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Dyson Ball Animal 2 Vacuum Review

Dyson Ball Animal 2 Vacuum Review Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals
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Hey guys this is Derek from modern castle comm today I’ll be checking out the dyson ball animal – which is one of the most high-powered upright vacuum cleaners on the market with powerful suction useful accessories it looks great on paper but is it worth the hefty price let’s go ahead and find out now as always we’re gonna be covering a lot in this video if you have questions on stuff we didn’t cover please drop us a comment down below we’ll do our best to answer all those questions and also remember if you find this video helpful please like subscribe it really helps the channel out so with that said let’s go ahead and dive in first let’s take a look at the design here we can see the self adjusting cleaning head clear dustman and Dyson stacked radial cyclones the cyclone spin particulates dust dirt and debris through the centrifuge and all particles are trapped by the filter next we have the dyson ball this improves maneuverability which has helped since it has somewhat heavier vacuum inside the ball are the motor and other electronics keeping the weight lower to the ground combine that with the round rolling design maneuverability is greatly improved now let’s take a look at the brush roll the brush roll is motorized and can be adjusted by height depending on floor type for the filter.


Dyson Ball Animal 2 Vacuum

The dyson ball animal 2 includes a washable filter that will last the life of the vacuum if you do happen to lose or damage your filter they are inexpensive to replace let’s talk about suction power according to dyson at the animals who has the strongest suction of any vacuum cleaner at an incredible 306 air watts if you want more info on how this day it was found check out our contextual review of modern castle comm or just click the link in the upper right corner to compare with other dyson models the Dyson’s multi floor 2 has 250 air watts of suction power and the Dyson V 11 has 185 air watts of suction power on max mode check out our reviews and videos on the multifloor 2 and the V 11 and the links below the Dyson animal to upright is 42 inches tall 15 inches long and 13 inches wide the animal too weighs 17 and a half pounds this is 2 pounds heavier than the dyson multifloor 2 so there is a minor weight difference the dyson animals who upright comes with several accessories including the combination tool which doubles as a crevice tool and dusting brush the turbine tool a motorized brush roll that provides more agitation and their stair tool which is a wide nozzle attachment all vacuum cleaner reviews on modern Castle Combe are put through our comprehensive testing for these tests we use three different floor types and four different debris types we use a digital scale to determine a debris baseline and to measure the debris removed finally we use the data to determine the total amount of debris removed from each test the animal – produced impressive results in our cleaning tests scoring nearly perfectly with every debris type and every floor type we tested on hardwood floors low pile carpets and high pile carpets with cereal kitty litter sugar and rice the animal – removed an overall average of 96% of all debris types we’ve tested against scouring 99% on hardwood floors 100% on low pile carpets and a 90% on high pile carpets the only notable struggle for the animal – was against cereal on high pile carpets where it actually pulled the cleaning head down into the carpet due to the highest suction which pushed the cereal forward in a set of sucking it up however we were able to use the hose to easily remove the cereal performance on low carpet was impressive scoring a perfect 100 percent and also nearly perfect on hardwoods as well as for the animal 2’s accessories all three included accessories easily attached to the sides of the vacuum for onboard convenience the combination of the extension wand and hose give the dyson animal to an extra 15 feet of reach which is ideal for cleaning up high under behind furniture or even cleaning on stairs you can simply leave the base of the vacuum at the bottom of the stairs while you walk with the light wand and hand the large dust bin is 0.55 gallons which is about two liters you can remove it from the unit then press the release button to empty the debris directly into the trash the animal too is on a heavier side but it’s still fairly easy to move around the home it is a turning radius of 90 degrees with a reach of 50 feet thanks to the 35 foot cord and 15 foot hose the only maintenance to worry about what the animal too is emptying the dustbin washing the filter and usually examining the brushroll and removing hair or other debris the actual filter is washable which means less maintenance costs over the life of the vacuum all you have to do is washington cold water and leave it out the drive for at least 12 hours before reinstalling about one cleaning per month is sufficient for most home and to keep the filter in good shape when you clean the brush roll look for hair and other obstructions that can wrap around the brush causing blockages to remove to sniffing with scissors or a razor to clear the roll so is the dyson animal – a good value in a word yes this isn’t a cheap vacuum but if you want raw cleaning power then you’ve got to pay for it the dyson animal – is well worth the money and easily the best upright vacuum we’ve tested to date with 306 air watts of suction power there’s virtually no surface it cannot effectively clean how do you know if the animal – is a good choice for you number one if you’re looking for raw suction power the animal – is equipped with 306 air watts of suction power giving it the most suction of any commercially available vacuum cleaner number two if you’re looking for great cleaning performance the dyson ball animal – scored nearly flawlessly in our cleaning tests and number three if you don’t mind the heavier upright design the animal too is a hefty machine and although the ball does help improve maneuverability it’s still heavier than most and takes some effort to move around the room that being said this is still the best upright vacuum cleaner we’ve tested to date yes it’s heavy however the performance really speaks for itself and at the end of the day it’s the cleaning performance that matters the most well guys that is it for this review.

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