Canon PowerShot SX530 HS Camera Review

Canon PowerShot SX530 HS Camera Review
Written by zeeshan

So what is up guys this is Nick here from everything Tech and today what we’re going to take a look at in review is the Canon Powershot SX 530 HS I know quite a mouthful here on the name but basically what this is is a super zoom camera bridge camera why I say bridge cameras it kind of bridges you into the DSLR and this is exactly what I was told by the best by repetition it’s because I was thinking about upgrading this Samsung wb-3 50 F and if you guys haven’t seen the review I did on this I’ll leave the link down below in the description as well as a card up above but this is a great camera right here with nice sharing features and honestly to be honest with you after having the Canon for quite a while it’s not that much better than the Samsung wb800f camera now basically we’re going to start this off with design basically the reason I really like this Canon camera was because it just feels really quality now weight when we’re talking about the DSLRs like the t5 I the t3i the 70d the 7000 D all those cannons up there are going to trump this camera in quality but what’s really nice what caught my eyes about this is that it felt kind of DSLR like like a little like bridge into the DSLR so if you can imagine a bridge bridging you up to the level of DSLR like it’s a little bridge over there so you get there this one is going to hold you over for a while till you get there and it’s got the straps and everything so you really feel.


Canon PowerShot SX530 HS Camera Review

Like a photographer when you take this out even though this camera comes in at a nice price point of two hundred and fifty dollars it’s a very grippy camera as well I find that this grip right here when you grip the camera is really nice and I’ve never dropped this camera not even once so really grippy right here but um overall design you got to pull the flash out manually right here it’s a manual pull out so there’s no mechanism and there’s no horseshoe here so if you want to pop on a mic this is a downfall of this camera no horseshoe for a mic and there is no audio inputs you’re only avi audio/video out digital in HDMI micro so to just stream it to your TV no problem but there’s not a lot of ports here on the right side it does have a lens cover which you do have to put on it comes out of the box and you can see that we do have a Canon zoom lens 50 X is 4 – 3 – 215 millimeter 3 to 4 aperture to 6.5 aperture so it’s not the biggest aperture in the world you know even phones like the LG g4 have a bigger one but I can tell you right now this for this camera takes better pictures 10 most phones what ever dream of taking so don’t be fooled don’t be thinking that you can go get a phone and it’s going to outperform this because trust me pretty much no phone is outperforming this camera I’m telling you that right now and you can believe me or not believe me but I’ve used all smart phones in they might be better sometimes for point-and-shoots but if you know how to work this camera there is no phone touching this.

I mean the only phone that might even come close is the actually the phone that you could actually touch this with maybe would be the v10 but that’s about the only phone the v10 and the g4 about the only phones that if you know what you’re doing you might get similar results to this camera right here but I’m telling you this is this camera is loaded but let me uh let’s get into the you know overall design of it so we did talk about that lens so it does have a nice lens and it does zoom really far so if I go ahead and pull the trigger right here on the zoom you’re going to be able to see that let’s zoom it out real quick if I turn it back on you can see that this will zoom really far out and we’re not gonna be able to show it here but it does go 50x and it will zoom 200 X on the digital zoom so it is ridiculous how far to zoom so you’re not gonna be able to see anything because we’re indoors but you can see on the screen right there 200 X I don’t have the cameras picking it up but 200 X on this baby which is quite nice also you do have many modes here as well as a Wi-Fi and you do need your smart phone to go ahead and share with the canon camera connect on this you know device right here so if you pop out your smart phone right here and you go into let’s see the canon camera connect let’s go over here let me scroll over to I find it so you can see right here canon camera neck you can just easily share to Wi-Fi now we’re going to go over that here but you just connect it to Wi-Fi connect to your smartphone and you save the image to your phone so that’s a nice feature here within the Canon now overall basically you do have your play button.

