Canon PowerShot SX620 HS Camera Review

Canon PowerShot SX620 HS Review Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals
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And diddle then there she is the small digital camera for your pocket from Kenan as you can see it’s a really simple digital camera and top tester shutter release button a zoom switch and the flash at the lower side you will find the SD card slot a rechargeable battery and by the way you can use the SD card up to 128 gigabytes at the photographer’s side simple as well all three modes and the record button for videos last but not least and micro USB and HDMI port the menu is quite easy to use so easy that every child senior or beginner can use them you can’t select the row as a file type but you can choose from 31 languages the camera is so easy to hold with one or two hands through that nice grip it’s a lightweight camera which weights just 190 grams including battery and SD card if you see something instantly and you need to take that photo not an issue with the s6 620 HS from turning on the camera to the final photo takes around 2 seconds now let’s get to the highlight of this camera you can expect the 25 mil wide-angle lens and zoom that takes your focal lengths up to 625 mil equivalent that’s 25 times optical zoom and with the included zoom plus you have around 50 times magnification the aperture is not the best with 3.2 in the wide angle and up to 6.6 at the greatest focal length so I wouldn’t recommend buying this camera for concert photography or where not enough ambient light is available at a greater focal lengths the camera takes a lot of time to focus especially when your subject is moving the integrated image stabilizer.


Canon PowerShot SX620 HS Camera

Does a good job but not as good as the Essex 720 edges of course you can download these files the link is in the description you for private use only and of course as many other digital cameras as this little piece provide an integrated flash as well because of the good constructions and does not get into the gap between the flash and cameras so quick if you like to shoot some food for your Instagram account or flowers for your garden you’ll be happy to know that the closest focusing distance is at about 10 mil on this camera as many other digital cameras as well is the Canon Powershot Essex 628 as equipped with a Wi-Fi interface that lets you connect to your smartphone instantly without any additional network so you can transfer the photos and videos from your camera direct to your smartphone and send them to your friends via whatsapp and email there’s an additional video of how to set up your camera with your smartphone on my youtube channel as well you can also control your camera with three Canon camera connect app and your smart phone to record a video you just need to press the record button which is the one with the red dot then you can start instantly but you can’t change any settings except the video size you can switch between Full HD 720p and VGA before I get asked no you can’t change the lens and you can’t attach an external microphone to this camera the playback function is also pretty simple just press the playback button and scroll three photos and videos of course you can zoom in further if you want to on the small mode switch you can access the fancy Canon filters to be honest I don’t really get along with these filters but if you need a creative relief go for it if you like to take some selfies with the camera not a big deal you can use your smart phone in combination with the Canon camera connect app to focus or if you want to take photos of other people the camera is capable of identifying other faces as well about 15 years ago the small Canon cameras where group with an optical viewfinder today not anymore and I don’t know why so unfortunately no viewfinder no flip screen and no touch display either and because this question does appear quite often I will answer before you can ask me about it yes you can use the essex 620 HS for vlogging as well but the sound is not really good if you’re in a noisy area like Frankfurt or if it’s too windy as long as you vlog at home in your garden without any tornado rushing by it you should be fine but as I said you can’t connect an external mic on some existing either swing Angela and Latonya visit the camera too long cannot stand come once I garnished dentistry can be physical hard wish conformity that comma harm and blogger me Sarah seems allowing smiley damaged as permission at present she’s materialist the most important pros for me on this camera are the great size big zoom and of course this camera is easy to use really easy there are some contours for sure you can’t tilt the display to lock yourself the audio quality could be a bit better and the focus could be a bit faster at a large focal length so I hope that this video was not too long for you guys I made a review on the predecessor the Canon Powershot SX 610 HS.

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