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Coleman Saluspa Inflatable 4 Review

Coleman Saluspa Inflatable 4 Review Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals
Written by zeeshan

Guys and gals and everything in between you know I just thought about it this morning that we actually bought this almost a year ago today kind of crazy a couple days away from a year ago and so I figured I’d give him a year review on this Coleman what’s always messed this up it’s the Coleman Sal you spa inflatable hot tub and you know we kick this thing around for kicked around buying it for probably I don’t know months and it came up on a lightning deal I want to say it was regularly five or $4.99 it came up on a lightning deal for like you know 369 and I was like you know what I’m gonna buy it so we did it figured worst case we’re gonna waste 350 bucks probably wasted more on Dumber things and turned out that this thing is awesome for what we paid for it and for what it is it is absolutely awesome so I’ll just kind of talk real quick about our experience with it so when you first get it it’s basically like a like your typical inflatable pool so you gotta blow it out there’s instructions and fill it up with water I will say from the time that you fill it up to the time that it’s ready to roll it’s probably about 72 hours this little heater here is it’s okay I mean it’s not you know it’s not going to be like your 240 volt meter where the thermostat it’s kind of funky because it’ll it’ll go up we keep it up 204 so this is the control panel here and I’ll unlock it so it’s pretty easy here you’ve got temperature up and down we always keep it up to 104 you have your filters here so off on your flame and when it reaches the desired temperature of 104 will actually shut off it’ll turn this will turn green Celsius Fahrenheit obviously we’re in the US so we use Fahrenheit and it’s got jets on and I’ll show you that in a second you can actually set a timer on it too which I actually have never really figured out haven’t messed with but this is actually this unit itself I mean it’s okay it does its job but it doesn’t heat it very efficiently where what I mean by is it it’ll heat up to like a hundred and four and it’ll be very very hot and the thermostat shuts off and then it goes down to like a hundred and then it starts heating up again and it really takes like all day so one of the ways that I actually combat that is I we have this tankless propane I don’t water heater or whatever it is it just that’s up to a propane tank and your your standard hose over there and will actually drain some of the water I’ve got a small little pool pump and so there’s times where I’ll actually drain some of the water out and refill it with that unit there and it’ll it’ll heat up much much faster that’s really like in the winter if we’re not using it as much it stays on all the time we just keep it on 104 and this thing’s been running everyday for a year and you know no no issues we it does get weird if you don’t clean the filters out which I’ll go over in a second but if you don’t clean the filters out often you will get error codes because the air is restricted and it can’t flow through or that water can’t flow through it and all you have to do is just change the filters unplug it or hit the reset and then reset it and then just you know set your settings back on this thing the other annoying thing is after 72 hours it shuts off so you have to be mindful of that I have a reminder that goes off every you know 48 hours or so that just it just says hot tub and I know to come out here and unlock the controls and turn the bubbles on turn off and then that seems to reset that timer so as far as the hot tub itself I mean this thing is sturdy you know we my wife and I are average build I’m probably 175 10 170 my wife is about 5 215 and we fit in here just fine and this is solid this thing is is solid I mean it’s it’s not going anywhere we also have three kids which are nine six and four and all five of us are able to get in here and and really enjoy it so I’ll show you real quick the bubbles you’re not gonna believe me but let me just show you this real quick so the bubbles actually for what they are they’re pretty legit it’s pretty comfortable too so you’ve got these little air holes around the bottom edge here all the way around bottom edge and that spits out a bunch of forced air which kind of gets at the illusion that there’s jets but it really has air bubbles but it feels nice if you have your back up against it one thing that we did do is we bought these chairs I can’t really pull them out but I’ll include a link for these but these chairs are great they’re adjustable the legs go up and down and makes it nice you don’t have to sit on that kind of weird texture vinyl bottom so those are definitely recommended as far as the filters the filters themselves I’ll include a link to those but the the filters we actually I’ll clean them twice so I’ll install a new set of filters I’ll clean them once a week so I’ll do that two times so that’s about three weeks and then usually by the fourth week you can kind of tell that the filters are starting to startin to wear a bit they’re kind of your paper fabric filters almost like a thicker coffee coffee filter material and so by the fourth week or so I’ll just toss them and put new ones in so about once a month I change the filters on them and then the chemicals that I use are this is all I ever used so I’ll shock it maybe once or twice a week just read the instructions you don’t need a lot of this stuff usually one of these will last me two or three months so these these chemicals are really all I use my wife has eczema so we don’t put too much chlorine in there because it’ll bother her and she won’t want to go in this little inflatable deal here loses air a bit but that’s okay so it’s got a little inflatable lid on it and once you inflate it it’s pretty solid we actually have a cat and a dog and they they do actually jump on it and which we don’t like but it’s dirty and the kids even sometimes they know they’re not supposed to but I’ll catch them climbing on it and it’s very sturdy so it’s got a bunch of buckles to Perseid buckles down very nicely we actually had this thing in the winter and ran it all winter we probably averaged around 30 32 kind of around freezing and it held the temperature just fine and we you know we didn’t notice any I mean it wasn’t struggling to keep up 204 would take a little bit longer to heat but even in you know minus 30 degree it was still still keeping the heat just fine all in all I mean this thing’s just for what it is when we were looking at regular hot tubs I think for 240 we were

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