Right here you have your ISO settings manual function function set flash display go look at your pictures menu delete button and at the top you do have all of these controls in this camera let me tell you if you’re not really good with cameras this is going to be a little bit of a learning curve if you don’t know cameras this will be a learning curve so don’t think you’re just going to come into this camera and you’re just going to know how to use it right out the gate unless you just throw it into auto mode which is basically rookie mode if you don’t use camera so you basically got TV mode you got program let’s go over here and I would say pretty much I’m pretty much a rookie to here so I’m not like the best in the world with these cameras yet I’m still learning and I’m not expert at this but I’m giving you a real-world customer kind of review I don’t really want to talk all the specs and all that mumbo-jumbo because I looked at the specs it’s 10 pages long on this baby all you need to know is that this is a 16 megapixel camera and it does shoot 1080p HD movies at 30 frames per second not sixty frames per second the largest aperture it has is 3.4 and it has several modes such as creative mode portrait mode it does have fisheye effect movie manual mode this is where you can tweak ISO settings and all that and it does zoom really far in the overall I think if you’re on a budget and you want to spend 250 bucks and you want a camera that is going to outperform your smartphone and it’s going to give you a crazy zoom and you’re going to feel like wow I just bought an expensive camera.

But you’re not really spending $850 for the top-tier t5i and all those cameras and you don’t want to change lenses you want a lens that can zoom far zoom in and this can take pretty good macro shots too I did sample video on this as well you could check that down below and you also just want a camera the feels quality at a good price this is going to be your camera right here the Canon you know s-set Powershot SX 530 HS now I know a lot of you you are going to like that uh that Panasonic DMZ because it’s got the electronic you find her right here and this one does it and that’s a competitive camera but you know if you want that one check that one out too but I’m just saying if you’re looking at this one you’re interested in this one I don’t think it’s going to disappoint you it’s a great camera the only thing I do want to mention is the battery life is not the best in the world you’re going to want to go ahead and get another battery get another battery if you’re shooting more than I’d say 200 pictures a day go get a battery for this guy if you’re shooting movies all day and you’re not going to be near outlet and you don’t got time to charge get extra batteries because this battery is not very impressive on this camera it’s not horrible like you can go out on a day and you’re going to shoot 50 to 100 pics you’re going to be fine it mostly picks but if you shoot in movies it really kills the battery and you will need these SD cards right here these are regular camera size SD card you’re not going to be able to use those micro SD cards that you’d be able to use on you know more compact cameras such as the WB 350 F and it will link up to a tripod around here real easy right here real easy and it does have this like flash assist thing I don’t know if that’s laser but it does have this thing that points on the subject.

So you can do get some nice shots and these things are a little bit hard to put on so you know be wary unless you got you know really good fingers and you’re good with those little those little things I’m not patient with that so I had to have somebody else do this because this was about to make me throw this this camera out the window and say goodbye Canon I see you next time but uh not here anyway that’s pretty much gonna wrap this up this is my experience with the camera great zoom it’s great a picture taking if you get things into focus in if you got a good eye for photography this is going to be a great camera now who do I not recommend this to I don’t recommend this to people who don’t have patience with shots and somebody who wants the best video quality in the world I think you could step up to I think some smartphones actually can shoot in 4k can do a bit better than this on video but the amount of balance in the color and exposure of you seen in my late latest videos that this camera pulls in is quite amazing so it has a very balanced level color playing field.

So I don’t know how else to describe it it’s just the colors all across the board in the whole video shot are balanced and that’s pretty awesome if you ask me but that’s pretty much going to wrap it up a quality zoom camera that omits some features such as audio the electronic viewfinder the horse-shoe but gives you quite a bit for 250 bucks I mean really what else can you ask for it’s a Wi-Fi camera with zoom so that’s going to wrap this up guys if you guys enjoyed this video please go ahead oh yeah before I wrap this video up it does include NFC so you can tap and I want to mention one more thing the audio is quite weak on this thing so you better do audio separately if you’re going to use this for creation process and yeah that’s pretty much going to wrap this up.

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