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Deebot N79S Robotic Vacuum Review

Deebot N79S Robotic Vacuum Review Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals
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We’re going to review the echovox D bot and 79s let’s get started hey everybody welcome to tech with Brett where I hope tech work for you and in today’s video we’re going to talk about the echo VAX d-bots n79 s now there previously was an N 79 model this is the upgraded version and this will allow for more suction it has a max suction power option there are two other modes that you can use and this does have Amazon Alexa compatibility as well as Google home which I’m really excited about so first let’s talk about some of the features that this has so this is a vacuum as well as a hardwood floor sweeper since this is the very first robot vacuum to the channel let’s talk about why this would be an important device to have in your home so we have a bunch of kids here three kids there’s a mess every night sometimes we just don’t have the time to pull out the vacuum and clean up every single day at the end of the night our floors in the kitchen are pretty messy graham cracker crumbs everywhere so with this you can automatically set timers have it go off every night clean up the place and then it will automatically dock itself at the charger recharge and it would be ready for the next night with one charge it can pretty much clean a very large area and once it is low on battery it will automatically dock itself to the charging dock which is pretty awesome you can also use the remote that it comes with to quickly turn it on you navigate manually.


Deebot N79S Robotic Vacuum Review

So you can actually use the arrows on here or the arrows in the app to go exactly where you want it to go and you can have it spot clean yes I could pull out my vacuum I could pull out the broom but sometimes we just don’t have the time so having it done automatically is very handy to have also maybe there is somebody that’s in an assisted living area or they’re just not able to pull out the vacuum this is a perfect device that daily it can clean up it’s very quick very simple to use and it’s really easy to pull out the little pan here where you can actually just remove the dust so you probably want to remove this daily or depending on how often you’re having it vacuumed there is also a filter built in here so it keeps the air clean and you can buy some replacement filters on there so let’s check out what is inside the box and get set up inside the box that comes with the user manual and instructions here is the D bot and 79s here is the remote that will allow you to control everything that the d bot can do here is the charging dock one cool thing is that once the vacuum is running low it will automatically dock itself and then here we have the two side brushes I do wish it came with a few more of these but you can get them separately and then here you have a little cleaning tool it’s nice to cut the hair off the actual brush on the vacuum it’s pretty simple here at the top you do have an auto button that will allow you to instantly start the vacuum and then over here you do have the power on and off so if my kids trying to get it I want to flip that off and then here you have the trace this is where all the dust will go and it does have a filter built in here so you would wash this out every so often and pretty much you want to change this out every single time the vacuum works and you can get separate filters so in case this one is getting pretty clogged up you would definitely need to get another one to keep it working well down here on the bottom this is where we will install the side brushes and then this is where you can actually check out the main brush and when you want to clean it you will pop this off and you would be able to change out the main brush and then wipe off any dirt that it has dust collected and as far as I saw lots of hair is collected here I definitely will need to remember to clean out the vacuum just about once a day it’s only a little difficult to get back in but don’t worry I got it and now we are ready to charge this and rock and roll when placing the charger make sure there is 1 meter of space on the left of the right and in front of it so that the d-bots is able to find at the charging dock and able to automatically redock and start charging it does take about 4 hours to charge each time but let’s go ahead and get this set up through the application you just need to download the echovox app and you can get this on the Play Store or through iOS once your account is there you will need to select your D bot now I do want to mention that you should be on the 2.4 gigahertz Network to be able to connect to the robot is not supported for five gigahertz you will then type in your Wi-Fi password and then you will actually pick up the remote and press the Wi-Fi button on it to connect to the vacuum which I found pretty handy to have and now the n79 s is connected here we can see that it is online you will need to be on your network to be able to control it through the application now let’s go ahead and set this up through our voice assistance with the Google home it’s pretty easy just go into the home control settings of the Google home app and then you will need to sign back into the account you created and select your d-bots device and then it will link up and you’re ready to go for your Amazon echo you will need to go into the skills of the Amazon Alexa app search for echovox D bot enable the skill sign in select your D bot and then you’re able to control it by voice now with the Google home you would just need to say start vacuuming charge the vacuum is a vacuum running send the vacuum home and with Amazon Alexa many times you would need to say ask the bot to charge or asked about to start cleaning and some of those commands you can see those right here ask d-bots to start cleaning [Music] Alexa that’s Ibaka stuff clean okay your d-bob