Canon T6i 750D Camera Review

Canon T6i 750D Review Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals
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When I’m on the road or at an event sometimes my smartphone camera can only do so much in the end I want better-looking photos now canon and nikon are the two that really comes to mind for those who are not familiar with DSLRs in general but today here I have canons latest model through their consumer grade camera lineup it’s the Canon t6 I now – retails for $900 with the 18 to 55 millimeter kit lens but I personally bought this for eight hundred and fifty dollars at the time of this video now keep in mind this review is geared towards the average consumer so I’ll attempt to not make this too thank you for you guys and as always visit my website for reviews on other cameras and more consumer products I’m Jimmy with jims review room comm and I’m here to help you make a purchase decision welcome everyone to another review before going into the photo samples we’ll take a quick walk around and go over its features as well now the t6i remains small and compact with its durable polycarbonate plastics subtle grips are provided throughout the camera here but one area that I wish the head texture was on the card door itself where your palm plants against the camera it’s not too bad since Canon does provide a decent deep grip here for holding alleviating any slippage the overall quality feels great though the camera itself weighs just a little over a pound at 18 ounces now with the battery and kit lens attached my scale comes in at 1 pound in about 10 ounces now the tap buttons and dials provide very much good feedback with a nice firm press.


Canon T6i 750D Camera

The rear here it’s a bit softer and more flush against the body when compared to the aforementioned buttons but the actions are still executed perfectly fine now a hot shoe makes a return for connecting accessories like a speedlight or an external microphone which I have here and moving to the left side of the camera are ports for that microphone and a remote control a mini HDMI is also provided for connecting this to a monitor or TV and last is a port labeled AV out which I use to connect my camera directly to my computer for file transfers now it’s unfortunately not a microUSB port but it’s a mini USB port so the more common cables you use to charge your phones tablets and other devices won’t work here the cables are indeed affordable now but keep in mind it uses a different USB connection but going to the rear here like most consumer grade DSLRs there’s a swivel touchscreen perfect for those who intend on blogging yet perfect for those timed grouped photos to ensure everyone’s in the picture the screen itself is a 3 inch TFT LCD screen that’s not plastic feeling but a smooth and solid piece of glass now and some consumer grade cameras there it does feel more plastic II I guess you can say and it just feels cheap but the LCD here is simply amazing it’s not an OLED screen but the colors still pop and the richness and contrast looks very accurate and honestly it’s a pleasure to look at now the very last set of features are now more common on consumer grade cameras NFC abbreviated for near-field communication and why if I are now available now you can just tap your phone here on the bottom of the camera and your t6 I will automatically connect to it with the Canon Connect app you can use your phone as a remote monitor and then tap your phone to take a photo it’s highly convenient now it unfortunately doesn’t work in video mode though and when testing other cameras here the t6 I here performs very similar it’s not 100% smooth flowing but if you are taking still photos it’s still very useful now in the app you can change settings and possibly the best feature for me here you can wirelessly download photos from the camera to your smartphone for posting onto social media now the professional level canons and Nikon’s don’t even offer that feature built-in but overall when using the camera it’s easy to learn where all the settings are and the layout is pretty simple now this is not a how-to video but turning on the camera here all of your settings are displayed and if you don’t like using the buttons press the Q button and your LCD becomes your interactive menu for adjusting your settings white balance ISO levels exposure photo profiles you name it now if you need to go into Live View press the icon here and when in photo mode like before all your on-screen menus are now selectable for adjusting now one step further here tap anywhere and your screen you want the camera to focus on basically it’s alleviating going through the viewfinder and pressing the directional buttons on the back of the camera and for those moments or objects here that are moving too quickly or if you are a blogger here if you want the camera to follow your face basically either in video or photo mode when you do tap on the subject your camera starts tracking it now I’ll talk more about the autofocus system shortly but overall it’s been zippy and fast as well since Canon has upgraded to the digit 6 processor helping with the cameras speed and also helping with the the new sensor that’s onboard now the t6i features the most megapixel of any crap sensor can camera coming in at 24 point 2 megapixels in total no not to mention there’s an increase in autofocus performance as well the t5 I came with 9 autofocus points versus the t6 I now coming in with 19 and all 19 are cross– focusing type as well now what this all really means is the more area of crossing points you have the faster you’ll be four focusing images and with more precision as well especially for those again moving objects and people now a prime example of how this could be tricky though the nikon d50 500 a direct competitor that is to the t6i has an impressive 39 focus points but all those 39 only 11 or actual cross-type the more cross-type the more effective your autofocus system is but for now it’s getting really technical here and let’s get back to the basics now on screen I’m going to show you some photos samples here that I’ve taken myself and keep in mind all these photos that I’ve taken will be unedited and right from the t6i unless I otherwise noted that later in this video but overall this is such a fantastic camera for those who are not tech or camera savvy right out the box this camera provides just colorful and sharp photos without any adjustments now these following photos here are all in auto mode actually out here at the local whitewater rafting center for the Sun coming down just looks really good the colors of the people’s shirts the warmth of the Sun is being portrayed here and the highlights in the clouds are not overblown now moving to the next photo regarding collars the Canon does very well with making colors pop yet still keeping all the colors still balanced and not oversaturated and not overdone and since I’m at the white water rafting center I’m able to use the burst shot mode here perfect for catching those very fast-moving moments and after these photos here I’m going to show you what it really looks like in real time and now moving on to the next photo one image style that cameras usually have a hard time with our bright backgrounds and your subject is in the foreground usually it creates a black silhouette and with 86 I in just auto mode in no manual settings here look at this gorgeous image and I’m thoroughly impressed by the consumer grade camera that it’s practically ready to use right out the box here now moving on to macro shots or very zoomed in close-up shots did very well I believe details and clarity are there with these flowers but as important the color reproduction is still vibrant no need to edit these photos when you get home and here is my last but very important test is the low-light performance now using this in auto mode which all the previous photos were taken in the low-light performance still does well there are some spots where there is light the objects there are blown up a bit but you can be the judge for yourself if this looks acceptable to you or not now regardless I’m still impressed though that there’s not much more noise from high ISO levels in the dark areas of the photo though but eventually I did switch over to manual mode for the nighttime shots just to achieve the best photos that I can get and here’s me backstage and again look at the lack of noise I think it’s simply amazing and all this is handheld actually without a tripod either now one of the last low-light tests that I perform was in this parking deck here bringing ISO levels up to maximum of 12,800 now of course it does introduce some noise here and that’s such a clear image but for a camera under $1,000 for a camera considered as a consumer camera and not semi-professional again I am very impressed now last year for those who are playing and doing videography or blogging in general this can’t record up to 1080p and Canon does advertised up to 60 frames per second however the smooth 60 frames per second is only reserved for the 720p resolution the competition the Nikon d50 500 does offer full 1080 with 60fps there but again I like the auto focus very much on the t6i it’s smooth and it’s virtually silent when compared to mine icons that I’ve been using the only thing that I see missing though really for videographers is audio monitoring you can’t tell if this microphone is either too loud or too low there’s really no headphone port but other than that I highly highly recommend this camera for the average consumer or those really who wants a darn good at DSLR for $1,000 or less again all those photos are unedited and the day time shots were all set to automatic nothing special that I personally am high-end here there’s more photos at Jim’s review room calm.

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