Canon PowerShot ELPH 190 Camera Review

Canon PowerShot ELPH 190 Camera Review Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals
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Welcome to one cool thing pc mags Daily Show on Facebook where we show you one cool thing which we are testing out in the PC Mag labs I am Sascha Segan this is Jim Fisher we have Evan on the con today because Pete I think is on vacation or something but in any case evan is taking your comments your questions anything you want to know about any kind of technology please ask us and we will do our best to answer now the product we have today actually answers a question which we have often gotten here on one cool thing and its predecessor show random-access which is whatever happened to keep point-and-shoot cameras well let me show you let me show you this is what happened to keep point-and-shoot cameras right here right here what happened to keep pointing here cameras Jim well mostly they died but there’s some so Hank there’s some hangers on and we’ve looked at a few models and I was trying to find one that was good and I would recommend someone who doesn’t have the latest smartphone or you know isn’t really up on tech but still wants the old-school point shoot the long zoom lens that built-in flash and all that fun stuff okay not much money so weights the weight you know you know record scratch reverse let’s let’s start off with the question of who is the market for a key point and shoot camera now because so many people have smartphones I hate to say grandparents but grandparents are definitely part of the market and parents as well you know who maybe are a little older and have kids in college and have not yet good not yet gotten the grandchildren but maybe rocking an older phone that’s either a feat.


