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Durostar Ds4000s Watts Generator Review

Durostar Ds4000s Watts Generator Review Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals
Written by zeeshan

What is up everybody so i have my brand new durostar ds4000s and i’ve just tested it out for the first time here and i thought i would do a demo to help me remember how everything works here first up for anybody who’s concerned about the leak underneath that is oil the oil specifications say that it’s supposed to hold a quart it does not hold a quart it holds about two-thirds of a quart of oil so i had to sadly empty some of it out but everything should be fine otherwise it says it holds four gallons i just put about a gallon and a half in after seeing that the oil specification was not exactly accurate either so just to be safe so a couple things about the durostar it is a pull start at least the model that i have you can see the hand crank here there’s a choke and fuel valve up underneath here as well this is the fuel valve and then the choke is over here your outlets are on the front we have an ac 120 volt 30 amp as well as two regular us ac 120 volt 20 amp outlets and so this is a gas powered generator i currently have it grounded to a copper grounding rod for extra safety precaution with a 12 gauge copper grounding wire connected to the grounding screw on the generator there’s a volt meter a breaker switch so once it’s running you’ll see the volt meter go up and then i’ll do a test here in a moment with a hair dryer which is a pretty high wattage piece of equipment runs about 1800 startup watts there’s a handy quick start guide on the side here so this thing was pretty much assembled when i when i got it i just had to unpackage a couple of things a couple days ago and then i live uh pretty remote so i had to drive down the mountain to go get gasoline and motor oil for this this particular model did not come with the wheels or handle so i’ve ordered that separately that was a surprise to me when it arrived so there is a wheel and handle accessory that you can add which would allow you to tow it around so the way these things work if you’ve never used a generator before you if your power goes out on your house um you would want to connect an extension cord to one of the outlets on the generator or the ac 120 volt outlet if you have that kind of cable i have just a regular three prong extension cord here for test and demo purposes that is an exterior extension cord so i would run this extension cord into the house now this thing does put out some exhaust so you would not ever want to use it inside of a house or really even particularly close to the house i’m about probably 30 feet away from the nearest door or window so you’re gonna need an extension cord to connect to your generator once it’s running all right so let’s fire this thing up that’s probably the thing that’s most interesting to people it has an engine switch here we’ll turn that on and then open up the fuel valve now here which is this thing it’s just a quarter turn and then the choke is open at the moment it suggests trying to start it with the choke closed i have not had a lot of luck with that so i’ve been starting with the choke open and leaving it open while it’s running i’ve got everything set up the right way it should be pretty easy to start like a lawnmower [Applause] so [Applause] so all right so for our test purposes here i’m just going to use a hair dryer and this extension cord [Applause] and you can see a pretty high wattage hair dryer pretty high wattage hair dryer at 1800 watts is working just fine you might have noticed that the engine kicked on a little bit or lowered in rpm so the engine on the durostar does respond when you put on a high wattage piece of equipment like a hair dryer i’m gonna turn it off so that’s a basic demo of the durostar ds4000s generator uh yeah first day of opening it up so there’s not a whole lot i can say other than it worked really well coming out of the package the test run now where the hair dryer seems to work well in a cabin the size of this one were for camping purposes i think this thing would would do the trick for most uh lower wattage appliances refrigerator freezer a low wattage heater if you had something under a thousand watts i think the specifications on it are up to 4000 startup wattage hence the ds4000f and i want to say 3 000 running wattage but check the specifications on that for the durostar ds4000s

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