Classic Brands Cool Gel Memory Foam Hybrid 12 Inch Mattress Review

all right i just got home and our new mattress has been delivered here it is which means in just a moment i’m going to begin the process of getting it set up so as i just showed you from the video outside the classic brands 14 inch memory foam mattress was just delivered to our house my wife and i just struggled getting it up the steps feel warm i feel sweaty but i’m going to cut this open and i have noticed that i enjoy watching some of these uh mattress expanding videos that other people have done so i’m going to let you see hours being opened and a little bit of it expanding we’re going to let it just kind of be unused for a couple days but we’re in the process of remodeling our bedroom we just updated the paint sold furniture bought new furniture and this is going to be a piece of it here we don’t even have the bed frame yet but i want to get this aired out i want to give this a couple days to fully fluff up and again i just thought it’d be fun to make this video and let you see the process i’ve also noticed in some of the videos i’ve watched that people open this thing upside down and uh the second layer that they release of the um of the plastic they tend to do upside down and then have to flip it so my main goal while i do this is to not make that mistake because i think every video i’ve watched that’s about that’s been a common mistake with these so let’s see how it goes hope you enjoy this i’m sure it has the potential to be fun maybe it’ll maybe it will even be explosively fun we will find out here we go all right i need to be careful that i don’t actually cut the mattress itself and i’m trying to only cut right now the outer layer of the plastic because once i do the inner one i think this thing’s going to start fluffing up and i don’t really want that to happen all right well it’s already starting now some of the videos i have seen seem to indicate that this has to be turned the other way so let’s find out yes it does all right i could already hear it fluffing up i don’t know if you can see this one in the video but here’s two pillows that come with it look at them kind of snuck into this like shrink wrap plastic i’m sure it’s going to be a lovely experience once i get those pillows going all right but we gotta do some transition here and i’m gonna move this plastic out of the way this is a king size by the way for 22 years of married life my wife and i have had a queen actually technically when our marriage started we had a full size and then we moved to a queen and now we’ve moved to a king which means that over the decades we’re just moving progressively further and further apart but here we go this is the real fun part all right i got you can hear it like sucking air can’t you all right so we got that off this end here fluffing up pretty quick this is 14 inches so we bought deep pocket sheets for it hopefully we got the right size look at this monster all right so hopefully this will fully fluff up nicely over the next two days we’re not going to use it for a couple days and then what i’ll do is i’ll post an update so that you can see kind of the finished product and see what it looks like when it’s all ready to be used but i’m noticing so this end i cut this end open first has a nice feel to it by the way cut this end open first and it’s already higher than this end but this end here i guess is catching up all right updates to come i pointed out to you that this came with two pillows and we just took those out and they fluffed up immediately and they’re made of the same stuff that the mattress is made out of so that’s kind of cool but it came with these pillows i’m looking forward to checking them out and seeing if we enjoy them but there’s the pillows we just unpackaged those as well so it’s been just about 24 hours since we opened the mattress and i wanted to see if it had reached 14 inches in depth yet and it’s just about there almost you can see it’s got you know a quarter of an inch to go something like that but it’s pretty close so it’s been expanding nicely and tomorrow will be the true test tomorrow night is when we’ll actually use it for the first time but here’s the update for today okay it’s been about 48 hours since we unpackaged the mattress and as you can see let me get the right angle here it fluffs up just a little bit over the 14 inch mark there so that’s pretty good so it’s at full height i guess at this point and now the true test of all of this is going to be how comfortable it is to sleep on so tonight’s the first night we’re going to try it out and we’ll give you an update on how that goes as well well originally i intended to finish this review maybe just two or three days after we first got the mattress but it’s actually been about eight weeks since we first purchased the mattress and i thought that that would be a better review than just sleeping on it one or two nights and then telling you a little bit about it afterward so i’ve been sleeping on the mattress here now for two months and i have to say it is honestly the most comfortable mattress i’ve ever owned it’s different it feels different from what i’m used to uh although now i i guess i’m used to this it’s very comfortable and uh it sits nicely i definitely would recommend getting the 14 inch or at least the 12 inch as far as the depth but this is the 14 inch we really like the 14 inch like you saw it only took a couple days before it actually exceeded 14 inches once it finished fluffing up and filling up and i want to make another recommendation for you and that’s get the version that we got that has the free pillows because i’ve noticed that memory foam pillows tend to be on the expensive side and we really enjoy these pillows they have a very comfortable feel to them and so what i’m going to do is i’m going to put a link in the description to the version that we bought that comes with the free pillows because if you intend on getting memory foam pillows that will probably save you some money you could price shop a little bit if you want but i i think that’ll probably save you some money based on what i see memory foam pillows typically going for a couple other things they call this the cool gel and it lives up to its name i don’t feel hot i don’t feel sweaty in the evenings after i’m laying down on it seems like it wicks the heat away from your body which is good also i i thought this would be interesting to share maybe about it was almost 20 years ago i used to ski a lot and i injured the right side of my body injured my shoulder pretty bad and injured my hip pretty bad and for a very long time i really have preferred not to sleep on my right side because of that and i’ve noticed that i can comfortably sleep on my right side on this mattress it doesn’t hurt it doesn’t irritate old injuries or anything like that so definitely worth getting definitely worth trying out again it’s different from a standard mattress it feels different i joke with my wife that it feels almost like pizza dough that upper layer but then the lower layers of the foam are a little bit firmer so those are firmer the upper section like about this much is that that real kind of squishy memory foam but it’s like it’s got the right amount of um of give i really like how it feels uh if this video either entertained you or helped you make up your decision on whether or not to get this mattress i’d be grateful if you did me the favor of just giving it a thumbs up and uh like i said there’ll be a description or a link in the description for this particular style that we bought it comes in different sizes queen king whatever you need but i’m gonna put it in the description so that you can get the one that has the free pillows with it that was definitely one of the best decisions we made in this purchase i really like having these but that’s it thanks again for watching and we’ll catch you next time

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