Canon PowerShot ELPH 190 Camera

Maybe still be a feature phone or an older smartphone that doesn’t have a great camera also folks who want to have a zoom lens this is kind of 10x zoom so you can go to 24 which is wider as a wide as a Samsung most Samsung smartphone cameras and zoom into 240ml which is a nice long telephoto now it’s not it doesn’t have the bells and whistles it doesn’t have blazing fast burst rate it only does 720p video it is a 20 megapixel sensor so you get nice sharp crisp images outdoors and right light indoors you’re gonna use the flash and that’s headache zoom indoors it’s not really that bright and it’s and like an F 5.9 or 6.3 on the on the narrow end so there’s not a lot of light coming and it zooms all the way in now let’s let’s mention first of all the name of this product this is the Canon PowerShot ELPH 190 is yes sir price it’s 160 right yes it’s son sells for a little less okay okay and then I have another question for you but let’s take a question from the audience first Fahad Murtaza asked our point in short point and shoots better in quality then one this point in shoot let me tell you this point in shoot in most scenarios is not better in quality than my Galaxy s8 at the wide angle okay yeah the Galaxy s8 is going to get you a sharp image and dim light with an FF 1.8 lens I think it’s got enough to lens something bright it’s gonna do 4k video it’s gonna do 10 frames per second burst shooting it raced you know that’s that’s it’s gonna have a big touchscreen this has got a 2.7 inch low res LCD on the back but this is $160 Galaxy S II it is 800 $900 dollars a BIOS so now when you were looking for good point and shoots to talk about good inexpensive point in shoots to talk about now in the past what I’ve tried to do this kind of story about phones you go on to Amazon and there’s this like swamp of weird no-name Chinese brands yeah I have work I ignore those is is it the same thing in cameras yeah there’s a lot of there’s a lot of wacky brands I looked at one Chinese brain which is JK imaging which sells cameras under the under the kodak name i looked at one of their $80 point shoots it was did not get a good review it might have been two stars 1.5 somewhere in that range two-and-a-half in that in that zone i looked at an icon i looked a couple night cons up to the a 300 which had a lot of problems for being inexpensive too many to recommend i look at the w 100 which we gave a decent review to but not an errors choice because that’s a cheap waterproof camera mm-hmm this is not robert this you know we looked at the previous version of this a couple years ago the 170 is which did not have Wi-Fi Bluetooth and NFC which this adds and this is you know kind of just a minor step up from that and we like the one light the 170 is we reviewed it so I’m like well let’s look at the canon and as part of canons this is Ken’s most expensive camera under $200 I believe if you want to break it off that way it’s it’s a solid performer he says what within the limitations of what it is so you said it has Wi-Fi Bluetooth and NFC what can you do with those you can take any image or video from this and send it wirelessly over your smartphone with to an app on the smartphone yeah the canon camera connect window okay app and you can use said app to remote control camera control the zoom lens take a picture start a video recording so you set up on a tripod and use the use of your phone as a remote if you want but you also have your traditional SD card in here you’re always going to need that and you can’t you can’t just have it tether to the phone and send images over there are some other Wi-Fi features Canon puts in the camera that no one uses you can set it wirelessly to a printer you can send images to another Canon camera with Wi-Fi that’s why using why you would want to do that I don’t know okay I think most people were just going to set it up to with their phone okay so now how’s the how’s the low-light performance because I you know when when when people especially with less expensive smartphones are taking pictures with their smartphone cameras I will tell you that is where cheap smartphone cameras tend to fall down it’s a CCD sensor so it’s not CMOS that said it does pretty decent quality through ISO 800 which is those those cheap smartphones are probably a stop worse off than that they’re probably topping out is are 400 however this is an F 3.3 lens at the wide end so if your smartphone has an f2 lens that’s you know that’s a little stop at half of light which means you know 125 percent difference in light gathering ability so your smartphone’s going to gather has a lower f-stop which means a gathers more light so it will use if this is shooting at ISO 800 the similar smartphone might be at like is a 250 or ISO 400 somewhere that range so you get a cleaner image with less noise in the same situation now the way this the way this low-end stuff tends to work is I bet the 170 is still on the market right yes 170 I believe is still available I don’t know how much cheaper it is it’s not that much cheaper and it doesn’t have the Wi-Fi and I think it’s got a slightly shorter soon one sit against an 8x and if my memory is not too fuzzy on that one because it’s been a couple years since we looked at it as opposed to a 10x here yeah okay any more questions out there yeah someone just wanted you to reiterate the price one 59.99 usually sells for about 150 and this is gonna be the kind of thing that I bet retailers are gonna be putting this on sale left and right I mean when Black Friday comes around I bet it’ll be $99.99 for 20 minutes it could be could be the other thing we should mention has a real flash your smartphone it’s gonna have that little LED flash that you know is good maybe for this long but then it’s useless this is you know you’ve got a flash in here that you can light everyone with it’s a little tiny flash that’s going to give you a red eye in certain situations that’s have red light reduction to turn you know to change the curtain and to make that make that change but uh you know it’s it’s gonna be much better traditional camera flash and what you get with most smartphones and we’ve got once again since this is a dedicated camera even appointment cute it has a tripod mount which I don’t see on a lot of smartphones very true yeah and that’s especially when people are you know I see I see I see a lot of tourists carrying little portable tripods around New York yeah ya know and like a little gorilla pot or something’s very useful to have an ear so you can kind of wrap it around things and put it places and assuming no one runs up and steals your camera you know you can get a quick quick shot of you in the Empire State but without a selfie sticker and does gonna happen in New York as much as it used to that’s fair now and people were more likely to steal smart from that steal a little tiny camera like this yeah I mean this is a lot less expensive okay so so this there’s this at 160 which is this is the least expensive camera we recommend yeah right what would be the next step up from this is it one of those ruggedized cameras that we were looking at last week it depends on which direction you can go a few different directions you can go for a long zoom premium camera with a CMOS sensor that is going to give you a little bit better low-light a much better long my student finishes bad it can be better you have a better screen some of them have a little viewfinder in them we have there’s a Sony we like the hx9 TV which is also got GPS it’s available for less i think that sells for like 450 it’s also sold as the HX 80 same camera without the gps is like fifty or hundred bucks less yeah be good pronounced resume as a high-end smartphone owner the zoom is really what I’m missing like if they say the number one thing I would want to actually get a different camera for would be the ability to have optical zoom yeah I think that’s Tony’s got like a 30x lens on it then you go to rugged which is a short zoom but you can break it throw it you know take it underwater the Olympus we looked at the other week the tg5 is our favorite that’s 450 we’re good a big sensor the one-inch sensor class canons got the they’re kind of hasn’t g9x mark to which you’re admiring off stage earlier which is got a short zoom lens but it’s got a big sensor four times the size of sensor and a Samsung or in this camera it’s like six times the size of an iPhone sensor that’s in surface area with a 1.8 lens it’s only like a 25-hour 2884 millimeter zoom and is dim on that on the telephoto end but it’s pocketable it’s really good image quality you need the bokeh effect and it has any keys it just has that kind of low UI barrier to entry things that’s a touch screen to handle on the arity of the compact camera yeah yeah that’s that’s got a mostly touch interface it has a lens control ring so you can kind of change exposure settings physically as well and then if you want to go up from there our favorite point-and-shoot is the sony RX 3 mm-hm or I’m sorry the I’m sorry so the rx100 mark 3 these these things that have weird weird model names sometimes and that is around $800 it’s got a 24 to 70 F 1.8 to 2.8 zoom it’s got a little pop-up viewfinder it’s a really phenomenal performer it’s also a 1 inch class okay now by the way look at how simple this UI is I mean this is I I feel like I feel like this user interface hasn’t changed since about 2004 probably not and most people are gonna leave it in full auto mode it works well there the flash will fire you can turn the flash off in full auto mode if you’re in a situation like at school play where you don’t want the flash going off in the middle of things or recital like my wife who hates the the color that the bride gives to photos yeah if you’re a little more advanced you can put it into program mode there’s no full manual exposure option program mode lets you change the white balance and the ISO manually it also lets you do exposure compensation so you can brighten or darken to see okay any more questions out there well no real questions we do have some troll questions if you want to take those what’s what’s your one okay should I marry my girlfriend’s sister no other information is given yes I I think I think that I I think I think that may depend on foundational aspects of your culture as well yeah yeah okay so so yes so the the Canon PowerShot ELPH 190 is we should mention also available in blue or red also available in blue or red one hundred and sixty dollars if you do not have a high-end smartphone and you are someone who is looking for a simple inexpensive photography solution.

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