Canon G9X Camera Review

Canon G9X Camera Review Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deal
Written by zeeshan

Hey guys what’s up it’s River and today we’re looking at the canon g9x mark 2 for a compact camera it’s surprisingly good image quality very good in low-light and it’s at a very very affordable price point if you’re a hobbyist or enthusiast it’s definitely in camera should check out and if you’re a professional there’s a few things about this camera that just might pique your interest let’s check it out and just to let you guys know there’s a link in the description below for the absolute best deal on this camera the kind of bundles and camera packages you can get on amazon you simply cannot get at Best Buy or a local camera source so I recommend you check that out so right off the bat this camera has a twenty point one megapixel sensor with canons digit 7 processor what that basically translates to is that is 800 resolution especially in a compact camera that is far more than what you’re gonna get on your cellphone and actually that’s as much as you get in most digital cameras 20 megapixels is more than enough for Instagram it’s even enough to print stuff out to blow them up and put them on your wall that is plenty of resolution and because of the digit 7 processor you’ll get very clean images.


Canon G9X  Camera Review

Even in low-light or higher ISOs in addition to the sensor it has a built-in lens that goes from 28 millimeters to 84 millimeters with an aperture of 2.0 to 4.9 basically what that translates to is that this lens has a wide side and a telephoto side on the wide side this lens is at 2.0 which is very very good for a low-light work you can get plenty of light at a 2.0 aperture and on the telephone aside it goes at 4.9 which is not the best for low-light work but because this camera does pretty decent at higher ISOs the two things should bounce themselves out and I wouldn’t worry too much about using this camera in low-light situations overall this lens is fantastic for everyday use if you’re shooting your vacation time with loved ones family events just like doing regular everyday stuff you should be totally fine with this lens the only thing I wouldn’t recommend with this lens or situations we have to zoom in really far like sports events if you’re watching a show and you want to zoom into the stage things like that this lens isn’t really the best because it doesn’t have a lot of zoom on it asks for photos this camera does eight frames per second in RAW which is really fantastic so if you’re trying to catch things that are fast-moving whizzing by it’s got you covered and just to give you guys a sense of exactly how fast this camera can shoot it’s pretty dang fast and ask for a video it does 23 30 and 60 frames per second in Full HD which is really good for those of you that like to play around with slow motion so when it comes to autofocus this camera does a great job.

It will easily track anything in your frame you will easily track moving subjects it will easily track frames when it comes to auto focusing this camera really shines if you’re someone that’s buying a clock back camera the last thing you want to worry about is the autofocus I was very very impressed with the autofocus in this camera and it will not disappoint you so if you did want to use this camera for vlogging the face tracking this camera is excellent and does not have a flip up screen but has a very very good face tracking mode also we’ll talk more about this later in the review but one thing to note is that this camera does have a touchscreen on the back which lets you touch simply touch things on the screen to autofocus that is a pretty neat feature and if you’re someone that’s pretty new to cameras we’re just kind of a hobbyist that is a very very useful feature to just be able to touch things on the screen and focus and one of my favorite features about this camera is the five axis builds and stabilization that is like unheard of in a compact camera when I first started using this camera I was like wow this footage looks really really really smooth and I was not shooting in slow motion or shooting in real time zoomed in and I was like wow this camera is either really light or it’s just there’s got to be something to it and then I realized it was the five axis stabilization.

The camera is super duper stable which is another reason this would actually make a really good vlogging camera it really sucks that that does not have a flip up swing but with the face tracking and this amazing stabilization in this camera it would make a fantastic vlogging camera but if you want to use this camera just for your daily adventures vacation family stuff this camera is fantastic the stabilization in this is super duper impressive you get almost no vibration the camera just doesn’t feel shaky actually feels it’s very very smooth almost like it’s on a slider or a bit of a gimbal you definitely don’t have to buy cable with this camera it is fantastic the stabilization is more than enough to get stable footage you definitely definitely don’t need a gimbal with this camera look how smooth the footage is it’s not very shaky there’s very little vibration and it just seems to flow very naturally really really impressive but inbuilt stabilization with this camera so since we’re on the topic we might as well talk about it vlogging can this camera vlog is it good for vlogging well there’s a few things to consider it doesn’t have a flip up screen so you can’t see yourself personally I really really feel like for me as a vlogging camera.

I really really need that I have to be able to see myself but if that’s something you can live without this is a great vlogging camera it has really good face tracking it’s super light this camera only weighs about 405 grams which i think is actually less than my iPhone but either way really good face tracking really good image quality really good built-in stabilization this is a fantastic vlogging camera especially at a 450 Canadian where I guess about 400 and something USD price points this is fantastic for vlogging with the caveat that you can’t see yourself because it doesn’t have a flip up screen if the flip up screen does not bother you or if you’re a vlogger around a budget this camera would be fantastic so the quick test to see how does this camera do if you just point it at yourself and you can’t see yourself it’s not the most comfortable experience because you can’t see yourself but I am very curious about how exactly do audio sounds and how exactly usable it is even though you can’t see your screen so let’s take a look at exactly what this camera can do vlogging wise.

