Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark III Camera Review

Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark III Review Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals
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Hi I’m Gordon from camera lapse and this is my hands-on first looks of the canon powershot g7x mark 3 a high-end compact aimed at enthusiasts and vloggers announced in mid-2000 19 three years after the g7x mark 2 it keeps the lens and much the body but updates the sensor for faster shooting and uncropped 4k video and becomes the first one-inch compact with wait for it and microphone input and the ability to livestream straight to youtube it’s going to cost you around 719 UK pounds I had the chance to try out the g7 X mark 3 and learn more about it at an official Canon press preview so in this video I’ll tell you everything I know so far but do keep an eye open for my full review which will go into way more detail the g7 X mark 3 was also launched alongside the g5 x mark 2 which is the version with a viewfinder although it does lack some of the features of the g7 X mark 3 and I’ve got a video all about that model too the basic concept follows the same formula as its predecessors not to mention Sony’s best-selling rx 100 series that is to deliver better quality than your phone while remaining pocket-sized they do this by using a larger one inch sensor coupled with a bright lens a combination that can actually roughly match a basic DSLR or mirrorless camera when fitted with a standard kit zoom it’s this combination of quality in size that makes them so popular from the outside the mark 3 looks a lot like the mark 2 before it I’ve positioned the new model on the right-hand side here with the old one.


Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark III Camera

On the left notice the grip on the mark 3 a small but still very useful build which allows you to hold it way more comfortably and securely than the air knowingly smooth flat front of Sony’s Rs 100 series on the upper right side there’s still the two-tiered dial with the exposure modes at the top and exposure compensation below it’s really nice to have these controls at your fingertips there’s also the lens control ring although it seems to have lost the click and D click option of its predecessor sadly there’s still no built-in viewfinder for that you’d need the g5x mark 2 or of course Sony’s rx100 mark 3 onwards but it does at least keep the cost down composition is entirely with the rear touchscreen which as before can angle down by around 45 degrees or up by 180 to face you for selfies or vlogging the earlier g7 X 2 was very popular with vloggers but canon some of them were holding it by the screen so they’ve beefed up the mechanism to reduce any potential damage in terms of ports there’s USBC and micro HDMI and the former can be used for charging and I believe also hopefully power delivery there’s also of course Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and in a fab new feature you can connect the g7x mark 3 to your Wi-Fi and actually livestream direct to YouTube details were a scarce when I made this video so I can’t tell you exactly how it works but I can’t wait to try it out in my full review in another unexpected but very welcome move cannons equipped the g7x mark 3 with a three-and-a-half millimeter microphone input yes an actual microphone input on a one-inch compact from Canon thank the maker I don’t care there’s nowhere to mount an external microphone and that you need to add some kind of bracket this is a major upgrade for vloggers and leaps ahead of cernium Panasonic’s existing one it compacts for audio I’m still in shock after all that examine though the lens remains the same as its predecessor with a 24 to 100 millimeter equivalent range an F 1.8 e 2.8 aperture so this range gives it a little extra reach than the sony models which stick at 24 to 70 up to the rx100 mark 5 and please report the built-in three stop neutral density filter remains available and that’s really useful whether you’re filming video or trying out some long exposure landscape photography the g7 X Mar 3 and G 5 X Mark to become canons first 1-inch compact to use a stacked CMOS sensor it has the same 20 megapixel resolution as before but much faster readout allowing uncropped 4k video at 25 or 30 P 1080p video to 120 frames per second for slow-motion a fast electronic shutter option up to twenty-five thousand six hundredths of a second and quick bursts recording up to 118 JPEGs at 20 frames per second or up to 70 compressed cr3 roars at 30 frames per second now if any of this sounds roughly familiar is because Sony introduced stacked one inch sensors four years earlier on the rx100 mark 4 and I’m guessing it’s the same sense that Connors used here sadly it’s not the more recent sensor used in the rx100 Mark 5 which added phase detector autofocus as the g7 X 3 remains contrast based for autofocus a only but the faster shooting and in particular better quality video are still variable upgrades looking at the video in more detail the g7x multi will film 10-minute uncropped 4k clips at 25 or 30 p or half-hour 1080 clips at 25 30 50 or 60 p with sound and continuous autofocus high-speed 1080 is also available at 100 or 120 p but without sound or focus and the files are automatically slowed down for playback wherever I looked in the menus though I just couldn’t find any 24 p video options which is a real shame but at least we now have uncropped 4k on the Canon and the 10 minute clip length is doubled out of Sony’s rx100 models wrapping up the other features or a menu system that more resembles EOS cameras with identical sharpening in the picture Styles focus bracketing although not stacking in camera and a star mode which can now generate 4k videos you can also set the camera to deliberately record video in the vertical format for presentation on IG TV and not rotate it during playback the powershot g7x mark 3 updates canons most popular one is compact with some unexpected features which will delight videographers and vloggers in particular it keeps the earlier 24 to 100 millimeter lens and much the same body and controls but adds a 3.5 millimeter microphone input the chance to livestream direct to youtube over Wi-Fi and allows you to keep vertically formatted video filling the screen for IG TV and other phone platforms all first for a one-inch compact canons even beefed up the display mechanism for vloggers who hold it by the screen the resolution remains 20 megapixels but the presence of a stacked CMOS sensor allows 4k video 1080 slow-motion up to 120 P and fast burst shooting at 20 frames per second or in a raw only mode at 30 frames per second eagle-eyed camera geeks will guess the sensor is probably the same one from Sony’s rx100 mark 4 which means the canon g7x mark 3 may gain 4k in extra speed but sadly not the phase detector autofocus introduced under later sony rx100 mark 5 strangely the g7x mar 3 2014 2 mins also resisted fitting of you leaving it to the price here g5x Mart – which means sir nice iris 104 and five remained compelling alternatives with our pop up finders and again also face it at AF on the mark-5 but neither of those certainties has a microphone input and all the chance to livestream over Wi-Fi and they don’t zoom quite as long or offer a touchscreen either as such while there’s some inevitable frustrations Canon has debuted a number of unique features that will make the g7o smart 3 as popular as its predecessors right that’s it for this first looks for you.

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