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Champion 3400 Watt Generator Review

Champion 3400 Watt Generator Review Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals
Written by zeeshan

All right everyone I’m doing a video on my fire off on the air-conditioner I have a 2017 Keystone Passport and we needed a generator I ordered this off of Amazon last Saturday I had it in hand on Tuesday love Amazon Prime it’s a thirty four hundred watt gasoline inverter or 3060 watt under propane I’m running propane and so I want to put a load on this I absolutely want to see what this thing will do I have not changed the hard start or I have installed a hard start capacitor everything is stock everything is original on my trailer so I’m plugged in I’m ready to go I’m going to attempt to do this in economy mode I again I’m gonna put an absolute load on this thing I’m going to attempt to run the air conditioner I am also going to attempt to run the microwave at the same time now that’s a fit will run the AC obviously but I have not shut down anything in the breaker panel on this trailer so let’s give it a shot all right how she sounds on he cut off just saying here the difference of the engine but I’m my test I have single AC unit on the roof 13,500 BTU we just bought the trailer a few weeks ago we have not gone camping in it yet we’re looking forward to going camping in it primary reason why we bought this generator is because we don’t go to an annual traditional archers of America shoot each summer and just things that breaker panel everything is on and sometimes when we’re at that shoot the weather gets a little hot and so let’s see what this thing will do I’m going straight for cooling I’m not gonna put the fan on or anything I’m going straight for cooling fan is kicked on let’s go outside [Music] running outside all right I see over Mona like it go inside cool sorry for the shaky video guys sharp sorry for my boys dealing with some allergies right now it’s cooling I if I had a thermometer to stick in there I would love to show you but it’s definitely cooling definitely cool and it feels great all right guys I’m gonna do something crazy right now maybe it’s crazy I don’t know if it is let’s turn TV on like I said I just want to see what this champions gonna do I paid a thousand bucks for I could have bought the Honda for another thousand all right western channels on good to go let’s get some water here in the cup I imagine it’s gonna shut this champion down I just don’t know if I have the faith that’s going to continue to stay on so I’m going to stick it on for two minutes it’s on let’s go outside try to catch it here [Music] a hard time in real-time the microwave is going to be off run not water I I am NOT a lightly microwave on gotta be coming up okay I’d imagine the microwave is turned off I cannot believe let’s see they see it’s so cold it’s cooling it’s so cold microwave is countdown to zero it’s it’s hot I don’t know if I’m going to be able to get any vapor from the water but I’ll attempt oh I see a little bit Picatta it was hot water though I’m happy I’m real happy real happy I cannot believe it and on propane and on propane I do not have to worry about storing transporting or smelling stinky gasoline I am pleased I’m going to turn this off I can’t believe it is this a John Wayne movie cool alright let’s see what she sounds like it sounds like my first ever generator [Music] great my family why [Music] we’ll help someone out maybe and what do they buy here’s info on the units 0:03 champion

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