 3200 ISO so very impressive results from the 70 mark – you can see as we get higher up into the range we’re noticing very low color noise and very very controllable pattern noise now the thing about this is we look at high ISO and you notice – take a look at the 7d d the Canon that they have had before this we’ve got the same kind of 20 megapixel resolution but the 70 mark – sporting a new sensor what we’ve seen now is that it’s at least to stop better than the 70 D so a very welcome improvement I’d say you could use the 70 mark – well into 6400 ISO and still get usable results here’s one of my complaints about this camera before we get too excited just to keep it in perspective take a look at something like Nikon’s most entry-level SLR the D 3300 it’s under $500 incredibly affordable and yet look at these examples the Nikon d3300 is sharper it’s got higher resolution there is no aliasing filter when we looked at dynamic range we could also see the Nikon pulled out much better detail in the shadows so I guess the issue I have with Canon is you’ve had a lot of time to figure this out you’ve got your main competitor Nikon who you’ve always tried to stay neck-and-neck with and now their cheapest SLR still takes better photos and image quality than the 7d mark – now again it’s still an improved sensor you guys are going to like the image quality I guess I just feel like they could have done a lot better especially with the time they had so I’m shooting a picture here of this rod iron.

I’ve got a lot of depth and so it’s very handy be able to change my focusing point you know for example in single point focusing and what I really like about the 70 mark – is now we’ve got this new lever here for our focusing zone choices and it’s really handy because we just have to use this em function button at the top near the shutter I never understood that it was in such an awkward place it was such a weird button to try to find and then use to go through our focusing modes so now I can use this quickly ever and easily choose between large zones and medium zones you know when it comes up to the cameras autofocusing settings that’s also been vastly and you know vastly improved we’ve carried over a lot of the presets from the 5d mark 3 which is great we can really set up the camera and how it behaves when it’s focusing but I’ve also got extra zone choices and as usual I can customize that and have as few or as many as I want in fact the only bad thing I could say about the Canon auto focusing setup is some users might find it overly complicated too difficult to go through and wait there are a lot of menus but if auto focus is critical for you you can get this camera setup exactly the way you want all right so when it comes to autofocus we’ve got a lot of nice things to say about the 70 mark – because that has changed substantially of course we’ve talked about having hybrid autofocus in the live view but we also get a 64 point phase detection focusing system it works fantastic now here’s the thing the 70 mark – from the limited testing I’ve had with it is probably the fastest autofocusing SLR I’ve used it’s very accurate and it tracks beautifully now the camera can also when it comes to speed push 10 frames per second which makes this camera just a powerhouse for journalism sports and wildlife but don’t take my word for it we’ve got Todd coral who’s a very good friend of ours and one of the most well known photographers and journalists in Canada he took out these cameras early when Canon was releasing these cameras – pros to test out and he has a lot of stuff to say about it let’s go to Todd now right.

So Todd you’ve had a chance to use the Canon EOS 7d mark – what are your initial impressions of the autofocus in this camera I really like it it’s really good I think if you know what you’re doing the autofocus on this camera is fantastic I’ve been taking it out I’ve been shooting it with a bunch of different lenses everything from my 16 to 35 to my 7200 to my 400 to eight and I tell you I got a sequence at a rugby at a women’s rugby game sixty-four frames and every one is sharp everyone’s in focus that’s very cool because we didn’t really get a chance to test the the auto focusing and tracking so tell us more about that shot and how that worked for the tracking autofocus the tracking I set my cameras up the same way all the time I focus on the back button I almost always use just the middle one or the expanded middle I don’t tend to move around because in sports photography you don’t have time to move things around okay so I shoot in the middle I tend to look for my subject I really stay on that subject concentrate you know follow it along and and when I’m testing I actually shoot differently than when I’m shooting for real sports because when I’m shooting I’m looking for moments but when I was testing this camera I just left the shutter go and let them see what it would do or any would track in every picture sharp very very cool yeah I mean you think for people who are shooting wildlife any sort of journalism sports is this gonna be ideal I know you use 1dx you’ve used a 1dx for a while how would this compare to that like that’s sort of the the flagship for Canada for that kind of work what do you think about compared to this I think this is a great camera the 1dx obviously you know the flagship camera is a wonderful camera love the files out of it the autofocus on is spectacular but you know for $1,800 you have a camera that you can shoot any sport with wildlife photographers can shoot anything with the other great thing about this camera is a wildlife photographers the shutter it’s so quiet it’s like a great shutter yeah it is a beautiful shot would you say this folks is faster than the 1dx more accurately I don’t know if it folks is fast faster or more accurately I think it’s definitely on par it is no question it’s on par the stuff that I was getting it it is definitely on par with the 1dx very cool thank you so much for coming my pleasure hey guys it’s Jordan to talk about the video functions on the 7d mark – and I’ve got to say before the camera was announced there were really high expectations of the video capabilities of the 7d mark – based on the original 7d.

