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Dyson Cyclone V10 Vacuum Review

Dyson Cyclone V10 Vacuum Review Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals
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We did a multi-part series testing the Dyson v10 against the shark eye on flex but I forgot to do an individual review on the v10 with conclusions and thoughts about the test so here it is one quick note before we get started we’re about to start another multi-part series but this time with the Roomba 980 and the neato bought back d7 so hit the subscribe button to see which one comes out on top the Dyson v10 is a very advanced machine it advertises great air flow and it really does have a ton one of the most telling examples was its performance on the crevice pick up test it picked up the debris in the crevice with one pass with a torque drive and the soft brush head it was the best performance I had seen on this particular test this is especially interesting when you consider that some vacuums can’t pick it up at all and some very expensive uprights like the Miele u one take seven passes to pick it up the pickup tests were on the hole very good.


Dyson Cyclone V10 Vacuum

I would highly recommend the fluffy brush though which only comes standard with the v10 absolute because it’s essential for picking up larger debris the torque drive cleaner had was very good for carpets and small debris and hard floors but the fluffy was by far the one I used most often we did have some trouble with the machine getting clogged with fruit loops when trying to vacuum a whole lot of them at the same time like we did in the tests but if it was isolated pieces it had no issues one thing that really impressed me was the excellent way the weight was distributed with the v10 it felt extremely light when using it as a handheld especially compared to the ion flex it was easy to maneuver on hard floors and carpet and overall.

I give its ease-of-use incredibly high marks for both surfaces hour battery life tests showed 61 minutes on low power but only six and a half minutes on high power I didn’t test the medium setting but it would presumably split the difference let’s say 25 minutes it came with a good variety of attachments which makes it a very versatile tool to have around the house I did an entire video of the uses of the attachments on our channel one negative thing was the trigger it seemed like I was always accidentally pressing it when just trying to carry it another negative was the cost it’s pretty pricey but again it’s a finely crafted piece of equipment that does represent some of the latest technology available overall I was very impressed with the Dyson v10 especially because of the airflow for such a light machine is it better than the v8 yes but I would only recommend it if you get the absolute version or at least by the fluffy brush separately links to the v10.

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