Celestron 127EQ PowerSeeker Telescope Review

Celestron 127EQ PowerSeeker Telescope Review Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deal
Written by zeeshan

This is the celestron powerseeker 127 EQ and this video is going to be a quick overview and a my opinion on this telescope and I’m gonna give you a close-up look at this if in case you’re interested in checking this out this telescope the 127 in the name stands for 127 millimetres of aperture which is 5 inches so you have a 5 inch aperture on this telescope which is very good the EQ in the name of this telescope the 127 eq stands for the equatorial mount which this is a close-up view of here this can be a little bit confusing for a first-timer in my opinion with a bit of study though you can catch on and figure it out basically you would have to align this axis with the North Star you have to put your your latitude of where you are on the earth right here now this is my cousins telescope so I haven’t adjusted it has this weight he has the weight placed down as far as it can go and that seems to work pretty well so I would recommend putting the weight there but this is a close-up view of the equatorial mount which is not particularly first time user-friendly in my opinion so with this telescope you get a 20 millimeter eyepiece and a 4 millimeter at least they were pretty good.


Celestron 127EQ PowerSeeker Telescope

I would I would recommend getting an eyepiece that’s in in between those those numbers and fifteen something like that and also comes with a 3x barrel oh I’m pretty sure finder scope so punished feels pretty flimsy and it’s not quite as easy for setting up as a bit of a higher and telescope but that’s to be expected it works fine I think it’s a 5 by 25 I’d also recommend into getting a laser collimator because I don’t think this house co comes with a combination pack so it’s common you’re gonna need to get a laser copier as for viewing it’s pretty good you have any as I said a 5-inch aperture which is a nice size after say a 5 inch mirror so this is a Newtonian reflector that in case I hadn’t mentioned that already so 5 inches is pretty decent pretty nice size you’re going to see lots of good stuff you can delay the planets obviously with a 5 inch reflector you can start to pick up on some deeper objects in the sky.

So it is a pretty good little telescope overall however I probably would not recommend it for a first telescope for somebody and that is because of the equatorial amount some people may think you should start out with the next part of that and learn how to use that I’ve seen it happen where people get a telescope with an equatorial mount and it’s just too frustrating and confusing and they give up before they even get started so if you really wanted to enjoy the night sky and you’re a first-time viewer there’s nothing wrong with an easy mount really isn’t that’s how I started and when you really get into it then you can upgrade to an EQ mount or you may stick with an easy now it’s all personal preference really opinion and what you what you’re trying to do what you want to be able to do so that’s just this might be you know this telescope it’s good good telescope I wouldn’t recommend it for our first telescope.

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