has stopped ask do you bought to start charging okay now your debug is charging once the d-bots is ready to charge or you ask it to charge it takes a minute to find the dock but then it slowly creeps over and it’s able to sit right on the dock with no problems here in the app you can manually control the d-bots so you can have it move forward left right or even go in Reverse down here on the bottom you do have an auto mode here you have an edge mode where it will find the edge and then it will do the perimeter of the room the next option is spot-clean so when you select spot it will then start doing a circular motion for about a 5 to 6 foot radius and an area so it can get every little crumb within that area it goes out quite a bit and then it comes back in and then it stops and you would have to start Auto mode or another mode again and then next we have the single room so here it is just going to stay in one room instead of continuing to wander through multiple rooms and then the last option here is you can recharge so as soon as you select this it will find the charger and it will go back and charge now let’s take a look at the remote so here you have just about everything that you can do in the application right here on the remote you could sit this on top of the charging dock as well so you can always remember where it is so right here you do have a schedule option so all you need to do is press the little bell notification just like you should whenever you subscribe and then you would select the time that you want it to go off and then it will start the vacuum at that time so the last option that you have on the vacuum is within the application so up here in the menu you can select vacuum power right now it’s set to standard but we can switch to Mac and so it’s going to do a little more power when it’s going around during the duration of that clean and so maybe you have a really dirty area or maybe you just want a little more dust to come out you can set max power it does get a little bit more loud with max power but I’m really happy that that option is there if you’re looking for some extra cleaning to be done now this vacuum does have a air filtration system which collects particles before it sends them back out into the air when it is cleaning but it’s not a suitable substitute for a full filtration system now with the noise level it is at a sixty-seven decibel range and can reach up to 70 decibels when it is in max mode I let the vacuum run for a few hours and here is the final product in this room you can see all of the lines looks really nice and I don’t see hardly any crumbs on the floor there were one or two but my carpet is pretty long in this room so that definitely was the issue and there you could see that the vacuum was docked as well so really great now let’s check out how much dust it was able to collect so here you can easily just pry open the little dust collector right here and we can see what is inside so we did do some cleaning earlier in the day and so it didn’t have a ton of that it could pick up but check out all of that dust it’s pretty compact in there and yeah really nice to be able to get that off of the ground and into the garbage all right now we’re gonna try out a different room with a few more obstacles so here there’s a little rug it had no problem getting over the rug cleaned the rug and getting back off of it and then here over the lip sometimes it did stop and go back the other way but it can go back over the little change between the laminate and the carpet floor and then one other cool thing that this vacuum does is it’s not going to go over the edge so I was worried right there as soon as it went to the edge of Cutters gonna fly right over but it has a sensor that it will stop it you may want to check in your room before you let it just fly off the edge to make sure that it will actually work but I had no issues with it going over and it stopped every time just like that one thing that I really like about this vacuum is the amount of sensors that it has on the front so it’s able to see different objects before it actually runs into them now when I use my phone camera you can actually see all of the little infrared sensors on the front and there are plenty now you will notice that when the vacuum is driving around it gets pretty dusty not an issue just something that I wanted to point out now here is a quick time-lapse of the robot going around the room you can see that it’s able to get pretty much every single part of the room it goes around the edge and then goes through the middle and one really cool part about health in this vacuum is is it was able to vacuum right under my couch something that we would never vacuumed before I’m not gonna move this couch around every time I want a vacuum but it got onto there it picked up all kinds of Christmas tree filings and things that we haven’t been able to get for years five minutes later now here is a full time lapse of what the spot setting looks like all right you just finished vacuuming this full room on normal power let’s see how it did looks pretty good really compact there all kinds of Christmas tree filings from underneath the couch did a really good job picking up everything in this room so you may be asking what can’t this vacuum do well it cannot go over big bumps or carpet with long hair so here this rugs a little bit higher it struggled to go over it and conquer that and I did have it get stuck a few times actually trying to go up that rug so if you do have anything that’s a more than a half inch thick you might have some issues there all right looks like it wants to try one more time let’s give it a cheer you can do it and that’s when it got stuck so it finally made it over maybe he was a little too heavy with my camera on top but I did experience the same thing without the camera on there but hey you could just set it on top of the carpet and it would clean it and then you would have be done here it is one more time without my camera on top it was able to