I still really don’t love the fact that it doesn’t have a flip up screen but let’s take a look hey guys what’s up ooh this is a vlogging test for the g9x mark – I’m curious – exactly how good of a vlogging camera this can be despite the lack of flip up screen and an input for internal audio this is a compact camera so it is very very convenient for vlogging so let’s take a look see how this camera does despite the lack of obvious vlogging features next let’s talk about menus and the touch screen on this camera I couldn’t talk about the menus without mentioning the fact that this camera has a four inch in beautiful touch screen on the back which is very sensitive it always knows where your fingers are and the menus are very well laid out and you take full advantage of touch controls I’m very impressed with how well the screen on the back of this camera works it actually works better than my smartphone even on my smartphone sometimes I use the touch screen and type something else by accident but on this screen I haven’t had a single instance in a week and a half that I’ve been using this camera where I try to touch one thing and I touch another by accident I’m very very impressed with this camera next let’s talk about the build quality of this camera this is a pretty small.

But, yet robust camera it is made of aluminium which is surprising because a lot of compact cameras at this price point are simply made of plastic so because it’s made of aluminum I really feel like I could drop this camera a few times it’s not gonna fall apart on me the hinges seem really well built in oh my god the buttons I feel like compact camera buttons fall into two categories mushy buns or clicky buttons and this is definitely clicky buttons if you can hear that it’s so satisfying to have that click on your buttons and like really when I pressed out it really feels just good and like satisfying to push these buttons however if you like mushy buns Sony makes really good mushy buttons so perhaps look at a Sony camera if you want mouschi buttons and on top of that it does have this dial right next little lens now this is really useful because this style can be programmed change your shutter aperture or ISO this is like a one fits all control it’s super useful it makes working with this camera that much easier and lastly it has these plastic grips on the side of the camera which to be honest don’t really give you much grip but they make the camera look nicer and with a compact like this you want to look a bit stylish and another thing that I should mention this camera does not have an input for an external mic but I think that’s totally okay.

The audio in this camera is fantastic I know some of you out there very very particular but your audio for vlogging personally I think this camera has very very good audio from the built-in microphones and it does not need a external microphone plus this is such a small camera adding a microphone on top of this will just take away from the small form-factor of the camera so in my opinion this cameras totally usable for vlogging it has very good audio without an external mic on it hey guys so the following is a video test chest up the audio I think the audio is pretty good but I want to make sure I did an audio test for this camera with traffic going by so you can see how’d the camera adjust the internal audio based on ambient noise around you I think the audio is pretty good but let me know in the comments down below what you guys think about the audio in this camera something to note about this camera is that it has built-in scene modes these are different modes like landscape sports portraits etc etc which are settings and modes preset for certain shooting situations so if you’re somebody that’s like I don’t really know what to set my camera for a landscape I don’t really know what to set my camera at for a portrait the camera has built-in settings for you so you get the best image possible in those specific shooting environments and overall it just makes the camera that much easier and more pleasant to use and on top of the great software.

This camera also has built-in Wi-Fi what that means is you can simply transfer the photos right from this camera straight to your phone edit them if you want and post them straight to social media Facebook Instagram what-have-you but it’s a really quick and easy way to get your photos and every compact camera must have that feature and I’m so glad this camera does I’m sure you can already tell based on the videos of this camera but this is a really really tiny camera and I think that’s one of my favorite features about this camera it’s not much bigger than my iPhone and it fits so easily into my chain pockets this is a camera where I feel like it’s just absolutely no work to take around with me and you get such beautiful images with this this is almost almost the ultimate compact camera for me as for the low-light in this camera it has a 2.0 aperture on the wide end of the lens which lets in plenty of lights or from dimly lit environments you should be just fine but once you zoom in your aperture goes to 4.9 which isn’t the best for a low-light unfortunately but this camera is very good at higher ISOs and it’s clean up to 1600 ISO it’s pretty clean for a compact.

It’s not the ACEF our level good but it’s pretty great considering the price point of this camera so who is this camera really for I would say this cameras for anybody that wants to simply have an awesome camera to take great photos of their life travel family events vacation picnics what-have-you it’s camera delivers really really good image quality really really good video quality if for someone that just wants a small camera that’s light and easy to take on the road with you this camera is perfect so if your photo enthusiast or a hobbyist that just wants a get into photos this is a GU great entry point some very very easy camera to learn it’s a very easy camera to use I would definitely recommend this camera if you’re just starting out or even if you have a bit of experience and you want a solid camera to take on the road with you and if your professional this camera does have a few applications for you one it’s a really good be cam to your lower end DSLR so if you have a t79 or a t6 or an SL 2 this would be a really really good be camp if you don’t have a gimbal for summer your follow shots this camera would be great it has very smooth footage if you put into 60 frames per second with the built-in stabilization you will get very very good smooth moving footage with them needing a gimbal so if you’re just starting out and you don’t quite have the big boy toys.

Yet this is a really good supplementary camera and a very very low price point and so that brings us to my final verdict on the camera for only 478 American and 524 Canadian this is a really really really good camera superb image quality superb video quality it shoots really fast built-in stabilization built in scene modes small and compact and good build quality for that price point this is super impressive if you’re someone that’s a photo hobbyist photo enthusiasts this is definitely something you should pick up it’s a price point that you simply cannot beat on the market right now for somebody that wants to supplement their cell phone photography with an actual camera this is fantastic and if you’re a professional and you don’t quite have the big-boy toys yet this is a great camera to supplement your current kit it would make a great be camera tray Canon t79 Canon SL 2 whatever have you and if you don’t have a gimbal yet and this camera is great for following shots or a movement shots because it’s so light and it’s easy to get very stable footage without a gimbal hey guys thanks so much for watching there’s a link in the description below for the best deal on this camera and if you have any questions whatsoever be sure to leave me a comment down below and I’ll be sure to get back to every single one of you as always like and subscribe for future content until next time.

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