Canon EOS Rebel T6 / EOS 1300D Camera Review

Canon EOS Rebel T6 / EOS 1300D Camera Review
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What’s up everyone my name is Chris winter and in this video I’m going to take a look at canons brand new entry-level DSLR the canon t6 now guys if you didn’t know what already I’m actually giving away either a Canon a TD or a sony a6300 to a subscriber so if you haven’t done it yet make sure to hit that subscribe button and guys also definitely make sure to check out my brand new list the top 5 best beginner dslr’s I go into quite a lot of detail explaining which ones have a good view and why so if you want to check that out I’ll put a link in the description box below under this video but anyway let’s take a look at the brand new Canon t6 so to start off with let’s take a look at the build quality and a couple of the features of this Canon t6 so the first thing you’re going to notice is just how small this camera is for a DSLR the t6 is actually one of the smallest DSLRs you can buy from Canon and pretty much any company for that matter but to me that’s actually not a bad thing being a very lightweight camera can sometimes mean you’re a little bit more inclined to pick it up and take it out with you rather than kind of being worried that it’s going to be too heavy especially for beginners on top of the camera right here we’ve got all the buttons you’d expect to see in a beginner DSLR and also a mode dial which allows you to select the mode you want to be in now of course we’ve got all the basic beginner modes like sports and portraits etc we’ve also got aperture shutter and manual modes when you want to get a little bit more serious the buttons on the back are actually really quite nice however I would have liked to have seen the menu and the display button at the top here because I use them quite often so overall the cameras build is actually pretty good for what it is I think it’s important to remember that this is a camera for a beginner and not really a camera for a professional so I think it’s good to take that into consideration.


Canon EOS Rebel T6 / EOS 1300D Camera Review

I’ll guys we want to see some sample images that I’ve taken with a Canon t6 I’ll put a link in the description box below under this video and you can check them out in your own time anyway let’s continue with this review so let’s now turn the camera around and talk about the LCD screen on the back so we’ve got a three inch screen in the back which has around about nine hundred and twenty thousand dots and after testing it out for a while it was actually pretty good now even in bright daylight which it’s not right now it’s pretty gloomy outside it was actually quite easy to see the LCD screen it is however missing something that I really do like to see and that’s an articulating screen so whereas on cameras like the t6 I on the T suggests which are above this one you can swivel your screen out and get a better composition with the t6 you’re kind of forced to take the photo even if you can’t really see the screen and that’s a little bit of a pity for me and it’s something I would have liked to have seen now it’s also missing a touch screen we is also a bit of a pity because they’re really good especially for beginners the screen itself is actually pretty nice but I’d like to see those improvements made in the next camera by the way guys if you’d like me to do a head-to-head comparison between the canon t6 and its bigger brother the canon t6 i let me know by leaving a thumbs up on this post.

So let’s quickly talk about the menus on the canon t6 so if you’ve ever used a canon camera before you’ll feel right at home with this menu system it’s incredibly easy to get around and change the settings that you need now little tip is that if you actually change your dial to manual mode you’ll get a lot more settings you can actually change which can be really great again it would have been nice to have had a touch screen to make it quicker to change the settings on the fly but this little d-pad on the right here isn’t too bad and it’s pretty responsive so overall the menus are actually pretty good but just remember to change it a bit of manual mode to really get all the settings so one of the new inclusions on the t6 is Wi-Fi and NFC so essentially what this allows you to do is connect a camera to your phone and do a number of things like you know transfer your photos and also get a live view of what you’re shooting to me this is the perfect camera to have this feature because you know it’s targeting a younger generation of users who love to share their photos on Instagram and Facebook it’s pretty intuitive to set up the Wi-Fi in this camera but also as easy as setting it off on the Canon ATD which I tested out a few weeks ago.

So let’s talk about the burst mode of the canon t6 so essentially what this means is how fast the camera can take a photo in succession per second the t6 isn’t super quick and I can only shoot at around about three shots per second and it sounds a little bit like this now most of the time when you take a photo you will only be shooting one shot anyway so it won’t make a big difference but if you want to take some photos of say a bird or at a sports game this might not be the best camera for you now autofocus in stills mode is actually surprisingly good and for most situations it should be fast enough the 18 to 55 millimeter lens that comes with the camera though it’s not great though and is noisy in autofocus but if you can get past the noise which sounds a little bit like a a bee it can work pretty well in most well-lit situations so let’s talk about using the t6 for video it’s pretty basic but it should work fine for day-to-day video unfortunately though the autofocus for video on the t6 isn’t very good my tip would be to switch it over to manual focus on the lens right here and shoot in manual focus mode now one thing however that was pretty good to see is that we have full manual control over our video and audio settings it is however missing a microphone jack on the side here so if you do want to get some better quality audio.

I’d probably be looking towards the canon t6 IOT success so let’s talk about price and more importantly value for money now the t6 comes in at five hundred and forty nine dollars which is one of the cheapest DS lives you can buy on the market today you also get a lens with that so all you really need to get up and running after is an SD card and you’re good to me it’s not a bad price but there are definitely some very competitive options out there that I might look at as well for example if you pay just a few hundred dollars more you can get a Canon t6 aisle which is also a very good camera I think I might do a comparison between these two cameras in the next few days so hopefully that will help you figure it out a little bit more so overall the Canon t6 isn’t a bad little camera and for beginners it’ll be a lot of fun to learn on if you’ve never used a DSLR this is probably one of the best options you can get especially for just under five hundred and fifty dollars so that was my review of the canon t6 now if you guys want to pick one up you can actually check out the link in the description box below and that will take you to Amazon and also guys make sure to check out my top-five list of the best beginner dslr’s.

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