go over it but then again it got stuck trying to go down and then it just stayed there so ya know go on the big rugs and the last test is how does this do in picking up crumbs on a hardwood floor or a laminate surface so here like I said tons of graham crackers every day so let’s lay these out and see how it does so at first the bristles pretty much just push it all around kind of spread everything out but then over time it was able to pick up just about everything I did try this spot cleaning as well to see how it would do now if you do have a tons of crumbs in one area it’s just gonna throw everything away and then it would have to kind of go back on another auto pass to be able to pick everything up but after I let it run its cycle through this room it picked it all up no problem for the most part you’re not gonna have tons of crumbs in one an area like this but now you know how it works here’s one last time lapse of it zipping around the room and collecting all the last particles worked well on the hardwood surface really no issues and then let’s see how it did in the last cleanup here I was testing to see if it could pick up little wrappers and it didn’t have a problem with this one other ones though they just kind of get stuck underneath and so you would need to be able to manually throw them away if you are looking for a game to play you can also just use the remote and go and check down all of the particles and pick them up off the floor as well pretty fun all right now let’s see how it did in picking everything up so there you can see all of the graham cracker it was able to actually find a lot of other dust around and there you can see the little wrapper now one very important part of the cleanup process is here in the roller so there is a lot of hair warning but it was able to pick up all that which is all over our house so really nice that it was able to do that and then you can use this little tool to remove any of the dust and things that has been collected on the roller and then here you can actually use this part of the tool to quickly cut off the hair that is wrapped around so instead of having to try and get some other scissors or whatever right there the tool can quickly cut it off which I found very handy to have I do want to give a shout-out to echovox for sending me this device so that I could test it out for you guys now my final thoughts on the d-bots vacuum so I’m really impressed with what this can do it’s pretty quiet I wasn’t too concerned about the loudness of it but if it does come right up to your room it does get a little bit creepy if it’s hitting or coming close to your door in the middle of the night but if you set up a little barrier it wouldn’t have any problem stopping and turning around and going the other way now it the biggest problem with this device is it does have a hard problem with long carpet threads so I have this rug that I was using it on and it just could not go up and down very easily also with that it was a it was getting stuck when it tried to go up and down it was about an inch lip that it had to go over and it did have an issue with that but when I had a smaller rug it had no issues going over the rug and coming back off it worked flawless and it was able to clean the rug and then go back onto the floor now I really like that it has those sensors so if you have a Ledge or stairs it’s not going to fall off the stairs it did a really good job there and I like how it is so thin that it was actually able to go under Neath one of my couches very easily this does a great job in staying along the edges and I love the patterns that are created after it had finished its autocycle definitely everything was picked up and it worked really well now with this being one of my very first about vacuums I am very impressed with what it can do now I know there are a bunch of different options out there where it can have like a tracking system where it will map your room and then it will automatically go into every little portion so it cleans it may be a little more efficient but this with having it be Auto it just kind of randomly goes through until it’s clean or until the battery is about to go out and goes and charged but I had no issues with it missing areas and leaving a bunch of dirt in one area and I was really impressed with how much it was actually able to suck up there’s plenty of dust inside lots of crumbs things that we couldn’t get under the couch it was able to get those now I am currently testing another robot vacuum very similar to this one of its benefits is it is able to change out the little tray here and you would be able to mop the floor where here I wish that had that functionality even though it doesn’t is still a great vacuum but one big thing I did notice between that one and this one is this one is able to stop before it actually runs into items so instead of it hitting an item and again and again and turning it actually is able to stop before it runs into a wall or a chair or something that’s there and it can move around so this was much quieter than ones that I’ve seen in the past where the other one would slam into something and then it would adjust slam again and keep turning but this did not do that which I was very happy to see now this definitely is a product I can recommend it normally cost about $2.99 but right now it’s available at a hundred and seventy nine dollars and that is a price that would be worth it getting it I think anymore may not have as many features as I would like it to have now one of the recommendation I do have about this vacuum is I wish it came with a little bit more accessories in the package so these little sweepers and the filters do cost extra if you want to get more in the application and it’s really cool that it has the lifetime of them and how long they’re going to last but I’ll leave a link to some extras that you can get in the description below just so that you have them on hand in case anything happens.

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