You have to remember that was really the camera that brought DSLR filmmaking to the mainstream and it’s not just because of the lower price than a 5d mark ii it was also because it had a super 35 sensor that filmmakers were used to working with so it was used consistently over the entire professional filmmaking community is a little small crash cam and the 70 mark 2 came out I was expecting big things and I’ve got to say it really just feels like an evolution of the Canon line very similar to a 5d Mark 3 looking at the image quality from the 7d mark – it is very reminiscent to the 5d Mark 3 in that there’s no issues with moiré aliasing which is really nice but it’s also quite soft it has that a scannin character to it but looking at it right now you can see there’s a lack of fine detail especially when you’re viewing things at full 1080p now they have made some improvements this shoots 60p it’s the only other Canon besides the c100 mark 2 or the one DC there’s cinema cameras that will shoot 1080 60 P no mori or aliasing issues but still quite soft so you’ve got to be willing to sharpen these images up a little bit that’s kind of the defining trait of this camera looking at the low-light performance of the 7d mark 2 we’re going to ramp up from 800 all the way up to 16,000 and you can see it’s pretty good it’s a big jump over the 7d and actually a little better than the 70d as well I still wouldn’t put it in line with something like the 5d but here I think the soft image actually helps us out a little bit that noise isn’t quite as visible now as far as the image quality is concerned one thing I do really want to talk about is the lack of any sort of log profile.

We’re starting to see it on more and more cameras it’s ashame cannon isn’t including this I’d like a flatter profile that I could grade a bit more aggressively as I just turned my sharpness and saturation down and hope for the best but you can see there’s some shots here where those highlights are completely clipping and if we had a log profile I’d probably be able to keep them better in check so cannons also finally listen to us and put a built-in intervalometer right into the camera body at something some other people have been doing for a while now but the good news is it’s now available on a canon camera and it does give you intervals from one shot to 99 shots or you can just have it shoot unlimited from you know until the card or the battery dies but it’s a bit of a pain because my favorite interval and I’m shooting is usually about if I’m shooting 24 frames it’s 240 frames if I’m shooting 30 frames a second it’s 300 because 10 seconds is usually as long as I’ll ever want a time lapse to go in a single clip and I don’t have that option for that now there is one huge feature of the 7d mark 2 that really sets it apart from almost any other camera out there and that’s it’s on pixel phase detect autofocus and it works incredibly well and here we’re shooting with a little faster shutter speed so you can really see the focus and on the Canon 40ml STM lens which focuses very smoothly and you can see it almost never loses the subject and when it does it’ll shift focus very smoothly back to where it needs to be so it’s not very join doesn’t draw a lot of attention to itself now the problem here is you can use the face detect which works well grabs onto a face but if you want to use any other point you’ve actually got to use the thumb stick on it it would be really nice if they could put a touchscreen and I know Canon has issues about durability things like that but the glass on touch screens has gotten incredibly robust on a lot of these rugged weather sealed cameras especially something like the gh4 I don’t honestly believe they can’t offer that but the autofocus is so good I can still see using this camera once in a while on something like our Ronin gimbal for walkin talks like we did at the start of this video and see it’s very smooth just put it on face detect it’ll hang right onto your subjects face never deviates and it works incredibly well so that is one benefit that might be worth buying the 70 mark – for I just wish that that feature was found in a more compelling overall video package all right so we’ve played with the 7d and you know those things we like about it there’s some things that we don’t so I don’t know what are your impressions you shot with it for a while.

I actually had a chance to take it out to Banff shoot with it for a full week you know I did do some video but I actually did something on shot a lot of stills as well for me it’s change um and yeah I love the experience of shooting with this camera I would say it is easily but in terms of the autofocus the responsiveness the buffer everything on it is about the best thing canons ever put out I would agree with that you know using this body I can see why everybody is so high on it being such a fantastic wildlife camera sports camera journalism camera because there’s a body design it handles well it’s rugged and it’s fast it’s so stable it was a real joy to use the body yeah now canons JPEGs have always been quite good so looking at it while I was out shooting I was fairly impressed but then I got some raw conversion software and that’s when you run into that classic Canon situation of a beautiful body that does a lot of things very well held back by the image quality not just in stills but video as well yeah you’re saying really saw it really seems like technology from you know two or three years ago which has been the case with most of canons new releases I guess the thing is I agree with that too in that I guess I just wanted to see can and really explode on the market with a crazy good camera yeah you know they’ve usually been always leading the pack or we’re stepping ahead of the competition and now they seem to be just following everybody it’s very strange from them yeah and as a camera viewer we want to see companies come out really exciting gears so they’ve got halfway great body but this just kind of let us down yeah I mean this is if you’re a into shooting wildlife or you’re shooting sports this is one of the best packages for what you’re doing because autofocus and high ISO performance of the most important thing sure journalists are going to like it absolutely but for most other types of photographer they’re honestly more compelling options out there and no one’s going to be buying into the Canon system for this body I don’t think that for existing Canon users we want better autofocus and if you’re a crop shooter if you do want better high ISO performance you’ve got that but not much else I totally agree with that all right all right thanks so much guys hope you enjoyed the 70 mark to review and as usual we will see you very soon with another new camera.

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