DJI Spark Fly More Combo (Alpine White)

DJI Spark Fly More Combo (Alpine White) Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deal
Written by zeeshan

Today we’re doing a little bit of a bonus video because yesterday we received this the DGI spark Wow the smallest cheapest and maybe the smartest drone from DJI ever and today we’re going to do a full review on this and see if this thing can actually fly I mean look at the size of it yeah like if this can actually fly and take a photo or film that’s anything better than a Nokia 3210 then I’m impressed so yeah we’re going to go through all of it and test all the features and show you everything and see what it’s all about so we got the spark here is one berry which is pretty small and super light and all you need is either nothing to fly or you can have your phone and you can have a remote but we don’t have it yet let’s plug the battery and show you around the drone how it looks so here you have the SD card and you have also a micro SD port which allows you to charge it on the go but the main thing about this one it has a face recognition light and you can wave hands and do a lot of different things like take photos without even using your phone so you can actually teach somebody how to fly the drone without even knowing anything about drone there is a gimbal at the front so your shot will always be stable I mean I’m doubtful on technology like this afterwards I am highly impressed yeah let’s show the first feature like this as the normal drones hold then turns on yes and then you said a quick double tap on the back quick double 7:51 – because now is your face all right spark Reina start with a little rotation just to check that Jedi coming up port and a Jedi back whoa whoa whoa and then we’re going to jet are you down.


DJI Spark Fly More Combo Drone Camera

All right now we’re going to wait to see if we can get it further away yep whoa whoa brother of course and then now I have to say take a selfie I think the selfie do you think it’s actually taking photos I hope so all right now we’re going to try to bring it home because she’s over water now oh and it’s coming [Music] Bart you know you’re not supposed to be overground yeah I realize that when you’re rotating absolutely your buddy you get the green light and then you rotate with your body and the green light shows that you recognize your face and blend me down your hand and after I land it just play to end under yeah and no way like this yeah no way then way better than this fire that scares me every time I love ya one two little six recognize my face yes he said sparked I like you behind park turn with me park is turning yeah that’s the easiest drone circle I’ve ever seen okay now let’s try it with the phone yeah we can get some great footage oh the lending is impressive yeah of course you have to hold your hand out over the water so it’s as easy as this you just go to the Wi-Fi here is your stock then you go to the PGI go for app go for absolutes the same app as them as for any other drone so if I start flying can you see us I’m really curious on how to fly up with a smartphone oh all right push record before we go now I’m like Sun recording with the microphone yeah okay okay now it’s recording it looks like like not bad on the quality now it’s really good and look look I’m shaking how stable it is yeah because I don’t think any other small drones like this have had a gimbal not never never before okay now let’s fly takeoff oh wow so you have the joystick and you did enjoy six come up like this yeah they come up directly inside the screen I don’t know if you can see but it’s like a here and here good to go joysticks on it so you’re going to fly away then you go like this you want to fly up no yeah I think we should also mention that we have gotten this sent to us for free but we are not paid to say anything good about it we’re just saying what we think about it just so you guys know we’re not paying we’re not not a paid promotion no and this is our first time flying it so you get our first time experience I’ve seen these features so you have also the gimbal you can change the angle of the gimbal just by changing the angle of your phone out of lie whatever yeah that’s right do you like it I’m kind of blown away to be honest and you also have all the good features of the Maverick you can track your your position you can rotate around it’s a smart drone and it is recording full HD view so it’s not 4k like the Mavic but still the full HD seems to be pretty pretty good pretty look the thing is one impressive little spark guy like the Jedi Master but we can’t really say how impressive it is before we actually check out the footage so check out what was shot and we’ll see you back in the couch where we can look at if you guys are opinion on footage [Music] all right well now that we’ve seen the footage I got to say that I am like mega impressed by this thing like it’s expected it to be level like wobbly and like all this yeah but it’s like even just the first time flying it on I think having a bigger iPhone or an iPad would be much better because then you have a bit more room for the toys looking at the screen and controlling it yeah but even like the first time like that you can actually get a smooth rotation and how smooth everything was like I would expect this to be a more total camera but it is like a normal camera yeah like to put it into perspective we usually carry around this fire too to shoot daily vlog stuff but like I think this looks like good enough where if we go somewhere and we don’t want to bring anything else this would actually work great yeah and I think another benefit for this is that if you have this people probably react in a different way if you have a big drone like you’re standing there with a big control they’re like wait are you surveilling like yeah you know people are kind of negative to that sometimes but this I think oh look a little toy drawing start but yeah like very impressed and we just had a quick little task then of course there’s like a million different features like the other follow me of things and like all the smart features this one also has like you can get all the footage for here straighten your phone and it like crates and edits right away yes and then oh yeah and then it also has that photo mode where you take a photo and it makes the background blurry kind of like the iPhone when it like simulates short depth of field oh yes and that’s written yeah so like I mean there’s a million features on this and if we go through everything it would take an hour there’s a lot of good info on the web and there’s a lot of tech review people we like to review just like what we feel and what we see and how it shoots and we are going to use it yeah like we are going to use this product of course we like to carry on to our big stuff as well but like for some certain things when you don’t have the space when you just like want to keep it easy and simple and less than yeah that’s great so I think that pretty much concludes our review that we are kind of blown away by a few of the technology of the future well done GG i yeah i keep on impressing us yeah it’s tiny little barky guy yeah and you can feel like a Jedi if you have that so this comes out June middle JUnit well if you’re a vlogger like for Yanni this would be like the perfect thing that would just get a couple aerials so if you’re a blogger but you don’t feel like you want to drag around and inspire or a phantom or Mavic then this is like epic yeah and it’s so like let me if there’s anything I would have done differently no not really I mean we like fast drones and all this but then you have a bigger drill so I think being the size that it is I think it’s it’s a perfect compromise on a lens and it’s nice to see that the video actually looks good for being the first time that we use it we haven’t played with settings or like any of nothing we give us an IV books and we’re going to be masters of this yep hope you guys liked it it’s super fun to try new stuff we love that yeah and I’m glad that we have been around cos I’m usually not the technical but that was this was easy this is so much easy that I use this one I’ve ever tried but what that will conclude our review.

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