Canon VIXIA HF R800 Camera Review

Canon VIXIA HF R800 Camera Review Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals
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What is up everybody this is F&H news reviews and tourism with a brand with a table at Canon our 800 is it still worth it in 2019 so this is actually a product I have owned for a while now over a year and I thought why not make a video because I’m not a lot of people like to ask why you took equipped this is one of the equipment’s I use I personally use my iPhone a lot more often because this I just have it it’s better quality quality but I do use this for like different angles different types of videos want to make like outdoor videos and different and whatnot and like all the different things so I just want to like let you know and I also started off with this camera first so I wanted to make a video like is it still worth it in 2019 because this is a fairly old model and it’s still up on Amazon you can purchase it brand new for 200 I purchased a refurbished certified refurbished for 150 and I would say until now so far so freaking good it’s been doing me everything I need to it’s a very good camcorder it does everything and recorders extremely well 1080p and whatnot it has all these different types of functions we’re gonna get right into it so it just to give you like a little price point or like an update on the camera again it does HD recording it has mp4 35 mega pick and mic jack it has a long life touch panel and one of the best features I like about the camera or this camcorder in general is because of like these types of features because I can easily twist it around turn it.


Canon VIXIA HF R800 Camera

So you if you’re like a vlogger off the sort it’s always helpful because you can like always make the camera face you and then you can easily just see like oh you can twist it and show your face so that always ends up helping significantly the quality on the camera is very good the video quality and whatnot it has again if you’re a painter if you’re a youtuber if you’re a vlogger all the different settings and functions that are available it has like the slow motion fast motion it has all those different types of functions as you can see there’s like different quality types you can record extremely fast you can slow it down you can increase the quality I usually again depending on what it is you get you hack it you can have the settings on auto you can choose the types of settings you want though I would say that battery life lasts about for me personally I usually don’t like go out for like way to a long time but I’ve used it over like three to four hours and has lasted again depending on if you’re like continuously recording and wall will probably die you might need to like unplug the jack just to show you as an exam let me see if I can find it says there’s 233 minutes so you can already do the math on how long that is over like 3 or 4 hours probably you can record from that 4 point again and for me it lasts you may need to like unpack the battery using new one if you need to but again the overall quality is pretty good it does really really nice recordings the zoomin feature I overall like a lot as well because you can easily zoom in from the top you can see over here I have a I have a memory card in there the I don’t think it has an internal memory at all even if it does it’s probably really shitty so it does a really good zooming in as well as you can see just trying to like zoom back out again it has a really nice feel to it I have a tripod for it again it has the mic jack it has the camcorder I let me see Mic Check portion is it’s usually like over here some so you have the mic jack portion over here again you this is the USB cables you have an HDMI input as well the battery pack easily comes out if you want to try unplugging here the battery pack comes out so it’s easy like you can easily just attach another one if you have spare battery packs you have your memory card features over here so you need the big one you can have a small SD card but micro SD but you need to have the official one so you can completely plug it in over here so I would say for 2019 if you’re new to be let’s say you don’t have an iPhone like I do I have the iPhone X again it records 4k 60 frames per second so I wouldn’t know if that’s a beautiful comparison to do against both of them may not be too fair but in that perspective I would truly say this is a very good like camcorder to get it’s really worth it again very high quality it gets the job done in budget in wall like it’s you can get certified refurbished I’ll leave the link if I can find it I know for new I’ll leave it for sure I’ll see if I can find the refurbished one in the description below and again it’s a very high quality camera it does it gets the job done if I’m getting a new Trevor let’s say you don’t have a phone you are looking you’re very tight budget and you’re trying to start off you don’t have them like you want it something that’s good quality it’ll get your message out and you know you won’t look like you’re recording 360 freaking you’re not recording 360p this is gonna work for you you can do 1080p 60 frames per second I believe it bills up till 60 frames per second let’s just confirm that for you so I don’t look like I’m lying let me see if I can go to the menu settings I said this is not the many settings let me just go there real quick okay video quality yep so it does it does record in 60 P has quality art at 60 P do a recording decoration and cinema look filters are not available because each function changes and each quality type changes the overall like see this one can record 34 hours this one can record 8 hours just to show you see each different one records that are different like time frames this one of course and that one record at four hours so again there’s different quality types different like recording time so there overall all work at a different pace in different setting so yeah those are my initial thoughts those are my like still like I would say not initialed like this is still my thought for 2019 that this camera is definitely still worth it well links will be in the description below if you want to check it out go for it and yeah let me know your thoughts what you guys think we still have this camera what do you guys thinking is this still working for you because again it’s still holding off really it still works fine it’s been through like hell and back and it’s still doing pretty damn good man so I highly recommend it.

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