Cuisinart Cgg 888 Grill Stainless Steel Review

so welcome back to another gear review here on barbecue bottles and today we’re gonna be reviewing the cuisinart 360 XL griddle right here and there’s a few things we wanted to take you through first just its features secondly the pros and cons that we’ve come across using cuisinart griddles over the course of the last year and a half we also just want to touch on why you ought to consider getting into grittily in the first place and then lastly we’ll take you through a few differences in terms of how this excel griddle is different than its baby brother the traditional cuisinart 360 griddle cooking center so with that let’s jump into the features now the main feature here is the 30 inch diameter cold world steel surface talk now this thing it’s like having a giant cast-iron pan to be able to cook on the thermal capacity of this is huge it’s just like you’re using a cast-iron pan if you want to get an incredible steak sear just heat this up get a good and gripping hot and you’ll get a lot of energy that’s just stored in the actual griddle surface to get remarkable Sears that 30 inch of griddle surface gives you a little over 700 square inches of cooking capacity that just gives you a ton of capacity when we did smash burgers we had over 20 smash burger patties on this griddle at one point and we weren’t even crowding the grill we probably could have gotten it up to two and what’s even funnier is when we actually got this griddle we assembled it in the front of the house and this thing is such a beast we couldn’t actually get it into the backyard and fit it between our house and our neighbor’s house we couldn’t get it through the front door the patio door so you’ve been using this out in the front of the house so just keep that in mind this guy is an absolute hero and if you’re gonna be hosting or having parties or having people over for games you know this thing you’re not gonna have to worry about running out of space for grilling for a ton of people next we have three independently controlled burners on this grill and each of these burners is 15,000 BTUs so in total we’ve got forty five thousand BTUs on this guy so that’s a ton of power and if you want to put one burner on high have the other burners on what you can really do some multi-zone cooking especially given the size of the top of this griddle here next and a real differentiator for this griddle is just the fact that it’s on a top it actually allows you to steam it allows you to smoke it allows you to bake and we don’t see that many grills on the market have a lid and allow that kind of flexibility and versatility next this comes with two side tables and these fold down in a way these are helpful in a couple of different ways one as you’re just prepping for your cooks you’ve got a little bit of extra space they also have some hooks around here if you want to store your metal spatulas or other cooking utensils so it’s just nice to have a little bit of extra space as you’ll notice we also have a paper towel holder here underneath one of the sides of the griddle and this is great because the main way that you clean the griddle is you just squirt it on a bunch of water when your griddle still hot at the end of your you scrape off that grease and then you’ve reapply a high heat oil like avocado oil and then you wipe it down with a paper towel so we constantly find we’re using paper towel as we’re griddling and so it’s just nice and handy to have a paper towel holder built into the unit itself the next feature is just the grease trap that goes all the way around the griddle so as you’re cooking let’s say you’re doing burgers and there’s a lot of fat that’s rendering off your cook that gets caught in this grease trap and it all gets funneled into a little right up front that’s easy to clean and then lastly this unit is set up on a couple of casters that allow you to wiggle it around very easily and the casters even have a lock so once you’ve got it in position if you don’t want it rolling around you can just lock the wheels and you’re good to go so what do we like about Brittles in general well the first and biggest difference with griddles is the fact that you don’t actually have a grill grates here and there’s two main benefits tonight if you’re cooking something that’s very very high fat like burgers and you’re using 80/20 chuck as that fat renders down it stays on the griddle surface and your protein just cooks away in its own juices so you’ve really unlocked a very rich flavor just from having your cooks cook away in their own juices which is phenomenal secondly you don’t have to worry about those fats rendering down into burners causing flare-ups you’ll never get a flare-up with a unit like this and so that’s really notice we think about the main differences between griddles and grills that’s a really big part of it next is really just the versatility that griddles bring to your barbecue game these griddles really opened my mind to what you can do outdoors cooking wise for breakfast and of course you can do lunch and dinner here as well but these things are phenomenal if you’re doing bacon and eggs if you’re doing gourmet breakfast sandwiches you name it this is perfect for morning cooks now also without grill grates you don’t have to worry about losing any food through the guilt grill grates whenever I’m cooking asparagus I always lose three or four stalks just through those grill grates and so if you want to sear steamed asparagus over here on a griddle you don’t have that issue at all and then lastly there’s just something fun about having the metal spatulas pretending your tap and Yaqui chef at Benihana you just sauteing your vegetable or your proteins and flipping it around and you know we just enjoyed that piece of it as well so what do we like about this griddle well first off is the