Dell Chromebook 3189 Laptop Review

Dell Chromebook 3189 Review Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals
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Welcome back everyone the state that was citizen Eric and today we’re going to look at the Chromebook 11 from Dell it hit previous videos remember that we reviewed both the Acer which is a nice little fold those around the alignment and the r18 same idea they were going to look at nailed answer to that okay everyone this is the new Dell Chromebook 11 and today we’re going to take the final box take a good look at it and then we’ll do some comparison I’ll show you a round thing little bit see in the box here and rather simple layout pops up and the charger the toilet itself [Music] an airport and by foot so this is the Chromebook okay this is Dells answer – apparently anyway what is their answer to the r11 a sir and if you’ll sign up the first time here I mean idea what it looks like so this is the first time a fire just thing up the battery was basically dead which is not necessarily unusual well you can see it’s a really bright screen here’s a touchscreen and let me go ahead and set up the network here so I’ll skip ahead through this the first thing you typically have to do is of course you connect this thing to the internet and then it’s going to do updates so that’s normal it’s okay these can take depending on your internet connection to take a few minutes so I’ll go ahead and login to this real quick so after you get in you will start seeing it set up and you can see my very tiny picture down here and I guess at the time now it’s actually right.


Dell Chromebook 3189 Laptop

So sometimes you have to set the time and times and it should be this automatically but it does so actually says a battery 65% full which is really funny because it did not come on I plugged it in the first time but we can go on here real quick and offers so we’re off the nice thing is that is exactly how long it simply takes to get a Chromebook up and running it is that quick and it’s that simple that really that’s can be any of them or that way this one’s pretty quick though I’ll give you this one it is fast and responsive the touchscreen this seems to be your other rific respond so at this point it doesn’t really have any issues which is kind of nice so yeah I thought you meant okay so let’s go around the st. ray with what we’ve got here for sure so look look at on edge here so power connector this is a standard dell connector but they’ve been using for a long time that is actually a good thing the standard Charter on this thing just so you know is should be 19 volts it is 19 point 5 volt 3 point 3 X [Music] recharging cable off an early Dell laptop prime will say 2001 which is not their earliest of course we eat this same connector it will actually function that’s nice I like that it’s a big connector it’s going to save you a lot of headaches I’ll show you why if you compare that to let’s say the Acer r11 give an example okay that’s the size right significant difference this one’s easy enough to break this one should be solid okay yeah moving on though for it so micro SD card focus on me okay we get a micro SD card HDMI two USB ports now one thing I’ve noticed on this which is rather interesting they say tomorrow at work really really quickly you’ll notice these are not blue like you normally see USB three they are listed as however USB three so inside headphone jack power power lightning power button volume up/down and the locking mechanism now the pins design on this if you look at it is plastic however there is metal under that we expect to see it okay okay just can’t see it shining there a little bit you that’s that smell this appears to be plastic but it’s not too bad seems substantial this however that’s rubber just sayin the rubberized so that’s kind of is rubber all the way on the bottom all the side this is all rubber through here for here same thing the top in sides and I’m back it’s this plastic covering metal okay the bottom of thing is somewhat plastic but it has a rubber feet rubber bumpers here on top of the thing just appears to be very little plastic but being rubber-coated like that it should be pretty decent so that’s not how that functionality is I’m sorry that’s how the kind of walk around looks touchscreen of course and this Dell put slowly around your tablet and of course much like your SM does know its orientation it does actually rotate quite quite easily I’m pretty responsible to it so let’s take a look this a little bit it was just the touchscreen so let’s go ahead and get on here YouTube do let’s let me find the video that’s maybe one of mine here and you notice it’s relatively expensive now I’m just on my home internet here so this is only 1880 of 24 megabits up but it’s reasonably responsive so let’s go to just a Minecraft video here’s an it’s a simple one now let me do it real quick okay and it plays the video just fine a strand right up so I’ll speak your head real quick here and see how quick it loves keep in mind home network and the kids are home so see if my Internet’s a little little squeeze right now but I continue to play just fine okay so I would say its connectivity is actually quite good for the background here we’re can actually use math a little bit let’s go to there okay where to me but normal me okay and you can see that’s actually responsive really quick