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Dyson Ball Multi Floor Vacuum Cleaner

Dyson Ball Multi Floor Vacuum Cleaner Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals
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Hey guys this is Derek from modern castle comm today we’ll be taking a look at the dyson big ball multi floor canister vacuum this Zakir amuses Dyson’s cyclone radial technology has a lifetime washable filter and a ton of suction power but is it right for your home let’s go ahead and dive in first let’s take a look at the design this two-part style segments the vacuum head handle and extending one from the motor dustbin and ball base these two parts are joined together by the flexible extension hose that transfers the dust and debris from the floor to the dustbin canister the self adjusting cleaning head is similar to other dyson upright models the canister itself uses Dyson’s patented 2-tier radial cyclone technology which boosts filtering capacity in conjunction with their integrated HEPA filter the dyson big ball canister is fifteen point seven inches long has a 10.5 inch wide cleaning head and a body height of twelve point one additionally it has a weight of seventeen point six pounds the dyson big ball canister comes with a number of accessories including crevice tool dusting brush stair tool wand rotator tool all modern castle vacuum reviews are tested on three different floor types and against four different debris types for each test we measure the percentage of debris cleaned the big balls performance on hardwood surface left a bit to be desired while it was able to clean while high percent of sugar and kitty litter it only sucked up.


Dyson Ball Multi Floor Vacuum Cleaner

81 percent of rice and only three percent of cereal on the other hand it performed nearly perfectly on low pile carpet tests with a hundred percent of smaller debris is being sucked up and 98% of larger debris when it came to high pile carpet it had trouble with cereal while performing nearly perfectly on the smaller Tabriz overall the dyson big ball is extremely easy to use as you clean and naturally moved the vacuum head the canister ball will follow behind you the dyson big ball also includes a retractable cord the cleaning head can turn easily and is able to lay almost completely flat the design of the big ball canister allows it to automatically upright itself in the event that it falls over with the majority of the weight in the canister hi it hard-to-reach places are easier to claim using the extension wand finally the hose and tools allow you to clean a variety of household surfaces maintenance on the dyson big ball is fairly straightforward since it’s a corded vacuum you’ll never have to worry about replacing a battery to empty the dustbin simply remove the canister from the ball by pressing down on the red last year place it over a trash can and then push this red lever down into the trash to force the dust and debris out the filter is washable which means less maintenance costs over the lifetime of the vacuum simply wash in cold water and leave out the dry for at least 24 hours so should you buy this vacuum the dyson big ball multi floor canister vacuum is best if number one you want a self-righting canister the multi floor canister can upright itself if it falls over number two you want something for all floor types similar to the multi floor to upright vacuum the multi floor canister is designed to clean all floor types and as a self-adjusting cleaning head for cleaning hard-to-reach areas the articulating handle makes it easy to clean on a furniture or high above and number three you want a strong cleaning performance as in order to buff the cleaning performance of this Dyson canister vacuum a solid overall several cleaning tools and extremely powerful suction combined for one of the best performance we have tested to date larger debris can give the main cleaning head problems but with the various hose attachments it’s able to handle those to breeze with ease well guys that is it for this review.

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