price point here this grill on Walmart right now is three hundred and ninety six dollars so just under 400 bucks and that’s a really good value proposition for a 700 square inch griddle if you look at some of the competitors you know they can go upwards of $4,000 for an equivalently sized griddle and so if you’re looking at the Cuisinart brand you know you’re on the lower end of that price spectrum but you’re still getting something with really good build quality and something that’s gonna last you for years in your backyard now we mentioned this grill surface is made out of cold rolled steel and that really acts just like a cast-iron pan if you’re trying to sear anything you’re gonna get an absolutely incredible sear on this the thermal capacity that this grill top is just incredible and we love cooking on cast-iron and that’s been one of the benefits here is it’s like having a 30-inch cast-iron pan at your disposal now this griddle it was really easy to assemble when it came in we had no problem putting it together herself and it only took about 90 minutes from start to finish so you don’t have to worry about bringing a friend over or getting your wife or your son or your daughter involved to help you out here you can do this all yourself ninety minutes you’re done then you season up the grill that took us maybe a half an hour and then you’re ready for your first coat now what don’t we like about this griddle I’d say first it doesn’t actually come with the stainless steel spatulas which are pretty much a necessity now fortunately that’s only twenty two dollars to buy on Amazon or at Walmart so it’s a pretty quick fix and a pretty low cost fix but it’s an essential cooking tool to using these cradles so we just weren’t sure why he’s not going to incorporate that into the base package itself the next thing is while we like the side tables and we’re really glad that Cuisinart put in a second side table as part of the excel griddle they are kind of undersized and the circular shape can sometimes make it hard to put a cutting board on these especially if your cutting board has legs on it so for us we’ve just got another cookie table that we put beside the griddle and we use that to do a lot of our preparation work and store a lot of the ingredients as we’re getting ready to grill and frankly part of it is just because the grill surface is so huge just the volume of proteins and food that you can cook there’s just no way that it can be stored on too small slide tables like this so you probably want something that’s an add-on and then lastly and this is a common issue that we have with all grills is as you’re grilling there tends to be a lot of grease flashback and that just means that we end up wearing an apron so we don’t ruin our clothes that’s an easy fix but just be aware of that as your proteins render down all of the juices are remaining on the griddle top and so much like bacon can splatter when you’re using it in a cast-iron pan on the stove the same thing can happen here and that happens with a lot of the cooks that we do so just be careful use an apron and you’ll be totally fine so if you’re debating between getting the excel griddle and Cuisinarts regular 360 griddle the baby brother did this one there are a few things that we thought you ought to keep in mind as you debate one over the other firstly is just the overall size so the 22 inch smaller brother of this only has 350 square inches of grilling capacity this has 700 square inches of grilling capacity so that’s a lot of extra bang for your buck now this does cost about twice as much as I mentioned just under $400 the regular griddle is just under $200 but you are doubling the amount of capacity and grilling area so that’s a big plus in our mind and the XL griddle is still a fairly low cost pop now a few other things that we like one is they’ve moved the actual grease trap from the back to the front and initially I didn’t think I’d like that because I didn’t want the grease to be where we see it as we keep grilling but it’s actually way more convenient as you’re cleaning the grill to be able to just scrape that excess grease off into this front and the other benefit is that it frees up the back of the grill to use as your the lid holder now that’s something that you can’t do on the little brother because the grease traps back there as you’ll see we’ve got the griddle up against a wooden fence here and as we’re cooking and that grease is splashing this actually acts as a bit of a shield protecting our fence from both the grease and heat so I really really like that change on the griddle XL now they also brought in the second table on the griddle XL the regular griddle the baby brother only has one table but just keep in mind that we don’t use these tables as much as you might think because we feel they’re undersized and we’ve got cooking tables in the backyard any way that we just reel out in front and use what we’re grilling like this and then lastly we’ve got three burners on this one as opposed to two on the smaller version and the larger griddle top here just allows for better dual zone cooking we’ve found that we’ve really got an ability to have a high heat zone and a low heat zone on this one versus with a smaller 22 inch grill top it’s a little bit harder to have differentiated temperatures from one edge to the next so that’s our review of the griddle if you like this consider giving us a like below dropping us a comment if you own one of these and you’ve got any other thoughts on pros or cons or what you like about grill it riddling or not just let us know down in the comments below if there’s any other kit you think we should review let us know as well and thanks for tuning in consider subscribing for more grill reviews and cooks on this bad boy to come thanks for tuning in

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