Classic Brands Adjustable Comfort Upholstered Review

you hi guys it’s Sarah with just a country girl and I’m here to do a review on the classic brands adjustable bed base this bed base has been one of my favorite things to review lately besides the mattresses that I’ve been receiving today reviews on but I have to tell you a little bit about it right now I am at a angle that is my favorite position in the bed this bed comes with a wireless remote that means that you can put it to whatever position you want if you want to lay flat on your back you can set the position to flat so this is a pre-programmed put a pre-programmed program on here a position program and it has other ones on here as well I’m waiting so far up because I’ve got a pillow behind my back so excuse me guys but I’m laying at the flat position right now and as you can see it did not take very long for me to get in the flat position this is one of the fastest been adjustable bed base bed bases that I’ve tried with their motor I guess is something what to do with the motor it’s causing it to be a lot faster I don’t know I’ve tried a lot in the stores and I have a lot of people around me that know a lot about bed bases and stuff and this right here is one of the fastest I’ve tried it has been one of the number one bed bases on Amazon so I’m going to move myself up a little bit I’m going to try to move my head up you can see how fast it takes for me to move my head up and this this particular bed has to adjust their two USB ports on the right side and I can’t show you that of course because right now the bed is facing toward the wall but I will try to include a picture to show you in this and we’ll have a full in-depth review on my blog to where you can see it fully but you can use it to charge your smartphone your tablet and it does work perfectly so I mean you know no issues with that that works great now with the pre-programmed positions that’s on here there is a TV PC that you can you choose to use and when you said that the TV the TV angle the TV their PC angle this would be you setting up and it’s kind of moving your your your legs up a little bit more and it’s actually a really comfortable position comfortable on my back and you know you could kind of set at this you know whatever you want to use your computer this right here would be a good a good this would be the position that I use to play out my computer now you can also use the lounge position that’s one of the other pre-programmed positions available on here on the remote and this is the lounge position that this would be something I would use you know if I just want to sit and watch TV you know this is you know basically lounging around and then there is the 0g button in the zero-g right now is taking me completely backwards while elevating my the top of my the top of the bottom of the bed I’m sorry guys I’m Todd and keep mo boring tonight but it’s for some reason is taking me backwards I’m not for sure if maybe I had set that wrong but usually zero-g usually takes the head and the back of the bed and the bottom of the bed completely yeah so I must have accidentally set it to a different setting that’s another thing I’m going to talk about say you don’t like any of these program programmable settings you can pretty much set this wherever you want to your favorite setting so I’m putting mine right down right now I’m going to put my bed at the back of my bed up a little bit and the bottom part is up just a tad bit I’m going to hold it down that 0ji button for three seconds and right now it’s set so that’ll be my programmable setting and that is the setting that I will lock with this bed now I’m going to tell you that this bed has six legs other but other bed bases are adjustable bed bases usually have four legs but this comes with six legs and it’s easy to assemble it took me in my husband off thirty minutes to assemble this thing and it the destructions that come with it is like self explanatory its plugging in it has its color-coded everything is color-coded you can plug it in easy it’s just that simple the only hard thing about it is that this thing is a little bit heavier I see a little bit heavy I mean a lot heavy so whenever we had to lift it it was quad it was quite a little bit to lift and when you receive the package it is quite a heavy package it’s about 147 pounds I believe I’ll have to don’t quote me on that that will be in the blog review how much actually wait whenever I got or you know whenever I received it in the mail now if this right here is incredible was relieving back pain I have a lot of back pain and another feature of this remote has on it is the massager now you can choose to massage the head and as you can hear the motor is actually really really quiet the other ones I’ve tried have been pretty loud and this is actually you know doesn’t wake my husband up in the middle of the night if I hit the button actually he sleeps better whenever I hit the button during that you hit the massage button during the night but I just prefer instead of doing the the head button and then you can also choose to massage your feet at the same time of them your feet if you’d rather have your feet massaged you can do that if you’d rather you do your head and do your head you can do your head and then if you want to massage your full body you will hit the massage button the full way there’s a little wavy button on here and that will massage the your whole entire body and as you can hear it’s very very quiet and this right here is one of my favorite settings and I believe yeah this has three massage settings on it so whenever you if you want that your massage should be a little bit louder it can if not you can check that thing up and make it make it as hard as you want to because if is right now it’s vibrating pretty good right now and it makes my back feel amazing now what are some of the benefits of having an adjustable bed base you know why would you may be saying why would I want to just my bed base well adjustable bed base I can tell you that it relieves pressure and it’s great for those who suffer with sleep apnea heartburn acid reflux or GERD and and sleep apnea is really really dangerous it’s a right that this this can actually help with that because I’ve known people in my life that’s actually passed away Leslie Batman and it’s a terrible I mean it’s a terrible thing to have my husband’s actually got a touch of sleep apnea and I’m so glad that I’ve got this bed so that I don’t have to worry so much about him and I’ll stay awake mostly all night watching him some knots but here lately with the mattresses I’ve been trying I’ve been sleeping like a baby so he’s been sleeping good I’ve been sleeping good and it’s not just because of the mattresses it’s because of the bed base too you know you got to have you’re gonna invest in your sleep and this bed base has been really really good for us and you know it also helps with snoring I don’t know about you but you may have a spouse that snores I know I do and he’s behind the camera right now and he snores pretty loud at night tongues but it doesn’t bother me because I’m used to snoring but a lot of people it can bother and say you are he is your husband or your wife is snoring and you’re you’re laying down like this if they’re snoring you can just raise it on up just a tad bit while they’re asleep and the snoring will subside or you can set it the Isetta extra personal setting and you know you won’t have to worry about it but if they are you can turn it up and you know that you don’t have to worry about snoring now this bed bass has been really good really good in my opinion I mean wait for the blog review because I will have a lot more information on there about what about many different other things about technical things and I’ll tell you all about it on the blog but this R here is just a general over-over review of the adjustable bed base I wanted to put it up and I’ll try to insert some pictures in here if I can I’m not technically savvy with edit video editing but I will try so I hope you guys have a good night or a good day whatever time today you’re watching this and I’ll talk to you guys later bye

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