and is popping right up and a lot of to internet connection which parent is working pretty well right now so our speed test and keep in mind this is on my home network wirelessly and the kids are home but it should give you a general concept idea of what’s going on okay good I don’t know if there one more still [Music] Skip’s are down [Music] this is just little here I’ve noticed in Bedford Mooresville gives you the best results for accuracy and speed I’m good 18:19 that’s pretty good gives you an idea but that’s actually running pretty well right now I’d say we’ll stop this will need to actually since they’re looking at it too often but is actually quite responsive the functionality behind the operating system not looking at so much because it’s all Chrome so a answer to dental and HP are all running the same operating system that’s fine but I just want the responsiveness of this okay so let’s bring up a a good benchmark test so we’ll bring up octane 2.0 here which is the one I’ve used on the other two Chromebooks we’ll start octane I also reiterate at this point this is running on my home Wi-Fi so keep in mind sometimes that it does make things a bit slower okay this will get an octane score of 83 oh four go ahead and see if I can actually fit down here that the other two scores and they did with the other two Chromebooks [Music] okay I’ll put some specs up now as to what Dell says this thing should be doing this also to point out again power connector is the old style connector it’s easy enough to use and there’s a lot of them out there I I like this one better than I do this small Acer I’m not sure why Dell didn’t go ahead and just do like the one from the other Acer that we have the use of the USBC but it chose to stick with their well probably they’re trying true unit honestly similar to this one here this is the Dell Chromebook 11 and [Music] we’ll do some quick comparisons or what I like about it I like about this one well I like that one try to make this quick and simple now keep in mind these are my opinions so yeah Ladell physically compared to the equivalent pacer we do the power quartz this is heavier but not that much this has metal on the outside this has plastic however this is really really rubberized I like that I like the rubber idea I think that’s a brilliant way to do it I don’t like the power connector on this this is the standard Dell power connector they’ve been using for like 15 years or more this one does vertical metal does not have a bumper but it does use the new USBC power charter brightness well you can kind of see them all together here and let me adjust the brightness on all these so they’re full up but it it looks to be extremely good and I guess rayon is in brightness I would say they’re reasonably comparable most people don’t run in the full brightness anymore anyway just because of battery life battery life had not been able to test but I will put the specs as to what it says up on screen [Music] all it’s actually really really similar unit however to the HR r11 they’re physically if you can actually see it specifically here but they are physically really close in size the r11 is a little thinner when it comes to the base and the screens are just about exactly the same because really the comparison price should be between these two because this’ll really is a bigger one it’s a little different class of unit whereas these actually use the same or very similar internal processing capacities now this one has a little bit more storage capacity this one actually has I believe 32 whirs this is a 16 keyboard layouts almost exactly identical I think I think it is identical matter it is identical touch response of this has a slightly bigger touchpad than this one they’re both responses the touch screens both responsive with the basin sync technology that you have in like an iPad or or a modern iPhone or Android phone now both of these are running not full HD screen they’re really close and I’ll try to lay this as if they can to get anything we’ll do this one okay this one is louder the both I think loud enough this one seems to have a little bit clearer sound than this one it’s really really own into it it’s that much difference and if you’re using headphones I doubt to hear the difference at all hey they’re really really close so they don’t lay flat so they can take multiple touches and everything else just like any of your modern Chromebooks so look a bit down for weight here specifically so all actually like this it’s pretty decent one I think it definitely compares with the SRR 11 which is the ones that we’re using currently it I love the rubber surround I think that will actually keep the thing from having a lot of problems the sound is like I said just a little bit less not a lot it’s it’s not noticeable about lesson if your teacher trying to use 100 of these are allowed or there’s like 30 of these in classroom you probably want it a little bit less volume anyway headphones a bigger thing yeah so we don’t know the longevity of course of these these really just came out I don’t like so I go through the specs and see if I can notice anything else and I’ll put that in a slide after this if it’s something I noticed really obvious they like hope this has been helpful to you and hopefully you enjoyed seeing this thing with your toy that I get to play with have a great day.

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